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How to make a rack on the balcony do it yourself: ideas and realization

The balcony is used very often to store various things and products. Keeping the order on the balcony and freeing up more usable space will help the frame. It is better to do it yourself, to find the size accurately and minimize financial costs.

This article will explain what and how to make the shelves on the balcony, where they are best located.

Shelf options

When choosing a place under the shelf on the balcony, you must follow a series of rules. The shelves should not:

  • Avoid opening-closing doors, windows.
  • block the passage
  • Darken the balcony and the adjacent room.
  • block the fire damper, exit at the fire exit (if available).

On long, narrow balconies, the optimal place for a frame is the end. For a rational use of the space and the saving of material, the frame in the enclosed glazed balcony becomes integrated, without walls.

A frame is mounted on the balcony walls, and the shelves to it. The framework supports can be attached to both the side walls and the back, in the first case, the shelves rest on the crossbars of the frame, in the second case, at the corners of the support. If the ends are deaf, without glazing, the levels can go from floor to ceiling, if there is glazing, the top shelf is mounted under the window frame.

In some cases, corner shelves fit in the balcony space with the fixation in the frame or directly to the wall in the brackets.

Another option for shelving is under the window sill, it is suitable for large balconies. The shelves can be shallow, but long, for the entire length of the window sill, it is recommended to close the shelf with side walls.

You can even turn it into a miniature similar to the wardrobe, by equipping the sliding doors with roller guides. On the large balcony you can make an original shelf ladder with inclined supports and shelf-steps.

Thinking about how to make a shelf on the balcony with your own hands, you should consider not only the balcony design, but also the purpose of the shelves. Its construction depends on it. To store a large amount of large and bulky things, you will need a frame with a frame on a reliable stand.

Small shelves for light things, decorative ornaments, flower pots can be made suspended, on hinges. A flower shelf looks like an original, hung from a solid decorative rope that must pass through holes drilled in the 4 corners of the board, tying knots in the bottom.

The rope is attached to 2 anchoring hooks screwed to the wall or ceiling (if the shelf is small, up to 40 cm wide, one hook is sufficient). By this principle, you can mount a multilevel shelf.

How to make a rack on the balcony do it yourself: ideas and realization

If the frame stores things that should be hidden from the eyes or protected from sunlight, in addition to the shelves, you need doors, hinged or sliding, depending on the space available. On multi-level shelves, it is desirable to close the lower and upper shelves with the doors, as more dust accumulates near the floor and ceiling.

The original option, how to make the frame close: fix the appropriate size roller shutters to the ceiling. They occupy a minimum of useful space, do not require space to plow and decorate the interior of the balcony.

Materials selection

In the glazed balcony, where the hydraulic and thermal insulation is carried out, you can use almost any suitable material for the manufacture of shelves: wooden boards, plywood, agglomerate. If the balcony is open, the wood should be treated with flaxseed and the agglomerate board should be laminated, high density, with carefully sealed edges, so that moisture does not penetrate the slab.

A wooden beam or metal profile will be suitable for the frame, wood should be treated to protect against moisture and ultraviolet radiation, and metal to protect against corrosion.

How to make a rack on the balcony do it yourself: ideas and realization

You can make tempered glass shelves, this material is not afraid of humidity or sun, but you will have to trust your cutting and processing of edges to professionals, and you can mount the aluminum profile on the balcony wall. Before installing the finished glass shelf on the balcony with your own hands, you must close the back edge with adhesive tape.

Another option is to assemble from a metallic profile a structure that resembles the frame of an industrial frame with cubic cells and install boxes of plywood in them. Some drawers are made with a half height cell and are installed in the lower part, others, the size of a complete cell, are deployed so that the lower part serves as a rear wall.

If you alternate the boxes of both types with empty cells, the design will not seem cumbersome.

Technology for manufacturing racks, measurements and cutting materials.

Consider in detail the manufacture of the frame with your own hands on the balcony in the example of a structure with a wooden frame and shelves of boards. First you must measure your balcony where you plan to install the frame and determine its height, width and depth. You should also make sure that the floor is strictly horizontal.

The distance between the shelves is determined taking into account what will be stored in the rack. If it is intended to be used to store the blank spaces of the house, the height of the shelves should be such that cans with lids freely fit over them.

According to the results of the measurements, a sketch is made with an indication of the dimensions or a drawing.

The cross section of the wood and the thickness of the boards are selected according to the load to which the shelves will be subjected. It can be used for the frame beam 40×40, and for the shelves – boards with a thickness of 20 mm. The bar is cut in such elements:

  • 4 vertical frames, equal to the height of the frame (usually the height from the floor to the ceiling)
  • The cross bars, whose length is equal to the depth of the frame, must be twice as large as the shelves.

The cutting of the wood should not be oblique, it is especially important that the ends of the vertical posts be uniform. Keep in mind that the tree is subject to thermal expansion.

Therefore, the boards are cut so that there is a space between the side edges of the shelves and the balcony walls. It is desirable to select the depth of the shelves so that they can be made from entire tables not cut in width.

All pieces of wood are carefully polished.

How to make a rack on the balcony do it yourself: ideas and realization

Frame assembly

Due to the limited space of the balcony and the risk of damaging the glazing, the installation of ready-made shelving is problematic, so the assembly is carried out directly at the installation site in the following sequence:

  1. With the use of the level and the dialing of the roulette is carried out on the walls, floor, ceiling.
  2. Mounted in the designated places vertical shelves. If the material allows the balcony walls, they are fastened with anchor bolts. If this is not possible, the fixing is made to the floor and ceiling by metal corners. Check the verticality of racks with level.
  3. Marking under the crossbar and its mounting screws. In conditions of limited space, it is inconvenient to mount them between the uprights, therefore, the crossbars are attached to the surfaces of the uprights that are opposite the walls.
  4. The boards are being tested, the recesses are cut at the corners. The boards are stacked in place and fixed with screws to the crossbars. The installation starts from the bottom shelf.

The top shelf should be located at such a distance from the ceiling so it can work like a screwdriver. For places of difficult access it is better to use a compact mini screwdriver.

In the work process, you must constantly use the level, controlling the verticality of the uprights, the location of the crossbars in the same horizontal line, the horizontal position of the racks. If the project involves the presence of doors, they are assembled after completing the assembly of the frame with shelves.

You can make shelves on the balcony with your own hands, using old furniture disassembled from laminated agglomerate. After cutting in parts of the desired size of the edge, it is necessary to close it with a final tape, which is glued with a plate.

Solid chipboard shelves with cut-outs for corner supports do not need to be fixed with self-tapping screws.

For light things, you can make a frame with racks of boards, cross rails and shelves of plywood or thin boards. It is possible to mount a separate frame from a 25×25 steel profiled tube, the fixings are drilled in frames and cross bars, and are connected with bolts and nuts.

If you make holes in the shelves at different levels, the height of the shelves of chipboard or plywood can be changed as needed.

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