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House without errors

The house should not only be elegant and comfortable, but also comfortable. And the comfort is in the details: the kitchen table has the right height, so that your back does not get tired, comfortable handles, non-slip tiles in the bathroom.

But when we repair or buy furniture on many important details, unfortunately, we forget.

We publish tips that will make your home the most comfortable place to live.

House without errors

According to the standard, the height of the base of the kitchen is 85 cm. When people ask for kitchens, they often forget to make an alleged allocation of growth. As a result, you have to duck or work at a table that is too high, so your hands get tired quickly.

The recommended height for kitchen countertops for low people, measuring approximately 150 cm in height, is 82 cm, for people between 160 and 180 cm in height – 88-91 cm. Finished and too low furniture can be placed on legs and decorated with a plank.

And if it is too high, it is better to file the legs.

House without errors

A common mistake is to refuse washing with one wing or from the second bowl to save space. In the kitchen, where they cook for a large family, you can not do without a multifunctional volume sink.

In the wing you can put hot dishes or put vegetables and fruits washed. And in a sink with two bowls, to wash at the same time a lot of dishes.

House without errors

Do not rush to hang on the kitchen shelves. Organize drawers: save space and organize work.

The space in the box is easy to divide into sections for any capacity. Access to them will be more convenient, everything is in sight.

By the way, and the cleanliness in this kitchen will be much less.

House without errors

The grooves instead of the door handles seem unusual and correspond completely with the idea of ​​a modern kitchen. But this elegance can bring some inconvenience: try to open the door with wet hands or without removing the handle.

The output is a click system that allows you to open the doors with a simple push and even with your elbow.

House without errors

The steel doors of the furniture and the refrigerators are very effective, but even the clean palms leave traces on that surface. There are two solutions to the problem: find stainless steel polishes to avoid contamination, or buy steel equipment and facades treated with a special protective coating.

House without errors

Do you think two or three is enough? Well, this is a common mistake. Experience shows that even in a small room, power outlets are needed on each wall.

Just make sure to coordinate your number, type (with or without grounding) and the location with the professional electrician and explain how many devices will light up simultaneously.

House without errors

The windows in the bedroom or living room are beautifully framed with long curtains on the floor. But the beautiful “train” will join the hostess of the job, especially if there are four-legged friends in the house.

If you do not want to abandon this beauty, choose a fabric with antistatic impregnation and dirt repellent.

House without errors

Many people know the problem of cleaning dust on open shelves. The only acceptable solution is furniture with glazed fronts. The air vents in the side walls will help avoid moisture and excessive humidity in the closed shelves.

As a rule, prefabricated manufacturers produce furniture with already prepared holes.

House without errors

A large aquarium looks especially impressive when it is open on both sides. However, placing it in direct sunlight is a mistake, especially in the southern windows.

In this case, the aquarium will begin to grow algae and lose its appeal. Choose a place for your little “aquatic world” where only diffuse sunlight falls.

House without errors

Laminate: modern, easy to assemble and with a beautiful cover. To serve it for a long time, pay attention to its class of wear resistance and choose the most durable one.

Also, be sure to stick the pieces of felt under the legs of the furniture, and if there is a chair with wheels in the house, buy a special carpet.

House without errors

The clear or white walls in the room cause a sensation of freshness and visually increase the space. On the other hand, they can “supercool” the interior during the winter when it is not necessary.

If you need to visually expand the room, but at the same time create a feeling of warmth and comfort, leave three walls lit and paint one in a rich color.

House without errors

The elegance of the combination of white walls and black floors and furniture has been and remains out of competition. But maintaining cleanliness in such an apartment is incredibly difficult, because the dust is clearly visible on a dark background.

To avoid problems with cleaning, use special wipes with antistatic effect or (in extreme cases), clean the furniture with a cloth moistened with antistatic. It also makes sense to buy a vacuum with double air filtration.

House without errors

Are you dreaming of a smooth tile, carpet or rug? Think carefully before buying, especially if you like light shades, as it is very difficult to maintain coverage in that state.

Pay attention to the materials with a small geometric or floral pattern: they are beautiful and easy to care for.

House without errors

During the repair, the specialists usually ask the owners where the candlesticks will be placed. This allows you to safely and silently hold the cable on the wall.

If you have not been able to decide in time, then it is better to use floor lamps: the sconces with cables hanging from the walls seem unattractive.

House without errors

If you have a large enough family, and the bathroom area allows you to put two sinks at once, it is better to do so. The distance between them must be at least 30 cm, so that people do not interfere with each other.

So you can avoid the queues at the sink, and the morning meeting will be much quieter.

House without errors

If you plan to repair the bathroom, consider where to move the washing machine. How to decide, assign a specialist to connect it to the water and wastewater supply.

This will save you from the non-aesthetic tubes that will extend along the walls. And do not forget the grounding!

House without errors

Instead of a traditional shower cabin, you can place the tiles on the floor, making the slope towards the drain at an angle of at least 5 ° and isolating the selected area with a small curb and transparent doors with style. The mosaic tiles are the most suitable for decoration: it is easier to make a slope.

The most practical option is a special tile for swimming pools. Common ceramic tiles have a porous structure in which microorganisms infest, and pool tiles have a high density and do not absorb water.

House without errors

The smooth, shiny tiles in the bathroom often cause falls and injuries. It is advisable to replace it with corrugated tiles, designed specifically for this place in the apartment.

If this is not possible, place a wooden, rubber or textile carpet on the floor.

House without errors

If the walls of the small bathroom are lined with monotonous and opaque tiles, and the repair is not yet included in your plans, place it in a special shiny glaze. It is better to emphasize the horizontal elements of saturated colors: it will visually expand the room.

Or paint a few tiles in bright colors: it will make the room more lively and cheerful.

House without errors

In the bathroom it is better to make shelves-shelves or niches of tiles. They do not mess up a room that is already small and they look more impressive than the ones mounted.

Especially good they are backlit.

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