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House of Ivan Urgant in Rublevka: photo, cost

The Russian showman and actor Ivan Urgant, loved by the audience thanks to humorous programs such as: “ProjectorParisHilton” and “Evening Urgant”. This fame has its monetary equivalent: the presenter has real estate in Moscow, in the Moscow region, in St. Petersburg, and even in the elegant tourist city of Tuscany, Forte dei Marli.

It is true that until now nothing is known about the intentions of the artist to move abroad to obtain permanent residence, so that most of the time he and his family pass in Russia. Let’s see what Ivan Urgant’s house looks like in Rublevka, whose photo is already on the web, and find out its value.

House of Ivan Urgant in Rublevka: photo, cost

Rublevsky Urgant mansion

Ivan has combined his 35th birthday anniversary with a settlement in a luxurious 3-storey cottage in the village of Islavskoe. It is located on the Rublyovskoye road, 25 km from the Moscow ring road and 30 km from the capital.

This country house was built over several years and is estimated to be at least $ 7 million.

House of Ivan Urgant in Rublevka: photo, cost

In addition to the numerous bedrooms, the house also includes rooms, a swimming pool and a sauna, a recording studio, a billiard room, a solarium on the roof and a cinema in the basement.

House of Ivan Urgant in Rublevka: photo, cost

In addition, there is everything for a comfortable pastime for a large family: a winter garden, a room with a fireplace and a dining room with access to the outdoor terrace.

House of Ivan Urgant in Rublevka: photo, cost

The interior of the premises is a bit pretentious: the artistic intention of the designers made it possible to combine European neoclassicism and traditional Gzhel stylistics.

The living room, which is a fireplace, is replete with numerous design accessories: stucco, mirror finish, figurines and vases attached to mini special shelves.

Moscow Urgant Apartment

Another recent acquisition of Ivan are the luxury apartments in a recently built skyscraper, known as the center of the city of Moscow.

House of Ivan Urgant in Rublevka: photo, cost

The building, which received the name of the people – “Torre Dorada” due to the color of the facade, is a multifunctional complex, the 40 lower floors of which are reserved for the commercial address, in the previous one is the category of ” Deluxe. “

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