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How to make a wooden table with your own hands: a simple instruction.

It is advantageous to complement the interior of the apartment or country house with a wooden table with your own hands. The advantages of this piece of furniture are the affordable cost and the ease of manufacture. You can do it according to the drawings made or according to your own developed scheme.

In any case, this table will delight its owners with reliability, durability, respect for the environment and special energy, that everything has to do with their own hands.

How to make a wooden table with your own hands: a simple instruction.

We prepare tools and materials for the job.

The manufacture of home-made furniture begins with the selection of the necessary tools and consumables. You will need a complete set of carpentry tools for the job, however, some of the devices can be replaced with analogs available in almost every home. So, the beginner teacher needs:

  1. Drawings of the future product.
  2. Screwdriver and drills of different diameters.
  3. Puzzles It can be replaced by a common saw, but in this case the teacher will have to work harder to eliminate the irregularities of the material.
  4. Fraser You can do without it if the product table is made of a single sheet, instead of individual tables.
  5. Grinder or nozzle to rectify the screwdriver. The grinder can be replaced with sandpaper, but in this case it will be impossible to perfectly polish the surface.
  6. Putty or other materials that allow to eliminate the defects of the wood.
  7. Brushes and materials for wood processing (dyes, varnishes, paints).
  8. Vice (tweezers), glue.
  9. Wood Its size will depend on the estimated dimensions of the finished product. The optimum size for a simple dining table is 120 by 70 cm with a product height of 75 cm. For work, you should take tables of 2.5-5 cm thick. To reinforce the structure, you can use similar boards and a wooden bar with a section of 4 x 6 cm. The drawings show construction made of boards 4 cm thick and 14 cm wide.
  10. Furniture screws, screws.

How to make a wooden table with your own hands: a simple instruction.

Wood (plywood, agglomerate), as well as screws, are always recommended with a margin. This will allow the teacher not to be afraid of possible errors in the work associated with the consumption of materials.

Table mounting

A conversation about how to make a wooden table begins with a description of the production process of the table. In our example, 5 tables of 120 cm long and 14 cm wide will be used for this.

Before starting the assembly, they must be processed carefully. From the trunk of the tree, which is used to cut boards, it is necessary to remove all knots.

Prepared materials are recommended to process an airplane and then a grinder.

The elements of the upper part of the table must be connected to each other with the help of 2-3 bars located on the boards from the bottom side of the table. Instead of bars, you can use tables of small length. If the finished product will be used outdoors, it is recommended to leave small spaces (a few millimeters) between the countertops.

This will prevent the deformation of the structure under the influence of natural factors.

The transverse elements must be screwed to the table with screws. It is very important to correctly determine the length of the screws, it should be 1-1.5 cm less than the total thickness of two boards or boards and beams. In the first case (two boards with a thickness of 4 cm), the recommended length of the screw is 6.5 to 7 cm, and in the second (table with a thickness of 4 cm, a beam of 6 cm), 8 , 5 to 9 cm.

Tighten the screws inside. Each faceplate must have 2-3 self-tapping screws (as shown in the diagram).

How to make a wooden table with your own hands: a simple instruction.

Comfortable table legs

The next step is the manufacture of the legs. One of the most reliable is the design of “scissors”, which guarantees the special stability of the product. For the execution of the works the same materials that were used in the tabletop are taken.

The length of the board should be calculated so that the size of the base of the structure is 60 cm (if the width of the top of the table is 70 cm).

How to make a wooden table with your own hands: a simple instruction.

According to the scheme, you must install 4 legs, 2 on each side of the table. Parts of each of the two legs in the form of a cross are interconnected with screws for furniture. The joints can be reinforced with metal corners.

Then the legs are connected to the table with screws or screws.

To improve the reliability of the design, the crossings can be connected additionally by means of longitudinal slats. If the slats are located in the lower part of the product, they can also act as supports for the legs of the people sitting on the table.

How to make a wooden table with your own hands: a simple instruction.

Once the work of assembling the table, the teacher can only carry out the final processing of the product with the help of dye, varnish for wood or paint. It is not recommended to leave the structure in its original form, as it may lose its appearance over time or rot.

The finished product can be used for various purposes, such as a coffee or a dining table for the home or as an outdoor furniture.

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