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Property of Lyudmila Putina: photo

Little is known about the family of Vladimir Putin, since the personal life of the head of state is carefully protected against the intrusions of the curious. In 2013, Putin’s couple broke their marriage, and three years later, the media reported that the wife of the former president had remarried and took the name of her new husband.

According to the version for the media, they turned out to be Artur Ocheretny, the head of the non-commercial foundation “Center for the Development of Interpersonal Communications” (CRLM). It is worth noting that the annual income of the ex-wife of the president of the Russian Federation was very small.

Property of Lyudmila Putina: photo

However, to date, representatives of the press and the Center for the Study of Corruption (OCCRP) are recording the fact that new land parcels, as well as elite real estate, have been added to the list of possessions of the former Lyudmila Putin, now already Ocheretnaya, as evidenced by the internet

Interesting After the divorce of the president, the former first lady of Russia received nothing.

The apartments and the land, which were jointly owned by the family, were in the possession of her husband.

Apartment in Saint Petersburg

At the beginning of 2016, the Interlocutor published information that Lyudmila Putin owns an apartment in St. Petersburg. The apartments are located on Vasilyevsky Island, and its area is 139 square meters. m. This apartment was previously owned by the Putin family since 1995.

Property of Lyudmila Putina: photo

Plot of land

Later, in June 2018, the Medusa publication published interesting excerpts from a public source, Rosreestra, that Lyudmila Ocheretnaya acquired almost a quarter of a hectare of land in the elite settlement of Millennium Park on Novorizhskoye Highway in early 2016.

The plots purchased by Lyudmila are located along a specially created artificial canal, in connection with which this area is called the “Moscow region of Venice”, and cost the former half of Putin about 500 million rubles.

Property of Lyudmila Putina: photo

The plots here are located in a closed protected area between the park areas with small equipped ponds. The town is famous for being the residence of many dignitaries and big businessmen.

Weaving here costs an average of 1.6-1.8 million rubles.

Property of Lyudmila Putina: photo

It is true that, according to the documents, the land quickly became the property of a certain Irina Punia. According to the investigation, this woman is the wife of the founder of a large pharmaceutical company “Farmsintez”.

However, it is remarkable that Ludmila sold her tissue to someone and from whom she acquired it. And Tatyana Shestakova, her friend, who divorced her husband, Vasily, turned out to be the land seller almost at the same time.

Property of Lyudmila Putina: photo

And Tatyana’s ex-husband, Vasily Shestakov, is one of Vladimir Putin’s childhood friends, with whom he went to the judo section. And it was Tatyana who until 2014 was the owner of the business, which Lyudmila now leads.

A four-story building next to the Central Museum in Vozdvizhenka

The organization “Center for the Development of Interpersonal Communications”, directed by Ocheretny and supervised by Lyudmila Aleksandrovna for 13 years, has been the owner of a royal mansion built for a noble family in the 19th century.

Previously (until 2005), this old building was under the administration of the department of presidential affairs. It is believed that the famous novel “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy removed the image of Andrei Bolkonsky’s house from this historic building.

Property of Lyudmila Putina: photo

A four-story building was built nearby, most of the premises are leased by Meridian, which is earned in sublease. And it owns the “Meridiana” Lyudmila Shkrebeneva. This surname is the maiden name of the ex-wife of the president.

The company became the property of Lyudmila after the dissolution of the marriage with Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Villa “Susanna”

This Art Deco property is owned by Arthur Ocheretny, and is located on the Atlantic coast in Anglet (France). Its cost is estimated at 5 million euros.

Property of Lyudmila Putina: photo

The bas-relief that surrounds the porch of the villa, made by the famous architects Jean and Joel Martel, refers to the monuments of architecture. The villa is quite spacious, its surface is 450 square meters. m

Property of Lyudmila Putina: photo

The mansion is surrounded by a park area of ​​5 thousand square meters. There are golf courses, a swimming pool and access to the Atlantic Ocean. The house has a living room, four bedrooms, a music room, a dining room connected to the terrace, as well as a room for playing pool.

It is hard to believe that Arthur Ocheretny can acquire such an expensive mansion, a man you can not call a successful or rich businessman.

Property of Lyudmila Putina: photo

Here, not far away, a few kilometers from Susanna, in the French city of Biarritz, according to the data presented in the Medusa edition, there is a village of the daughter of Lyudmila – Katerina Tikhonova, bought by her husband, Kirill Shamalov. The cost of the villa – 3.7 million dollars.

Property of Lyudmila Putina: photo

It is obvious that after breaking up with a high-ranking husband, Lyudmila is not at all in poverty. To be fair, it’s worth saying that the press “got married” to Lyudmila Putin and Arthur Cercheretny.

Arturo himself does not comment in any way, nor does he refute the information that he is the new husband of the former first lady of the country. Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, refuses to comment.

Property of Lyudmila Putina: photo

Notable is the fact that Lyudmila is 20 years older than Arthur.

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