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Rack for handmade cardboard shoes: step-by-step assembly instructions

Obuvnitsa of waste materials will be a great addition to the interior. This piece of furniture will be appreciated by those who do not want to spend money on ready-made shelves.

It is possible to make a shoe box of any means available to the owner of the house, for example, metal, wood, plywood, pipes or even cardboard. At the same time, even a person who has no knowledge of carpentry can make cardboard products.

The shelves made by hand have many advantages. The first is, of course, the price. The assembly of this design will require a minimum of cash costs.

The second advantage is that you can make your own roller coaster of shoes of any size, while the finished product is not always suitable in its dimensions for small spaces. The third advantage is that making your own furniture with your own hands gives space for the imagination of the designer.

Rack for handmade cardboard shoes: step-by-step assembly instructions

The simplest production options.

Before going to work, you need to store the necessary materials. The cardboard can be dense (for example, large appliance containers) or thin (small shoe boxes).

The design of the future product depends on the type of material used.

Rack for handmade cardboard shoes: step-by-step assembly instructions

  1. The design of the boxes. The easiest way to make the shelves is to take several cardboard containers of approximately the same size, and connect them together with glue, tape or other fasteners. If necessary, the used boxes can be cut, giving them an appropriate shape and depth. This model is suitable for summer and autumn shoes, but for winter boots you need to make a more reliable design.
  2. Articles of cardboard tubes. If cardboard tubes of a suitable diameter are available, they can be cut to the desired length (for example, 30 cm) and joined together with side faces. To do this, use glue or fasteners.
  3. Shelves with shelves of cardboard tubes. It is necessary to take 4 cardboard tubes of the same length, in each of the tubes to make notches at a distance equal to each other. Insert the corners of the sticks into the notches. The shelves can be cut out of thick cardboard or wood.

To make the shelf more aesthetic, it can be decorated with decorative film, covered with furniture lacquer or painted.

Standard shelf

This is a model of a shoe box, consisting of several sticks and side frames. The details of the shoe box are connected to each other by staples or shoelaces.

In addition, the joints can be reinforced with adhesive tape.

Rack for handmade cardboard shoes: step-by-step assembly instructions

First of all, from a cardboard you need to cut out the details of the future. If it consists of 4 sticks, we will need 6 identical elements: 4 for shelves and 2 for racks.

If the height and width of the library are 80×80 cm and the depth is 30 cm, we will need 6 parts with a length of 80 cm and a width of 40 cm.

In each part along the long side, at a distance of 5 cm from each edge, you must draw a pencil line. Then the part should be folded along these lines.

After that, the shoe box must be assembled. The horizontal elements are established with the curved edges down, all the elements are connected to each other with staples or threads.

The fixing points are the points of contact between the curved edges of the vertical and horizontal structural elements.


A simple shoe rack with your own cardboard hands can be made using other technology. For work, you will need scissors, tape, ruler, pencil, stapler with staples, as well as thick cardboard.

It is best to use boxes of appliances.

On a sheet of cardboard, you must draw several rectangles of 25 to 30 cm in width, the length of the rectangles can be arbitrary (it must be such that a pair of shoes can fit in the finished pocket). The number of blank spaces is arbitrary, each of them will form a pocket for a pair of shoes.

Then, the cut out rectangles are divided into 3 equal parts with the help of a ruler and a pencil, after which the lateral parts are bent twice, forming triangles. Each pocket is fastened on the back with a stapler or adhesive tape, after which the blanks are partially embedded in one another and come together to form a snake.

Rack for handmade cardboard shoes: step-by-step assembly instructions

The resulting product hangs on the wall, will perfectly complement the interior in a rustic style, and said shoemaker will be appropriate in the country. It is possible to decorate the resulting shelves in any way, for example, paint or varnish, stick them with colored paper or self-adhesive film.

Reliable cardboard shelves

It is believed that by using a material such as cardboard, you can only make very fragile products that can not support a considerable weight, but in fact cardboard products can be very strong and can support even large appliances.

In this section, we consider shoe rack manufacturing technology, which can support a lot of weight. The resistance of a product of this type is explained by the presence of reinforcements inside the shelves and vertical posts.

In addition, the structure can be further reinforced by duplicating its walls.

We will mount a bookcase with 4 shelves, with the poles horizontally or inclined towards the rear wall. Slanted poles do not allow shoes to fall off the shelf on the floor.

The size of the future shoemaker: height and length – 80 cm each, depth – 30 cm. For the job you will need:

  • ruler, tape measure, pencil
  • wooden rail for cutting parts
  • paint, glue, brushes
  • Office knife, necessary to cut cardboard elements.
  • Sandpaper, which will be used to grind the boards.

Rack for handmade cardboard shoes: step-by-step assembly instructions

The assembly is carried out in several stages:

  1. Blank spaces for the back wall. You must take a sheet of cardboard and draw a square of 80×80 cm, inside it you must draw another square of 77×77 cm. These 3 cm are the size of the edges of the side posts, as well as the top and bottom. Inside the smallest square marks the location of the future rods. The height of the second shelf, designed for house shoes, will be 15 cm, respectively, we separated from the upper edge of the inner square of 15 cm and then another 3 cm per edge. The third shelf, in which shoes and summer shoes will be placed, should have a height of 25 cm. We take note of your location, add 3 cm to the edge. There is still 31 cm, this space will take the lower shelf, designed for winter shoes. Then you need to cut another square of 80×80 cm, these two squares will form the back wall of the library. Between the squares there will be reinforcements, increasing the reliability of the structure.
  2. Manufacture of shelves, side shelves. For 4 shelves, you will need 8 rectangles of 74×30 cm, for racks – 4 rectangles of 80×30 cm.
  3. Reinforcements Provide design strength, reliability. For its manufacture, you can use corrugated cardboard, it must be cut into strips with a height of just under 3 cm, and then a little memory. After that, the strips should be placed vertically on the bottom edge of each shelf, glued and, once the glue has dried completely, close the top edge. The same should be done with the side grilles, the rear wall. If you do not have a corrugated cardboard, you can use a regular cardboard, cutting it into strips less than 3 cm wide. You must glue the strips in a chaotic manner, twisting them with spirals in different directions. The number of cardboard strips is not limited the more, the more reliable the design will be.
  4. Assembly order It is desirable to connect the elements of the bookcase with the help of PVA or Moment glue. Most of the time, the Moment is used to combine the main structural elements, and the PVA is used to hold reinforcements. Obuvnitsu must compile the following form: first connect the upper, lower and lateral elements, and then join the rear wall, two central shelves.
  5. Decorative works. When all the parts of the structure are connected to each other, it remains to go with sandpaper on the surface of the product to soften the irregularities. All joints, ribs should be covered with paper tape, and it is better to do it through the seams, not lengthwise. After that, the whole shoe box is glued with tracing paper, newspaper or thick paper. When the bookstore is completely dry, it should be covered with self-adhesive film, paint or varnish for the yacht. Said coating will guarantee the durability of the furniture, it will make its appearance more aesthetic.

With this technology, you can make shelves of all shapes and sizes, including modern and creative. If the teacher wishes to assemble a complex structure, it is recommended to prepare a drawing of the product in advance.

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