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Shelf for the TV on the wall. Do it yourself, no problem.

In the era of new technologies, a good TV support design is a must. However, the acquisition of new furniture can affect personal finances, in addition, the models are often too complicated. For these two reasons, the TV stand “do it yourself” is an excellent and sensible alternative.

In addition, it is possible to unleash your creative potential by creating a “sentimental value”, a product of your imagination and your own efforts.

You can spend weeks trying to find the best way to install a television in the living room, but it is not so easy to find the best solution, especially if everything inside the main room of the house depends on it. DIY furniture is the best option, can be customized according to individual needs, tastes and preferences.

Main ideas

Stable and rugged TV shelves offer significant space savings, can accommodate LCD, DLP, plasma or even older CRT models. There are several different types of TV shelves to choose the most suitable one.

Shelf for the TV on the wall. Do it yourself, no problem.

Suspended shelves

This is a great option that does not occupy floor space. When high shelves are mounted, brackets that are attached to the ceiling in a set of beams or in a single support beam are often used.

The design does not take up more space than the TV, which becomes inaccessible for children.

Retractable shelves

Ideal to put a television in an existing cabinet. These shelves will move back and forth along the rails, allowing flexibility in the installation of the television.

Rotating shelves

Rotating shelves are often used in combination with other furniture to easily change the location of the screen. For a TV mounted on a rotating shelf, you can easily find the optimal viewing angle.

Shelves that are installed on the floor.

This type of furniture is not very different from the traditional TV cabinet. The shelf is mounted directly on the floor surface and the TV on the top.

Bracket for the TV on the wall do it yourself.

The best TV shelving ideas

Before making a shelf for a television, you should think about creating a unique design of the wall, against which this shelf will be. Such a wall may differ in color and texture, for example, to imitate a brick.

In addition, you can add emphasis on the form of lighting to make the design more interesting and emphasize the texture. However, care must be taken to ensure that the design solution is not tedious to the eyes.

Colorful, geometric patterns and bright colors on the inside of the wall can impair vision and interfere with television.

  • You can create an extra wide shelf that complements the TV mounted on the wall. This is an interesting alternative to traditional bedside tables.
  • The design, which resembles a fireplace, will become a symbol of the home. This unit elegantly separates the TV area from the rest of the house. Two simple shelves provide plenty of space for discs and design elements.
  • You can frame the TV wall box, in stainless steel or wood. This home-made piece of furniture is perfect for storing books, DVDs and other things you might need for a home theater in the living room.
  • The wall televisions look very well combined with open shelves, which creates contrasts. Therefore, you can create an interesting design by combining open shelves of various sizes. Around the TV speakers, there can also be a music center.
  • Television in combination with furniture can be an “art wall”. The shelf is completed with frames with photographs of different sizes, which are hung asymmetrically at different heights.
  • Do not want to install a TV on any of the existing walls? You can put it right in the center of the room. The structure that connects the floor and the ceiling can have a very simple design: wooden planks and shelves are attached to vertical steel pipes. Television can also be easily mounted there.

Tip Always start any project with a drawing, this will allow you to easily determine the contours of the furniture and the amount of material needed to create it.

Believe me, this is the beginning that facilitates the subsequent work process.

You can easily create a modern and stylish TV shelf with your own hands in any style: rural, vintage or hi-tech.

TV panel

This panel, made of strong plywood, will be a real decoration of the room.

The details are marked with a pencil and an aluminum ruler.

Then, after sizing, they are cut at home with a circular saw.

  • A – 2 elements 600 × 1000 cm
  • B – 4 elements 564 × 1000 cm
  • C – 2 elements 564 × 200 cm
  • D – 2 elements 100 × 1000 cm
  • E – 2 elements 600 × 1000 cm.

Shelf for the TV on the wall. Do it yourself, no problem.

Step 1. The parts (E) are connected to two elements (D) and two parts (B) using 10 angles. The design is reinforced with four supports.

Step 2. Four legs of 250 × 25 cm are attached to the structure.

Step 3. The elements (E) are connected to two sheets of plywood (A) and two elements (C) using 10 corners. To improve the design using supports and supports.

Step 4. To the “box” finished 2 legs attach 300 × 25 cm.

Step 5. The assembled parts are fastened together with screws. Then the wood is treated, varnished or painted.

TV rack of pallets.

The idea is to make a beautiful live image of television, in which people move and talk, cartoon characters have fun and show news. To do this, a thick wooden frame is created from the pallet.

The width of the frame is selected depending on the size of the tables from which the palette is made. The boards come together to make the design attempt.

Then the surface of the frame is processed. There are many different ways to design. The surface of the frame is made smooth with sandpaper.

Then it can be painted, coated with varnish or silver paint. All this reflects taste and personal style.

Shelf for the TV on the wall. Do it yourself, no problem.

Pallet rack

Using wooden pallets, you can create a shelf in any style, saving thousands of rubles.

  • When creating this model using three pallets. They are cleaned, washed under pressure with hot water and vinegar, dried.
  • After the paddles are cleaned and dried, they are shortened. It is necessary that the three pallets are reduced to a size of 120 cm x 47 cm. Then they are ground with sandpaper, paying special attention to the corners that must be rounded. After that, the pallets are placed one on top of the other and fixed with the help of long screws.
  • After selecting a favorite color, the shelf is painted by mixing water-soluble paint with water. Then, let it air dry and gently polish the edges to create the illusion of antiquity. Finally, a brush with water is passed over the surface to obtain a waxed finish. The design can be complemented with glass, whose thickness should be at least 4 mm. It is also possible to arrange the backlight. If desired, the shelf is varnished.

Shelf for the TV on the wall. Do it yourself, no problem.

Aluminum construction for plasma.

Mounting the TV on the wall will create a special atmosphere in the living room, the TV will become a decorative element, like an image.

  • level
  • drill
  • sheet metal scissors,
  • glue gun
  • aluminum profiles,
  • fixing screws
  • Self-tapping screws

Which profile to choose

Before buying profiles it is worth evaluating the shape of the structure. The larger the TV diagonal, the larger the profiles should be.

If a helmet of great depth is going to be installed, double profiles are acquired. One is attached directly to the wall, and the second to the clamping plates, arranged perpendicularly, which gives rigidity to the structure.

Bracket for the TV on the wall do it yourself.

Work order

It is important to accurately calculate the position of the cables to make holes in the profiles. When planning the lighting in the upper profiles, holes are provided for the lamps.

When developing a project, you must calculate how much you need to buy aluminum profiles. The dimensions are summarized and rounded taking into account the possible inaccuracies during the subsequent cut.

Attention It is better to buy more materials than to face their shortage.

  • Initially, the support lines of the structure are marked on the wall with a pencil, a ruler and a level. Then the profiles are arranged, holes are made in them for the cables. It is important to make sure that the holes are not too small later.
  • Then, along the lines previously drawn, the aluminum profile is cut.
  • Trim the profile attached to the wall, using quick hardening glue, apply to the substrate and to the bottom.
  • After pasting each element, it may be necessary to check again the correction of the position with the spirit level and use the correction function for a few seconds, until the glue has set. If everything is done correctly, the structure is reinforced with screws.
  • In addition, the perpendicular wall elements are joined to the profiles, to which it will be possible to join another profile frame.

The design can be covered with aluminum sheets and gypsum sheets.

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