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Do it yourself metal furniture: a practical kit for the dacha

If you want to get the toughest and most durable furniture for a country house, a personal plot or a modern home, take a closer look at tables, chairs, benches, objects that are based on metal. This can be a completely metallic construction or a combination of the support part of this material with wood, plastic, glass, textiles, etc.

Metal furniture has several advantages:

  • Force Unlike other materials, the metal supports heavy loads, shock. The products are fire resistant and, after proper processing, are insensitive to natural influences.
  • Durability Metal products have a long service life, if necessary, they are easily repaired.
  • Ecological security Metal is not processed by chemical compounds that harm human health and nature.
  • Ease of care Material susceptible to wet and dry cleaning.

Among the advantages can also be added the aesthetic aspect of metal furniture. This material is made of strict restricted models, large stationary structures and openwork works, visually forged furniture.

Do it yourself metal furniture: a convenient set for the dacha

Metal table to give away.

Of course, to make a good artistic product, you need to have a lot of experience, to know all the subtleties of working with metal. But making simple metal furniture with his own hands is quite capable of all. Using a simple metal tube using ordinary tools and simple tools, you can assemble a practical set of several chairs and a table.

This game will allow you to sit outdoors to enjoy a family tea or treat your friends with aromatic skewers.

For the manufacture of the table and chairs with metal frame it will be necessary to prepare:

  • Tube profile with a diameter of about 20 mm. You can use the remnants of lower quality pipes or those left after repair work.
  • Tube bender
  • Grinder for cutting tubes.
  • A welding machine with electrodes or a drill with metal bits, as well as screws with nuts to hold pieces.
  • Roulette
  • Pencil
  • A piece of plastic, plywood or agglomerate for the table.
  • Linoleum or rubber to cover the table.
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine.
  • Scissors
  • Strong fabrics for seats.
  • Fine sand of river.
  • Plugs for tubes.
  • Plywood and strips to make a pattern.
  • Paint and spray for your application.

Do it yourself metal furniture: a convenient set for the dacha

When using pipes that are made of aluminum, only bolts or screws can be used to connect the pieces. The welding does not apply.

The procedure for the manufacture of chairs.

Calculate how many items you want to collect. It depends on what the length of the pipe will have to work.

Therefore, first make a template for the manufacture of chairs.

In this project, the product consists of the following metal parts:

  • 2 halves (sides) of the chair frame (in Figure A) – 1900 mm each.
  • 2 cross bars (in Figure B) – 400 mm each.
  • 2 rear supports (in figure D) – 435 mm each.

For the backrest (in Figure C) and the seat (in Figure D), you can use shiny, strong textile pieces.

  1. On the prepared sheet of plywood, draw the side of the design of the chair in its full size. On the perimeter of both sides, nail the wooden planks, which will fix the position of the piece. Thanks to this device, by checking the size and angles of the curves in the pattern, you can make all the chairs completely identical. Measure the tube for a chair. Multiply by the desired number of products. This is the length of the metal tube that you will need for the chairs.
  2. Grinder prepare pipe pieces of the desired length.
  3. Close one end of the tube. Fill it with fine river sand. Close the remaining end of the cap. Give the tube the desired shape. To facilitate the remodeling of the steel tube, use a torch. Heat the curve until it appears red in the metal.

To make pipes in a curved shape requires the use of tube benders. Said device can be made of waste materials.

Be sure to use two bars of metal or hardwood, flat disc, mounted on a solid base (ideally fixed). The space between the bars and the disc must be larger than the diameter of the tube, which will be given a certain shape.

In the bending process, check the accuracy of the metal bends with the template.

  1. The frame of the chair will be assembled from two halves. If you do not have the ability to use a welding machine, make the connections by inserting the metal or wood bushings (bougie) into the ends of the tubes. Then, you must hold the ends of the metal studs of at least 2 mm in diameter.
  2. After connecting all the metal parts, the structure can be painted. The use of special tools will improve the performance of the furniture.
  3. Sew and fasten the seats and backs of the chairs.

Assembly of the table

For the manufacture of suburban table the following blank spaces will be needed:

  • For the lid, you can take a sheet of metal, plywood or a piece of round agglomerate (detail A in the figure) with a diameter of 950 mm.
  • 2 legs (in Figure B) of 20 mm tubes with a length of 2,100 mm.
  • 4 rings (in Figure B) on which the tabletop will be placed on the upper part of the legs.
  • The edge (in Figure D) for the countertop is approximately 2 m.
  • Cover plate (in figure D).
  • 4 lugs (in Figure E) with a diameter of approximately 2 cm and a length of 31 mm.

Do it yourself metal furniture: a practical kit for the dacha

  1. Fill in the blanks for the legs with sand, closing the holes at both ends of the tubes.
  2. With a tube bender, bend the workpiece gently at a 90 degree angle.
  3. One leg in the horizontal support part cut in the second.
  4. Reinforce the connection from above (legs crossed at a 90 degree angle) with an additional pad (detail D). Fix it with screws or through screws (5 mm diameter).
  5. Carve small hardwood planks – bosses. Attach them perpendicular to the metal supports using 5 mm screws. This will increase the stability of the structure and prevent the metal from scratching due to friction.
  6. Place the retaining rings (parts B) on the upper ends of the legs where the table is installed, one for each end. Put wooden plugs in them to secure the top.
  7. In this stage you can paint the finished metal part of the table. To paint the covered metal evenly, use it for your spray application.
  8. Saw the tabletop, sand the surface.
  9. Cover the lid with linoleum or oil. Fix the edge of the table cover, placing the prepared edges in glue and screws.

Set of furniture, which turned out, distinguishes comfort and ease of manufacture. If you have the necessary materials and accessories at your disposal, the work will not last more than a day.

But the metal furniture will serve you in the country for many years.

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