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Ulyukaeva Real Estate: photo

According to law enforcement agencies, former minister Alexei Ulyukayev, disgraced, turned out to be the owner of a complete list of all kinds of properties, from houses and land to a collection of rare coins. What kind of real estate were actually found on Ulyukayev’s property, and how does it look at least in the photo? Consider the materials provided by the consequence of the Russian service of the BBC.

Ulyukaeva Real Estate: photo

The apartment for 5 rooms in the residential complex of elite “Golden Keys-2” as a result is really determined as the place of imprisonment of the former official. Here, on the 224-square-meter “fence”, the defendant Ulyukaev is under house arrest.

This vital space came into his possession when he was the first vice president of the Central Bank eight years ago.

You can buy apartments of similar size at the same height for 80 million rubles. This luxurious high-rise complex is known for the fact that the apartments in it were bought by such influential people as Dmitry Medvedev and Patriarch Alexy II.

Ulyukaeva Real Estate: photo

Another one-bedroom apartment was found on Ulyukayev’s property list: he was its owner before assuming civil service in the Russian government. Subsequently, residential space was sold.

The apartments in the house where the former official lived cost from 35 million rubles.

Ulyukaeva Real Estate: photo

Ulyukayev’s wife, according to the investigation, also owns two apartments, one of which is 58.7 square meters. Located in the capital of Novatorov street. At the moment, such apartments will cost those who want to buy them to potential buyers of at least 15 million rubles.

Ulyukaeva Real Estate: photo

Another apartment (220 square meters) is owned by Dmitry’s son, Ulyukayev. Location – the capital “deputy house”. Dmitry’s father and mother also have an apartment in this house, but of a more modest size: 88 square meters. m

Ulyukaeva Real Estate: photo

In the patriarch’s ponds in the heart of Moscow, Ulyukaev’s son, Dmitry, of his first wife, owns another four-room apartment.

Ulyukaeva Real Estate: photo

In addition to housing in the new elite building, the former minister owns a country house in New Moscow. The prosecutor announced the estimated value of the officer’s official residence for an amount of 45 million rubles.

This place is famous for the fact that it was here that an important part of its collection of coins was kept.

Ulyukaeva Real Estate: photo

In Crimea, Ulyukaev also left his “mark”, or rather, his wife. Khryapinoy Julia owns two houses and a 0.18 hectare land on the Black Sea coast near Gurzuf.

Ulyukaev’s wife was born on the peninsula, and the house was bought before the Crimean separation. Next to the country house are the famous Massandra grape fields.

Ulyukaeva Real Estate: photo

In addition to the apartments and villas, Ulyukaev acquired a mansion in the Smolensk desert. The plot occupies 1.5 hectares, and the house itself – 500 square meters. The former minister’s farm was located near the farm, which apparently used as hunting and fishing grounds.

As the local residents of the village at the side of the property attest, the house in which Ulyukaev lives does not seem particularly remarkable.

Ulyukaeva Real Estate: photo

A complete list of real estate objects is registered for members of Alexey Ulyukayev’s family. Details on the case of the resigned minister “for loss of confidence” can be found in the plot of the video.

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