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He began to quickly download the smartphone.

The rapid depletion of battery power is one of the main problems of modern smartphones. It’s a shame when you wait for an important call, and the phone is off due to the low charge. There are two obvious solutions: buy a smartphone with a larger battery or use a charge more efficiently.

In this article we are going to try to find out how to save battery power, To be sufficient throughout the day and not have to interrupt the connection at the most crucial time.

He began to quickly download the smartphone.

Most of the time, we connect the smartphone to the charger at night and leave it until morning. This is incorrect

The batteries of most devices are filled in approximately three hours. The remaining hours until morning, the charger will occasionally feed the gadget to keep the charge at 100%. This keeps the battery under tension, at an accelerated rate, reducing its maximum capacity.

1. Do not clean the charging connector

According to studies, many more bacteria accumulate in the smartphone than in the toilet lid. Therefore, cleaning it once in a while will not be superfluous. Pay attention to cleaning the power connector.

While transporting, various debris may fall into the slot opening, which subsequently interferes with the normal charge of your device.

He began to quickly download the smartphone.

2. You put bright wallpapers.

By checking the time, received messages and calls, you constantly look at the main screen of the smartphone. To reduce energy costs, instead of a bright multi-colored screen protector, install in black and white.

He began to quickly download the smartphone.

3. Always carry the phone in your hands.

A strong heating and a strong cooling significantly accelerate the battery discharge of the smartphone. Keep your device in a place where heat and frost do not affect it.

If the temperature outside the window is above +30 ° C or below -20 ° C, try to remove the phone from your purse or pocket only if absolutely necessary.

He began to quickly download the smartphone.

4. All the time you turn on the automatic rotation of the screen.

Deactivate the “Automatically rotate the screen” function and turn it on only when necessary. The fact is that the accelerometer is responsible for this function, a special sensor that consumes a large amount of electricity.

He began to quickly download the smartphone.

5. Forget about closing the windows of the application.

Minimized programs, but not closed, continue to consume battery power, running in the background. So do not forget to periodically close all the windows.

He began to quickly download the smartphone.

6. Adjust the brightness of the screen to the maximum.

Turn off the automatic brightness setting and manually set the brightness to the minimum comfortable level for you.

He began to quickly download the smartphone.

7. Activate the vibration alert.

Vibrant Alert quickly downloads the battery. Therefore, try to use it only when necessary.

Use the sound mode or mute the sound completely.

He began to quickly download the smartphone.

8. Automatic locking is not configured correctly.

Set the automatic shutdown of the smart phone screen. Choose the best moment to block.

The battery consumption will decrease, and even if you forget to lock the phone, you will do it yourself.

He began to quickly download the smartphone.

9. Do not turn off GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

If you do not use these functions at this time to determine the location or transfer the data, do not hesitate to deactivate them. The GPS navigator, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi included contribute to the fact that the battery charge decreases very quickly.

He began to quickly download the smartphone.

10. Never turn off the phone

Experts say you should turn off the phone at least once a week. This greatly prolongs the life of the battery.

He began to quickly download the smartphone.

11. Do not disable speech recognition

The battery of the Android device is consumed a lot due to the recognition function of O’key, the Google team. The smartphone constantly scans the speech and sounds, waiting for it to say this phrase, which reduces the battery charge.

You can deactivate the function by going to Google Now – Settings – Voice Search – O’Key, Google Recognition.

He began to quickly download the smartphone.

This is not the most complete list, but it is a good starting point for anyone who wants to know how to increase the battery life.

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