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What to do shelving doors: take into account the original data.

How to make the space comfortable, place all the necessary things and not spoil the interior is not an easy task. Especially if the family lives in a small house or apartment.

One of the most popular types of furniture that can be found in almost all living spaces are the shelves. This demand is easy to explain.

The shelves can be of various sizes, shapes. They can be placed on the wall, on the floor. The product can serve as a deposit for books, toys, dishes, furniture, shoes and other necessary things.

And if the contents of the shelf are not in perfect order or for other reasons that need additional protection, install one or more doors in the product.

What to do shelving doors? When choosing a material, you must take into account several parameters:

  • What is the shelf made of? Collect well-mixed materials. The door should not be thicker than the product.
  • Characteristics of the microclimate of the room in which the shelf is located (living room, bathroom, balcony, etc.).
  • The way in which the door can be installed.
  • Decorative properties of the material used for the door. How they combine with the design of the room.

The shelf door is often made of wood, fiberboard, MDF, plywood, wall panels, plastic, glass, etc.

What to do shelving doors: take into account the original data.

Glass doors

The glass doors allow you to close the contents of the shelves, while it will be visible from the outside. This property is convenient to use when books are stored, as well as if several elements of a thematic collection are placed behind a glass. Mirrored glass doors are relevant in bathrooms with a small area.

Then the shelf combines two useful functions that are useful at the same time.

The glass doors can be articulated, installed in special hinges. Traditionally, a part of the loop is attached to the body, which is made of wood material. To install the second part on the glass, you must cut a round hole with a diamond drill.

There are also spring-loaded, spring-loaded and magnetic holders for glass doors.

For a long time, the simplest type of a transparent door on a shelf was sliding glass. It is necessary to cut two rectangular pieces of glass. The length of each of them is 4-5 cm longer than the length of the cavity.

A height of 0.2-0.5 cm less. Along the lower and upper interior edges of the shelf along the entire length, 2 slots should be cut with a depth of 0.5 to 0.7 cm, the width of the notch should be 1 mm larger than the thickness of the glass .

This design, made of high quality materials, can be relevant in modern interiors.

Plywood doors

Door shelves, perhaps the easiest to make of plywood. This high quality wood material is used for residential furniture.

It looks good and is easy to paint and varnish. For the manufacture of doors the most useful material, whose thickness is from 7 to 10 mm.

What to do shelving doors: take into account the original data.

Such devices are sufficient to cut to the required size. Then, the surface and edges should be polished, varnished or painted with care. It is possible to install such doors on doors, furniture or piano hinges, depending on the area and, consequently, the weight of the product.

Keep in mind that the piano and normal mounts can be mounted on rivets or small screws on any wood material. And furniture hinges must be cut to approximately 10 mm, so they require a thickness of at least 15 mm.

The surface of the hinged plywood doors can be decorated with a panel, paint, decoupage or other available equipment. When closing / opening there is no friction, so the surface will not be damaged.

Lining doors

The coating is a low-cost construction material. But to make it a door on the shelf, you need to work hard. After all, it will not be enough to cut the piece.

First you need to assemble the door frame and only after that, adhere strips of wood to it. But, by having small details with a small inclination or in the form of a certain pattern, you can create an original surface that will become a real decoration of the interior.

To fix the finished door of the wall to the shelf, use different types of hinges.

Fiber doors for shelves.

Inside the kitchen, living room, nursery, it is appropriate to combine types of open and closed shelves. Diversify the interior and provide ample opportunities to store the necessary things.

Unfortunately, not all items can be stored, folded. Sometimes they close the doors of the shelves, the only way to restore order.

And if you want to decorate the room simply and cheaply at the same time, use another simple method: make roller shutters and paint them in colors that are in harmony with your interior.

What you need to go back to work

  • Old wall or floor shelf
  • Fiberboard 15 mm thick – 1 sheet
  • measuring tape
  • puzzle
  • sandpaper or sander
  • electric drill with drills
  • water emulsion paint
  • Brush
  • glue for wood
  • 4 flat door hinges
  • Euro screws

It is better to think about the shape of the door in advance and prepare a sketch that indicates the size. He saw a sheet of hardboard in the right parts at the same time in the place of purchase.

If the sketch is not ready, cut both doors at the same time. Mark the middle. Approximately on it I draw a beautiful curved line in which it is necessary to make a cut.

Do not follow the symmetry of the door! The service of professionals will help to save strength, avoid marriage and significantly accelerate the manufacturing process.

What to do shelving doors: take into account the original data.

Prepare a workplace. Choose a flat and clean surface. Working with woodworking tools requires compliance with personal safety rules.

Wear special glasses, gloves, a respirator and headphones.

Work description

  1. If you have the skills to work, cut the parts yourself. Make a cut with a jigsaw in the desired curve line.
  2. Sandpaper or grinding machine carefully grind the cutting surface. It is desirable to remove about 1-2 mm thick. This will help, after staining, to avoid the friction of the valves when closing / opening.
  3. Then, install a flat drill in the drill and make a hole in each door. Then, roll a piece of emery cloth in the tube and polish the resulting hole. If this form of opening is not suitable for you, use a more traditional one: the installation of handles.
  4. At this stage, you must complete the finishing door. Brush evenly with acrylic paint on the surface of each door on both sides. After complete drying, paint the doors with another layer. Let the product dry.
  5. Mark with a pencil the places on the doors and on the shelf where the hinges will be joined. Transfer the marking to the opposite side so that they are symmetrical.
  6. Drill holes in the designated places. Apply glue and install hinges on the doors with screws. In the same way, attach the second part of each loop to the sides of the shelf.

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