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Do it yourself metal bench: construction plans

The function of furniture for metal garden benches is not the only one, although it is a priority. A shop of this type can become a real decoration of the country house, as an integral part of a single composition of the patio space. Therefore, studying a country’s landscape design to rest sooner or later leads to the understanding that industrial designs can not add charm to the project.

The key to the individuality of the patio or garden: make objects of street decoration with their own hands. First of all, this statement refers to the garden benches that can become key and original key elements of the design of a summer house.

Do it yourself metal bench: construction plans

We collect everything you need.

The most convenient for the manufacture of the bench to use shaped tubes. Produced from carbon or low alloy steel, such pipes are widely used in construction.

Making a store with your own hands will not be difficult. Regardless of whether making benches with or without backup, we can not do without tools and materials:

  • Seat boards (wooden seats do not heat or cool as much as metal).
  • Welding machine with 3 mm electrodes.
  • Angular grinder (Bulgarian). It will not be superfluous to have at hand and a hacksaw.
  • Drill with polishing head.
  • Sanding paper or lime.
  • Construction level.
  • Measurement meter and square.
  • Planer (if the tables are not polished).
  • Paint (separately for metal and for wood), tincture
  • Bolts, nuts, hammer, pliers.

The individuality of the product, created by hand, will be given by bent metal elements. This will help to decorate favorably the type of machine “Snail” or any other bending tool.

Clearly, you will need sand to fill the pipes during the crease. A torch can also be useful: the place of the curve that is heated will bend more uniformly and elegantly.

Do it yourself metal bench: construction plans

Bank without backup

Making this product with their own hands consists of welding three steel rectangles and combining them with two guides. Instead of wooden rails, rectangular tubes can be used.

Then, the task is even easier, they are joined to the frame by welding, after which the entire product is covered with anticorrosive paint. To make the garden bench look more aesthetically pleasing, it can be placed in a metal frame that hides sharp corners.

  • If duralumin tubes are selected, connect them with bolts.
  • When deciding on the mounting bolts, pay attention to their covers. For the seat, it is allowed to use screws only with a round and flattened lid. Otherwise, the clothes of all those who wish to rest in the bank will be threatened.
  • Bolts can drown in wood (if you are staying in a wooden linen seat), however, the wood in the fastener site will become more vulnerable.
  • The longest sections of the benches are placed horizontally, short, respectively, vertically.
  • The corners of the supports are welded at an angle of 90 °.
  • All the dimensions of the bank, which shows the drawing, can be changed. However, when extending the product, do not forget the need to increase the number of supports.
  • Do not forget to clean and prime all welds after welding.
  • When the supports are connected to the frame, they are holes symmetrically perforated to hold each wooden bar.

Do it yourself metal bench: construction plans

  • Pipe profile (section 30 by 30 or 25 by 25)
  • 2 pieces of 2.3 meters each (long parts of the seat, holding the supports)
  • 6 segments of 0.6 meters (the long parts of the support rectangles)
  • 6 segments of 0.45 meters (short parts of the support rectangles).

A total of 10.9 meters of pipe will be required, from where the blanks are cut. If a metal frame is being produced, add another 1.2 m of pipe.

The rectangular bars (8 pcs.) 6 cm wide are made of wood. To connect them to the frame, 24 screws with nuts are required.

To bear in mind: the wooden bars are lacquered in advance or soaked with wood dye, and their fixation to the frame is carried out last.

Bank with backrest

In this project, the effort and materials will need more, but this model is more suitable for recreation. After all, the presence of support for the back allows you to relax completely.

To make the drawn drawing a reality, no significant experience is required. The design is laconic, without elaborate decorative elements.

Do it yourself metal bench: construction plans

You must do the following:

1. Connect the crossbar with 2 segments of 350 mm each (exactly in the center of each and perpendicular to them).

2. Weld 2 curved segments of 780 mm each to the resulting frame. The welding is done in the curve of the tubes.

3. Then weld the front parts of the supports. The union with the base of the seat is 9 cm from the front.

4. For greater durability, the front supports are articulated with a transverse bar with tubes.

5. Weld 2 arches between the supports and aligning the ends of the supports.

6. Crush the welding points, primer and paint with anticorrosive paint.

As you can see, making a bank for the dacha with your own hands is quite real. It remains to be placed in the frame of the board. Processing them with a planer and coating the stains are done in advance.

If you wish, you can make the store more fun, the colors of the rainbow. It is also possible to replace the boards with shaped tubes.

Do it yourself metal bench: construction plans

Product Details:

  • Cross bar between supports – 1550 mm.
  • bent with a section of segments of 100 mm (2 pieces) with a height of 780 mm (back and rear of the supports)
  • 350 mm seat parts (2 pcs.)
  • Segments for the front of the brackets 390 mm (2 pcs.)
  • Segments to reinforce the 200 mm front supports (2 pcs.)
  • metal plates for support on supports 40×40 mm (4 pcs.)
  • Bent metal strips to connect the brackets on each side of 450 mm (2 pcs.).

To make a bank with your own hands, you will need 8 m of tube in the form of 25×25 or 30×30 mm. In addition, tables are needed for the seat (1600x60x30 mm, 3 pcs.) And the backrest (1600x60x25 mm, 3 pcs.).

In addition, the wood-to-metal connection will require the use of 24 screws with a semicircular head and nuts.

Fantasy without borders

The first experience, without a doubt, will involve the desire to do something more interesting and difficult with your own hands. Pay attention to two more garden bench projects with backrest, but already equipped with side handles.

The self-assembly ability obtained previously will make the creation of these banks intuitive.

Do it yourself metal bench: construction plans

The desire to make your own hands a beautiful bank, but not spend too much, will draw your attention to the stores below. They are functional, but at the same time they are surprising with their non-standard design. Such banks can become one of the most successful elements of the decoration of a country or garden.

There are many design options, everything depends on the richness of the imagination and the available materials.

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