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Make a bed of three levels: take care of a healthy and safe sleep for children

The more children grow up in a family, the more urgent it is for parents the question of how to make daycare as comfortable and spacious as possible. Must have enough space for games, activities and recreation for all. It is especially important to provide for the rational placement of the beds: three traditional beds will occupy a considerable area of ​​the room, which could be used during the day.

A comfortable and safe three-level bed in this case is simply necessary.

Consider making a design like yourself. This will save and, when selecting the most successful option, rely on the quality of the materials used, the reliability of the product itself.

It should be noted that the bed of three more simple levels, a rigid structure, where the beds are located one on top of the other, the experts consider it quite dangerous. It can be offered for girls and boys over 6-7 years old.

If your children are smaller, consider the deployable structures, or stationary, in which the bed is in a checkerboard pattern. This allows you to make the beds not too high, but compact.

Make a bed of three levels: take care of a healthy and safe sleep for children

Optimal model of a three-story bed for small.

The proposed three-level design with three beds occupies an area slightly larger than the classic model: 3 meters long by 1 m wide. But this feature can not be considered a disadvantage, since the use of a larger area per 1 m allows to reduce the level of danger for a child in the upper floor.

In addition, the free space below the second projecting level can be used as a niche for a chest of drawers or other low furniture.

By being able to work with carpentry tools, it is easy to make a bed with your own hands. In the preparatory stage, consider a series of basic requirements:

  • The best materials for the manufacture of children’s beds are beams made of natural wood and metal. But for the treatment of the latter special conditions, facilities and skills are required.
  • Comfort and safety are the fundamental principles that the design must fulfill. Be sure to build handrails 15-20 cm above the level of the mattress.
  • The ladder must be as strong as possible. The distance between the bars may vary according to the age of the children, but should not exceed 40 cm.

Preparation for work

Prepare materials and tools for the creation of children’s furniture.

  • Pine tables.
  • Pinewood.
  • MDF or agglomerate 16 mm thick.
  • Carpenter’s glue
  • Screws
  • Taco to fix the structure to the wall.
  • Drill
  • Circular saw.
  • Roulette
  • Pencil
  • Construction level.
  • Grinding machine with nozzles.
  • Putty
  • First
  • Painting for decorative coatings (water based).

Make a bed of three levels: take care of a healthy and safe sleep for children

To make a three-level bed quickly, prepare all the necessary details for the construction in advance. The elements in the diagram are indicated by the corresponding letter symbols:

  • 6 pieces for side walls (A), pine boards, size 20x144x1940 mm
  • 6 pieces for the ends (B), pine boards 20x144x920 mm.
  • 9 base support bars (C), pine board 20x94x920 mm
  • 3 bed bases 920х1900 mm (16 mm MDF or agglomerate) in the diagram is designated as D
  • 2 vertical supports (E) of pine 40x94x1490 mm.
  • 2 supports of the side wall of the medium level (F) with dimensions of 20x94x495 mm – pine material
  • 2 supports of the side wall of the upper level (G) of pine boards of size 20x94x563 mm
  • 2 brackets for the head of the upper level (H), pine 20x94x1200 mm
  • 2 supports for the headboard of the medium level (J), pine boards 20x94x679 mm.
  • 1 lintel detail between the head supports at the middle level (K) 20x94x880 mm
  • 2 steps of a ladder (L), pine 20x94x988 mm.

After auto-cutting the pieces must be polished carefully. Since the furniture will serve children, its surface should be as soft and safe as possible.

Description of the assembly procedure for a three-level bed.

  1. From parts A and B, mount the bed frame.

Before making all connections, pre-drill 3 mm holes with a countersink for the screw heads. Apply a small amount of wood glue to the joints.

Tie the straps with screws.

  1. Similarly, assemble the two remaining boxes.

Make a bed of three levels: take care of a healthy and safe sleep for children

  1. Measure from the bottom of the frame 44 mm, fix the base support strips. The details can be attached by screwing through the side walls “at the end”, or from below using metal corners.
  2. According to the following image, build a ladder (E). To form the slots, adhere to the finishing bands of the piece. Use glue and screws for fixing.

To reinforce all connections of the screws with glue, apply a small amount in the correct places. If the funds turned out to be more than necessary, clean the excess seams immediately with a damp sponge.

Subsequently, this will allow a high quality finish.

Make a bed of three levels: take care of a healthy and safe sleep for children

  1. Assemble the frame of the first level of a three-level structure, placing it firmly against the wall. If necessary, trim the socket.
  2. Fix the parts of the frame to the wall, adjust them with screws with plugs.
  3. Place the blanks H and F on the bottom of the tail and the screws. Check the correct angle of fixing the parts by 90 degrees.
  4. Fix the parts H and F to the wall at the point of contact with 3-4 screws with plugs.
  5. Install the ladder (E) with glue and screws, placing it in the grooves inside the structure.

Make a bed of three levels: take care of a healthy and safe sleep for children

  1. Participate in the installation of the frame of the middle part of the structure of three levels. The outer side of the bed should fall accurately into the wide slot of the support ladders.
  2. Next, connect the two brackets (J) with the strap (K) at the bottom of the structure. Attach the ends of the brackets to the frame with screws and glue.
  3. Attach the sides of the medium level to the wall studs. The design should remain stationary, even if the children start jumping on it.
  4. Place the G elements in the central part vertically upwards, use glue and screws.
  5. Fix the boards firmly to the wall with screws and plugs.
  6. It is time to install the frame of the top, third, part of the structure. Fix the position of the base with screws and glue in the appropriate places on the vertical slats.
  7. Fix the position of the head with the screw connections to the wall.
  8. Place the rungs in the slots provided for this. Use screws and glue.

Make a bed of three levels: take care of a healthy and safe sleep for children

At the end of the assembly, give the product a neat and complete appearance:

  • Fill the protuberances and screw holes with a putty.
  • After drying, sand the surface.
  • Clean the dust.
  • Apply a layer of primer.
  • It is better to apply the finish with paint in two layers. And the second can be painted after drying the previous one.

Just place orthopedic mattresses, whose dimensions correspond to the parameters of the bases, and make the bed. By creating a three-level bed for this project, you have provided your home with high-quality, reliable furniture for children.

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