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Lining cover on a balcony: options and assembly order.

On the balcony, often install a closet to store things for which there is not enough space in the apartment. In the enclosed glazed balcony, lined with slats from the inside, a wardrobe of it will look in harmony, this material also blends well with other finishing options.

Finding ready-made furniture that fits into the balcony space is difficult, so many owners are interested in how to make a wardrobe from the wall panel itself.

Design and layout options.

If at the end of the balcony there is a niche without glazing, this is the ideal place to assemble the cabinet. Depending on the size and shape of the balcony, it may be more convenient to make a corner or wall cabinet.

Depending on the size and available space, it is possible to equip the design with doors of different types. For the balcony is the most suitable such options:

  • Single or double with swing doors.
  • With sliding doors.

There are 2 options for the design of a balcony cabinet:

The first option allows you to efficiently use all the available space, to reduce the consumption of materials (you only need one wood for the frame, tables for shelves and wall panels for doors). But it is only suitable for balconies, where there is an unglazed area and 3 (for a corner cabinet – 2) solid walls on which the frame can be mounted.

Alternatively, you can make a built-in locker height at the level of the glazing. The cabinet will need more materials, but if necessary, it can be moved to another location.

Lining cover on a balcony: options and assembly order.

It is worth doing a wardrobe on a balcony from the wall panel only if the glazing and thermal insulation are completed, all the holes are sealed and the floor is repaired. Otherwise, the adverse weather conditions, changes in temperature and humidity will quickly lead to the construction of the wood covering in poor condition.

Materials and tools

To make the cabinet on the balcony of the lining with your own hands, place the hardwood (the coniferous emission resin, which can stain things stored in the cabinet, and the resin flowing on the facade seems unsightly). You must choose the lining of the “B” class, and if the finances allow it – “A”.

The “extra” class for a balcony is an unjustified luxury, and the class “C” wall panels have too many defects and are only suitable for rough coatings.

In addition to the wooden wall panels for the cabinet, you can use plastic. The nails or screws are not suitable for fixing, only kleimery or stapler with supports.

Once you have decided the design, the dimensions of the cabinet, you can calculate the amount of material that is needed. For the built-in cabinet you will need:

  • 40×40 bar for the frame: 4 elements each, equal to the height, width and depth of the cabinet, plus 2 transversal elements (guides) for each shelf
  • a smaller beam (for example, 20×25) or a thin board for the frame of the doors, for each door there are 4 elements for the frame plus 1 for a transverse or diagonal reinforcement
  • Thin wall panels for doors, the length of the slats must be equal to the height of the cabinet, and to calculate the amount you need to divide your width by the useful width of a slat, which is then rounded
  • Boards or agglomerate for shelves, you can also use a thicker liner
  • Long anchors to fix the frame to the walls.
  • Self-tapping screws on a shaft 60-75 mm in length or metal corners, self-tapping screws of a shorter length to mount a frame
  • Nails with small lids to fix the liner in the sweat (you can also use self-tapping screws, clamps or staples)
  • Hinges for doors, handles.

Lining cover on a balcony: options and assembly order.

Klyimery nails are expensive, but much easier to work with and allow you to make the lining of the invisible.

To make your own hands from the wall panel cabinet, you will need more, to cover the side walls, the cover and possibly the bottom. The back wall is made of laminated fiber sheet.

Optionally, you can make the back wall and in the built-in cabinet, provide additional protection against the humidity of the structure and the contents of the cabinet.

The tools will require a tape measure, a square, a level and a pencil to mark, as well as:

  • Drill or hammer drill
  • screwdriver
  • he saw
  • hammer and doboynik.

After the wood and the wall panels cut into elements of the desired size, you can proceed to the assembly. The assembly of the cupboard built into the balcony with your own hands starts with the frame and ends with a cover, hanging the doors:

  1. The rear frame and the front frame of the frame are assembled, the beam is connected with the help of corners or self-tapping screws of sufficient length.
  2. Mounted rear wall (if available).
  3. The rear frame is fastened with anchors to the end wall of the balcony, the horizontal position and the verticality of the elements align with the level.
  4. The cross bars are fastened with the help of corners to the corners of the frame, fixed by anchors to the side walls.
  5. The front frame is attached to the ends of the cross bars, fixed by anchors to the side walls, the floor and the roof.
  6. Then you can place the bottom of agglomerate or plywood resistant to moisture.
  7. On the inner side of the pillars of the frame, the guides for the shelves are held parallel to the side walls at the required height. It is necessary to control that on the left and on the right they are at the same height.
  8. The shelves are installed, in the tables or slabs you need to pre-select the corners under the frame. It is not necessary to fasten the shelves made of agglomerate to the guides, it is better to fix the boards with self-tapping screws.

Lining cover on a balcony: options and assembly order.

The interior of the closet is ready. In principle, this can be stopped, but this design is a shelf instead of a closet.

To make a closet out of your own hands, you must add doors to this design.

  1. The frame (frames) of the door (doors) is assembled by analogy with the frames of the frame, it is only necessary to install additionally a diagonal or transversal beam as a reinforcing rib in each one.
  2. The frames are covered with a splint, the nails are hammered at an angle into the slot, the caps are inserted with the help of a doboynik, then the next panel is inserted into the slot with a comb and the procedure is repeated.
  3. The hinges of the doors are attached to the front pillars of the frame.
  4. The doors are equipped with furniture, hung in the frame.

If the cabinet is low or divided into 2 levels of height, and each has its own doors, its design can be simplified and facilitated by securing the panel to 2-3 transverse bars (boards).

The assembly of the cabinet is different in that the frame made is aligned with the sides and in the upper part of the clapboard, for the lower part you can use plywood, agglomerate and for the rear wall – DVP. The frame is not fastened with anchors to the balcony walls, so the structure itself should become stiffer, add a transverse member to the rear frame.

For the side walls, the additional ribs will be shelf guides.

It only remains to varnish your cabinet to make it more attractive and extend the useful life. Before starting the varnish, you must eliminate everything unnecessary, sweep it and it is better to vacuum the balcony so that the dust does not stick to the fresh varnish.

The built-in wardrobe with doors of the wall panel is assembled quickly, is cheap and looks very attractive. Therefore, it is worth spending a little time, effort and materials to make a new piece of furniture appear on the balcony.

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