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How to make a bookstore with your own hands: ideas and advice.

If the books overflow with the desk, are placed on the floor of the living room or filled with plastic bags, it’s time to take care of the bookstore. The projects of high-end furniture allow you to dream, do you agree?

But, having experience on which to build, it is not difficult to turn a dream into reality.

Not all items should be museum exhibits, often a simple design looks just as good. The experience gained in the creativity process helps to further improve the next project.

Top 5 inspiring ideas

Thanks to the furniture installed, the apartment becomes a visual space. The cabinets play a key role in a room that must be “comfortable”. The models include a great variety of styles and sizes.

Before deciding what the wardrobe will look like, look for the best place for him in space. The functional model should give the opportunity to easily classify and find a book without problems.

Use drywall

The advantage of a drywall support with wooden elements is that their size and shape are fully adapted to individual needs and preferences. The “body” of said furniture are steel profiles that are screwed to the floor and the wall with studs. In those places where the regiment is located, additional profiles are used to reinforce the structure.

How to make a bookstore with your own hands: ideas and advice.

Pottery as an interesting alternative.

A shelf can be created by connecting two materials: ceramic and wood. The design of this model is based on the brick frames, which are attached to the wall.

The wooden shelves theoretically do not require fixing, since the protruding parts of the brick provide a fairly stable support. Preferably, the boards have a thickness of approximately 3 cm (shelf 25 x 50-70 cm).

The use of furniture boards.

The most famous and popular material for the bookseller are the furniture boards OSB and MDF. Teachers often ask for pre-cut items.

To ensure stability, it is necessary to further strengthen the extreme corners of the metal supports. These shelves can be finished by painting or varnishing in a chosen color.

If the shelf is made of OSB panels, it must be properly prepared.

Why do we need boxes?

Decorative plywood boxes with beautiful little details inspire you to pay tribute to the spirit of Cubism! It is easy to create an irregularly shaped cabinet from boxes of various shapes. To guarantee its stability, the boxes are fastened with simple black metal clips.

Some of the boxes are painted on the inside with muffled cakes, applying two coats of water-based paints. The bright plywood is beautifully highlighted in a contrasting color.

How to make a bookstore with your own hands: ideas and advice.

New life of the old staircase.

The old ladder that was lying in the attic for the last three decades is no longer necessary? It can be converted into an elegant bookcase with minimal effort and minimal effort.

It is located in the corner of the room or is used to place it against the wall, it is suitable for magazines and children’s books.

What is needed?

List of required materials:

  • old wooden staircase
  • Wooden elements to reinforce the shelves.
  • Metallic supports in the shape of “L”
  • sandpaper
  • Painting / oil wood.
  • wood saw
  • drill
  • grinding machine (optional)
  • screwdriver
  • ruler

Depending on the type of ladder, they are ingenious. The main tool for this type of project is “improvisation”.

By making a similar bookstore with their own hands, the drawings are made after measuring the stairs in the house.

Depending on the base selected, there will be an opportunity for additional use of the library. A smaller type of ladder will help create a kind of shelf bollard.

The tall model will serve as a full-size piece of furniture, for example, in the living room.

If the ladder is old and in poor condition, it should be cleaned with sandpaper or a sanding device, remove all stains, causing discoloration and smoothing irregularities until the tree acquires a uniform and satisfactory appearance.

Then the stairs are set up on a shelf, creating space, to put the books. To this end, find out at what level the shelves will be located.

For mounting use mounting brackets.

General recommendations

Instead of buying new furniture that a neighbor has, there is an opportunity to do something unusual with their own hands. After studying the tips on how to make a bookstore with your own hands, you can develop your own model that successfully meets individual needs.

The handmade furniture is unique and economical. It is important that it adapts perfectly to the size of the room, as well as to the required number of books, taking into account its size.

Design and Measurement

First, the place for the library is selected and the size that best suits the needs is determined. This helps determine the dimensions of each part of the structure.

The cabinet adapts precisely to the specific space of the house or creates a standard model so that it can be installed in different places.

  • Measure the room where the model will be.
  • Decide what cabinet height is acceptable.
  • Will the shelves be open or closed?
  • Determine the proportions of the structure.
  • Is the rear wall of the furniture provided?
  • Decide if you are going to use a cabinet to store paperback books, magazines or hardcover volumes.

How to make a bookstore with your own hands: ideas and advice.

The furniture can have glass or opaque doors. If the back wall is missing, then the books rest or touch the wall behind the bookshelf.

For maximum versatility, use adjustable shelves that fit any book size.

The book shelves have two, three, five shelves, but you can make as many shelves as you planned.

All the dimensions of the height of the frame are planned, the width and depth are calculated, and the distances between the shelves and their number are determined. The depth of the cabinet should be at least 25 cm, preferably 28 to 33 cm, and the distance between the shelves should be at least 30 cm, which will allow the free placement of books up to A4 (210×297 mm).

All items must be carefully calculated to calculate the amount of materials that apply.

Materials selection

The wood chosen will significantly affect not only the appearance of the product, but also the cost and durability. Since solid wood can be expensive, plywood with hardwood cladding is the most commonly used.

A model of plywood, which is characterized by the simplicity of the construction, is a valuable and useful addition to the room at home. A bookstore so simple and economical with their own hands can be done in one or two days.

It is important to determine how many shelves come out of a sheet of plywood.

  • Birch suitable for painting.
  • Maple is suitable for coating different mastics.
  • Walnut and cherry, like other types of plywood with a beautiful texture, need a transparent finish.

Working with plywood is difficult, so it is important to tune successfully. To cut boards using a conventional or circular saw.

The circular saw is chosen with a hard alloy sheet for plywood.

The correct grinding plays a crucial role in creating the final appearance of the finished surface the coloring process depends on it. If the surface is poorly polished, it will become dark and irregular.

How to make a bookstore with your own hands: ideas and advice.

To eliminate all irregularities after general processing, use the sandpaper No. 150.

It is necessary to level the entire surface without depending on the eye. Do not grind only those places that look ugly.

Protective coating

The final touch is to apply a protective layer on a new shelf. It can be paint or clear finish.

  • Paint Under the primer paint. It helps the wood to absorb the paint more evenly. After applying a primer coat, the surface is allowed to dry. Then the surface is once again polished carefully, dust is removed. Then put a coat of paint. Wait, when the first coat dries, then the surface is milled again, the powder is removed and the final coat is applied.

Could not get a primer, dyed according to the tone of the paint? Buy a white base if the selected paint is light.

Choose a gray tint if the paint is dark.

  • Varnishing For expensive wood, acquire clear lacquer to highlight the natural and unique beauty of the texture. First, apply the first coat, waiting for it to dry completely. Then the grinding is done with fine grain sandpaper. Gauze, brush or soft cloth dust. Next, apply the second layer. It is also allowed to dry before grinding. The third layer of coating is the last.

How to make a bookstore with your own hands: ideas and advice.

Instructions to create a birch plywood cabinet.

Production time – 2 days.

  1. The dimensions of the future cabinet are determined.
  2. After calculating the size, the shelves of top, side and interior plywood are cut. Since the plywood is supplied in sheets, use a handsaw to shorten the sheets to the desired width.
  3. The plywood is cut in length using a miter saw to create upper panels, sides and internal shelves, according to the dimensions provided. The angle saw will make a more clean and controlled cut, which is the best option for smaller parts. If the cabinet is too large for a miter saw, a table saw is used.
  4. The pieces of wood are held together by a drill. Install shelves on the shelf to make seams joined with glue. The screws are screwed from the outside to keep the shelves in place. It is possible to fix the shelves with corners.
  5. Adding final touches. Tokens and irregularities filled with wood putty. Then the surface is polished.

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