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The teacher has sewn a rope to a small piece of cloth.

Roman blinds are able to complement and decorate windows in any room The specially compact and harmonious beauties fit into the interior of the kitchen, where everything should be as comfortable and functional as possible.

It does not matter if you can not find the Roman tones of your dreams, because you can easily sew them yourself.

To a small piece of cloth, the craftswoman sewed lace.

We will be happy to tell you how to sew a curtain of this type in your home. This product can be sewn from any fabric, from a thick curtain to a transparent tulle without weight.

But it is still preferable to use dense and rigid materials that maintain their shape well and highlight the beauty of the folds when they are assembled. Also keep in mind that for the kitchen and the bathroom you should choose fabrics that repel moisture.

you will need

  • curtain fabric
  • Tape with velcro to the width of the curtains.
  • 7-8 metal, wood or plastic pins with a diameter of 4-5 mm, 3 cm shorter than the width of the curtain
  • Small plastic rings with a diameter of 10-12 mm.
  • nylon rope
  • weighting bar
  • wooden plank or bar
  1. Determine for yourself if your curtain will be solid or if it will consist of several canvases. Making window measurements – this is the most important and crucial step.

The teacher has sewn a rope to a small piece of cloth.

2. Add 5-7 centimeters for the side seams and 10-15 centimeters for the upper and lower margins for the opening measurements of the window. Before beginning to cut the canvas, not to be confused with the calculations and to eliminate the contraction of the fabric after sewing, it is convenient to soak the material for several minutes in warm, dry and ironed water.

The number and size of the folds are determined by the height of the window and the length of the future curtains.

The teacher has sewn a rope to a small piece of cloth.

3. From the opaque side of the fabric, make labels for the turn and future folds, as well as the installation location of the rings for the cable according to the previous scheme.

For the Roman blind to be well covered, the lines must be the same distance apart, and they must also have the same width.

To a small piece of cloth, the craftswoman sewed lace.

4. Adjust the thread tension on the sewing machine so that the lines do not squeeze the sides.

Handle the side edges with a classic double hem.

5. Pre-paint the block of wood of the desired color that will be used as a cornice. Instead, you can use the lambrequin strap with Velcro, which is sold with ceiling brackets.

6. At the bottom of the curtains, make a turn and create a cord, whose width will allow you to insert a weight bar into the cavity. As a weighting agent for a curtain, you can use a flat aluminum profile 1-2 centimeters shorter than a cornice.

7. Next to the sailor of the curtains, sew the finishing edge and insert the prepared pins into the pockets formed. Seal the holes on one side so that you can then remove the pins and wash the curtain.

8. Sew the rings manually, guided by the scheme. To the wooden bar rings lined with nails.

Here they are necessary for fixing the lifting mechanism. The rings for the cable should be located symmetrically with respect to the middle of the curtain.

In this case, the outer rings should be placed at a distance of 5 to 10 centimeters from the edge of the curtain.

The teacher has sewn a rope to a small piece of cloth.

9. With Velcro, attach the curtain to the prepared bar. Secure the cable clip to the window frame and secure the curtains around the cable.

From the bottom edge, start threading the wire into the rings. Tie a knot in the bottom and glue it to obtain strength.

Pass the cable through all the rings to the top. In the same way, do it with all the rows of rings. When all the strings pass through the upper rings, they should be placed on one side of the curtains.

Pull all the cables so that the folds are evenly distributed across the width. The use of straps ensures the creases in this position.

To a small piece of cloth, the craftswoman sewed lace.

10. Adjust the tension of all the cords. After collecting all the wires together, tie them in a knot behind the last ring.

Then, pull the wires through the handle to raise the curtains and, at a distance of approximately 45-50 cm from the first knot, tie another one. Roman blinds ready!

The teacher has sewn a rope to a small piece of cloth.

Just try and you will understand that in practice the whole process is much simpler than in the description. You can sew curtains of any color and texture.

This is a very exciting experience.

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