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PVC pipe shelves made by yourself: ideas for current devices: easy and economical

Once you have tested your skills to install PVC water pipes, you will understand that working with the material and the method of joining plastic elements opens a wide range of creative possibilities. From plastic pieces and various elements for its connection, it can make almost anyone with a skeleton base, a piece of furniture, a useful device to give. This can be a chair, chair, stand, table, bed.

The PVC tube shelves with their own hands, perhaps, are included in a separate group, as it presents a variety in the purpose, size and appearance of the product.

To make a pipe rack, you do not need to have special skills and experience. If the planned product consists only of plastic, you only need a tool to cut and paste.

Yes, and without the latter, you can do it, making a folding design.

PVC pipe shelves made by yourself: ideas for current devices: easy and economical

The articles made of polymer structures are neat, aesthetic, even without additional decorative coating. Experts say that modern plastic is a durable and environmentally friendly material that does not pose a threat to human health.

Creative shelving for the collection.

The simplest variant of a shelf made of plastic elements is assembled pieces of material. This original composition hangs better on the wall.

The diameter of the tube that will be used in the project, choose according to the dimensions of the elements placed on the shelf. If, as in our version of the cell, it will be occupied by typewriters, it will be enough of 15 to 20 cm.

PVC pipe shelves made by yourself: ideas for current devices: easy and economical

Preparation for work

To work prepare:

  • Piece of plastic tube about 15 cm in diameter.
  • saw to cut material (it is recommended to use a screw so that the plastic does not slide when working with the saw) or a pipe cutter
  • roulette wheel
  • a pencil
  • glue
  • large clothespins or clothespins
  • sandpaper
  • blue paint in a can or can
  • brush

To hang the product on the wall, use a drill and 2-3 screws with studs.

Work description

  1. Mark the length of the pipe in increments of 20 to 25 cm. The number of items depends on the size of the shelf you need.
  2. Secure the material with a vise and cut the pieces into marks.
  3. Sand the outer edges of the pieces lightly.
  4. For the product to have a uniform color, it must be dyed at this stage. Place the plastic parts on a flat surface covered with newspaper or protective film. Paint them on one side. When the paint is completely dry, turn the pieces over and apply the paint again.
  5. Proceed to the formation of the platform. A composition can be completely symmetric or randomly folded. Giving shape when connecting elements, consider the characteristics of the interior, which will be the theme.
  6. Pieces of glue from medium. After applying the glue and connecting the pieces, fix them with clamps or large pegs until the glue dries. Then go to the following elements.
  7. Place the finished shelf on the wall, mark the place to screw the screws.
  8. Prepare holes in the wall.
  9. Put tacos on them.
  10. Screw the screws.

The job is complete, hang a shelf, help your son or daughter to organize a collection of their favorite toys.

Everything ingenious is simple! With this idea, you can build a desktop shelf for wine bottles. The main thing is to choose a material of adequate size and make sure that the base of the structure is stable.

For originality, combine elements of different diameters.

PVC pipe shelves made by yourself: ideas for current devices: easy and economical

Similarly, make a floor shelf for the shoes. Of course, you will need a large pipe, for example, like the one used when installing the sewer system. Take care of the proper decoration.

And keep in mind that it is unlikely that the glue can hold a large and heavy structure. Therefore, it is better to connect the elements in the form of a screw and nut by previously drilling the holes in the correct places.

Floor shelving for books.

Making your own hands on a shelf made of plastic elements is an original and precisely cost-effective solution. From the shelf, you can create an interior set that fits your individual style.

The work does not require large expenses of finance and time. Even a newcomer can handle it.

The dark matte paint and the wood details give the product an elegant and industrial look.

Materials and tools

  • Measuring tape
  • cutter for PVC
  • PVC pipe 1 inch (2.5 cm) with a total length of 30 feet (approximately 9 m)
  • 1-inch, 30-foot polymer tube
  • Pine table size 6×12 feet (1.8×3.66 m)
  • circular saw
  • glue for PVC
  • 1-inch plastic three-way connector – 12 pcs.
  • 1 inch rotating corners at 90 degrees – 4 pcs.
  • PVC case of 1.25 x 0.75 inches (3.2 x 1.9 cm) – 4 pcs.
  • paint in a vacuum can
  • stain
  • latex gloves
  • 1-hole galvanized hinges (2.5 cm) with 2 holes for shelf assembly – 12 pcs.
  • Drill with drills
  • screwdriver
  • Metal screws 0.5 inch (1.3 cm) – 24 pcs.

Before starting to assemble the shelves, cut the polyvinyl chloride into pieces of the required length using a special cutter:

  • 12 pieces of 18 inches (45.7 cm)
  • 6 pieces of 12 inches long (30.5 cm)
  • 2 pieces of 17 inches long (43.2 cm)
  • 4 pieces of 2 inches long. (5.1 cm).

Now cut the wood with a circular saw in 3 pieces that measure 2×12 feet (0.6×3.66 m). Grind the edges and surface of the blanks for the wooden shelves in advance.

PVC pipe shelves made by yourself: ideas for current devices: easy and economical

Work description

  1. Take the 18-inch part, connect the three-way connector to it. To strengthen the connection, use PVC glue. Now connect another 18-inch piece to the connector, so that the pipe grows upwards. Connect the other three-way plug to the other end of the 18-inch piece. Before the glue is completely dry, place the resulting piece on a flat surface and make sure all the connectors are turned in the same way. Then connect the third element in the same way to the three-way connector. Complete the connection with another three-way plug on top of the last 18-inch part. While the glue is dry, place the pieces on a flat surface, make sure all the connectors are the same. Similarly, assemble three more legs.

Whenever you connect a piece of plastic to a 90-degree bend or a three-way connector, apply PVC glue on the inside of the connecting piece, as well as on the outside of the pipe, about 1 cm. After connecting, be sure to remove excess glue with a damp sponge.

  1. The two legs you just created are joined by horizontally placing a 12-inch piece of polymer in the first row of three-way connectors on each leg. Do the same in the two remaining levels. As a result, you get one side of the shelf. Repeat the same procedure with the other two legs: get the other side of the shelf.
  2. Begin mounting the top connectors. Take two pieces of 17-inch PVC and fix the rotating parts (90 degrees) on each side at their ends. Place the resulting structures on a flat surface before the glue dries make sure the curved elements are perfectly symmetrical.
  3. Connect the two sides. Place a 2-inch-long polymer on top of the three-way connectors on the top of the legs. Now join both sides of the shelf using the 17-inch parts you cut earlier. Place the sleeves on the bottom of the legs to give additional support to the shelf. You have a solid construction with good rigidity.
  4. At this stage you can paint the frame of the bookcase, spraying the paint evenly. We use a matt black color, but you can choose any other that is more suitable for your interior.

To avoid uneven coloring, apply several coats. Each subsequent coat of paint can be applied after the previous one is completely dry.

PVC pipe shelves made by yourself: ideas for current devices: easy and economical

  1. Stain the wooden shelf stained with stain, following the manufacturer’s instructions on the label. If you want the tree to acquire a darker color, cover the details with several layers of the substance. Make sure you give the same tone to each piece of wood.
  2. Once the stain is completely dry, it is necessary to previously perforate the holes in the shelves to join them to the plastic frame. Place the shelf in its place in the frame, place the metal hinges on the bottom, wrap them in plastic and mark the holes in the holes to mark the connection points. Perform actions with the three shelves. Each board must be fixed with 4 loops of 8 euros.
  3. Drill all holes with a drill.
  4. Turn the shelf over to make it easier to screw the screws. You may need an assistant to hold the pieces of wood in place. Secure the shelves with loops to the plastic bases. This can be done manually with a screwdriver. If you prefer to work with an electric drill, you risk splitting the wood.

Plastic shelf and ready wood.

PVC pipe shelves made by yourself: ideas for current devices: easy and economical

Shelf organizer for service room

The large shelf of the shelf will allow you to put things in order in any economic room. It is easy to place Christmas decorations, clothes and other household items in plastic containers. In this case, all things are stored in availability, and even a child can get them.

The whole structure is made of high quality plastic. The material is ideal for wet basements or garages, as it is waterproof and resistant to mildew.

For the job you will need

  • Plastic cut of 1.25 inches (3.8 cm) – 92 feet (28.04 m)
  • 4-pin 1.25-inch (3.8 cm) accessories – 12 pieces
  • 5-pin 1.25-inch (3.8 cm) accessories – 18 pieces
  • 1.25 inch (3.8 cm) plugs for ends of polymer parts: 10 pieces
  • 12 plastic containers that measure approximately 16×18 inches (40.6×45.7 cm)
  • measuring tape
  • a pencil
  • circular saw or pipe cutter
  • Drill with drills
  • screws
  • hammer
  • screwdriver

Before mounting, use a circular saw or pipe cutter to cut the correct size plastic parts:

  • 15 pieces of 13 inches (33 cm)
  • 54 spaces of 16 inches (40.6 cm).

PVC pipe shelves made by yourself: ideas for current devices: easy and economical

Description of the assembly order of shelves for containers.

  1. Take a 13-inch long piece of plastic and place a 4-pin, 1.25-inch connector on both ends so that the through hole is exactly in the vertical position. Use glue when joining. Clean excess material immediately. Make 6 such connections.
  2. Connect each top hole, located at both ends of the blanks, through a 16-inch tube. Apply glue on the edge (0.5-1 cm) of the pieces to be joined. Do the same with the 6 fragments.
  3. Now combine 3 ready-to-use shards in a rack. To do this, place the free edges of the 16-inch pieces in the lower holes of the connecting pieces. Use glue As a result, you get 2 side racks of the rack.
  4. At both ends of the 13-inch section, install a 1.25-inch connecting piece that has 5 outlets, as shown in the following figure (in the center hole). When doing work, use glue. You just have to collect 9 similar nodes.
  5. Connect 16-inch pieces to all free holes in the connecting parts (except the lower one and the one already occupied, the central one) as suggested in the following diagram. Use glue to secure. In total there should be 3 large nodes.

Attention In this project, you can choose the way to reinforce the connection of the pieces, with glue or by means of a screw connection.

If you prefer the latter, use screws with a special anticorrosion coating (galvanized).

  1. Connect the three parts in a single design by inserting the free ends of the 16-inch top elements into the free lower holes of the connecting pieces. Strengthen the node you have chosen. The ends of the vertical elements of the upper part and all the ends must remain free (see image). The inside of the frame is ready.
  2. Gather the inside of the frame with side frames. To do this, place the ends of the 16-inch end pieces into the corresponding free holes in the connecting elements of the side pillars. Fix the design with screws or glue.
  3. To complete the assembly of the structure, it is necessary to place the loose ends of the upper tubes of the piece. This will give the product a clean appearance and prevent water, dust and insects from entering the interior.

Place the colored containers in the cells prepared for them. With pleasure it can fill up useful and beautiful furniture.

He made sure that it was easy to make a small accessory and a fairly large structure with plastic parts. Think, perhaps with the help of plastic products, you can make your life even more comfortable and organized without big expenses and efforts.

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