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Glass table do it yourself: manufacturing standards.

In the article we will talk about how to make a glass table with your own hands. This furniture is light, elegant and adds space to any interior.

At the same time, it differs in simplicity in terms of quality, reliability and durability.

Type of tables

The glass table can be round, square, oval, triangular or any other shape. Coffee tables, kitchen and computer furniture are usually made of glass.

The product can also be manufactured with composite materials (metal, wood, plastic, rattan, stone).

The design can be of frame or without frame, the furniture can also have a basement. Various types of glass are used to assemble such products: smooth, frosted, dyed, tempered or triple.

In most cases, structures with monolithic table tops are made of this material, but are also suitable for the production of sliding tables, transformers, tables with shelves.

Glass table do it yourself: manufacturing standards.

Advantages and disadvantages of glass furniture.

The DIY glass table has the following advantages over wood, metal and any other furniture:

  1. Esthetic. This product will complement perfectly with any room, but the best thing of all is that it will fit an interior designed with a high-tech style. Due to its transparency, glass creates a feeling of weightlessness and expanded space. A table of similar size, made of other materials, will look more bulky and heavier than a glass construction.
  2. Hygiene. The furniture does not absorb dirt and odors, it does not emit toxic substances.
  3. Practicality This material is easy to care for, it must be treated with a special detergent and water.
  4. Safety Many modern glass types have increased their strength compared to the strength of wood. Crushing such material is not as easy as it seems. In addition, it is covered with a special protective film. If the table is still broken, then the fragments are not scattered throughout the room, the table is simply covered with cracks.
  5. Resistance to aggressive effects. The material is resistant to moisture, high temperatures and chemicals.

But there are such furniture and disadvantages:

Glass table do it yourself: manufacturing standards.

  1. The appearance of unsightly streaks on the surface with an insufficient quality of cleaning with a sponge.
  2. Low resistance to mechanical stress Scratches and small chips can appear on the surface quite quickly.
  3. Pollution when touched with fingers (fingerprints remain).
  4. Ring when the dishes touch the table.
  5. High manufacturing cost The expensive materials are not only necessary, but also the equipment, for example, a special lamp to dry glue.
  6. Relative fragility The table can break.

In addition, for the self-production of said products, it is desirable to have at least minimal skills for working with glass (cutting, polishing).

Preparation for assembly

To make a glass table with your own hands, you need to stock up on the necessary materials and tools. The assistant will need:

  • We recommend a glass sheet with a thickness of 6 to 12 mm (the optimal thickness is 8 mm) to choose a material for its properties. The best option is tempered or triplex glass.
  • 4 legs for the table, can be made of metal tubes.
  • Special glue
  • suction cups for legs
  • A thick sheet of plywood or agglomerate, which will be cutting design elements.
  • petrol or acetone to degrease the surface of the glass, vegetable oil to moisten the cutting part of the glass cutter
  • fine sandpaper and coarse grain
  • polishing paste

You must also prepare the tools:

  • marker pen
  • rule (preferably metal)
  • Glass cutter with roller or diamond
  • Rubber hammer with which the edges of glass will be bounced.
  • grinding machine
  • felt circle
  • grinder or drill.

In the process of making furniture not damaged by sharp edges, it is necessary to perform all work in protective gloves, as well as in special glasses.

Make countertop

Before starting, you must prepare all the tools and wash the glass well on both sides. The next step is to make the table, this is the most difficult part of the job. First you must decide the shape and size of the future product, it is recommended to prepare a drawing and indicate the dimensions of the structural elements.

Then you must mark the material for the posterior cut of the top of the table with the desired shape and size.

The marking is done with a marker and a ruler, you can cut the elements with a roller or a diamond glass cutter.

The use of each type of instrument has its own characteristics:

  1. Cutting roller glass cutter. First, the circular cutter is moistened in oil, and then the master drives a tool to mark. The pressure must be equal to two kilograms. If the first time you could not make an incision, then you need to hold a glass cutter several times in the appropriate area. After making the cut, you should hit with a rubber hammer on the back of the glass.
  2. Diamond cut glass cutter. When using this tool, excessive pressure should be avoided. The glass cut should be made only once, then the sheet should be placed on the edge of the table. This should be done in such a way that the trimmed area protrudes over the edge of the table. Then, it is recommended to gently tap the inside of the glass with a rubber hammer, hold its edge and pull it sharply downwards or outwards. As a result, the edge will separate from the table. Small fragments that are not separated can be removed with a glass cutter. This tool is equipped with a special slot that allows you to capture small fragments.

Glass table do it yourself: manufacturing standards.

If the surface is made with shaped edges, then you must draw on the paper the corresponding pattern, and then transfer it from the piece to the glass with a marker and hold the glass cutter through the pattern.

If the product is round, you should draw a cross in the center of the sheet and then attach a thread or a string to the center of the cross. At the opposite edge of the thread, tie the glass cutter and hold it in a circle.

After that, from the edges of the circle to the edges of the sheet, a glass cutter draws lines at a certain distance from each other. It is a kind of sun.

It is necessary to remove the glass molding, constantly separating from the sun in a segment.

Grinding products, mounting feet.

The trimmed table should be sanded with a sander and sandpaper. The grinding must be done at a low speed (up to 1,700 revolutions of the grinder), since at a higher speed, the glass can overheat. First you must do the grinding with coarse sandpaper and then repeat the procedure with fine grain paper.

After that, the sandpaper should be replaced with a felt wheel covered with an abrasive paste and polish the product.

Glass table do it yourself: manufacturing standards.

In the next step, the legs are attached to the table. A hole should be made in the upper part of each leg, and then, with a glue, place a special suction cup designed for glass furniture.

After that, the product must be dried. You can also use suction cups with self-tapping screws.

The interior of the table should be completely degreased with acetone or gasoline, after which the legs should be glued and the adhesive should be completely dry. In this case, the choice of glue should receive special attention, it should be of high quality, suitable for glass furniture.

The cheap glue is visible through the transparent surface, it will look like dirty stains. The drying glue should be carried out using an ultraviolet lamp with a frequency of 300-400 nm.

When all the work is finished, the table is ready to use.

Product decoration

Glass table do it yourself: manufacturing standards.

There are many ways to turn a glass table into a work of art. To make this furniture creative and original, you must use one of the following methods of processing glass: decoupage, engraving or toning, sandblasting, painting with dyes, placing several objects inside the double table, such as dried flowers, grains, stones , seashells.

The application of painting or decoration of stained glass using the decoupage method is done on the underside of the table. This allows you to protect the decoration from mechanical damage and at the same time keep the surface of the table perfectly flat.

An excellent way to decorate a table is to equip the table with LED lighting. This furniture allows you to create a special and festive atmosphere in the room.

It is possible to decorate with this method not only a table, but also a bar counter.

In addition, you can enclose the table in a frame of wood, metal or plastic. Such a decision will not only change the appearance of the structure, but also increase its reliability.

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