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Now the clothes do not fade! A laundry worker shared a secret …

Almost all the hostesses faced a problem such as colorless or colored clothing. Often, such annoyance occurs either through carelessness or negligence.

Especially for the esteemed readers, the editorial staff consulted with the wise experience of a small laundry worker. She gave us some practical advice to help cope with such annoying problems as worn and dyed clothes.

It is better to avoid this situation when washing. Therefore, black, white, colored and new things should be washed separately. To fix the paint in new clothes, you must soak things before washing them for several hours in a concentrated salt solution.

This trick will help maintain a bright color with more washes. It is also worth exploring all the information on the labels of the items purchased.

If by negligence you continue to face the problem of dyed clothes, you must rebuild things immediately while they are still wet. Also a great tool to eliminate such spots is the biliary soap.

The smell, of course, is caustic, but the result is worth it!

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