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Where Anastasia Zavorotnyuk lives

The whole country was following the developments of the judicial scandal associated with a suburban country house, which actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk bought on the mortgage. After the crisis that broke out in 2014, 15 million rubles taken by the television presenter in currency equivalent to credit in one of the Russian banks doubled.

Of course, Nastya, like many others who suffered as a result of the exchange rate hops, did not expect such event development, and the monthly contributions turned out to be overwhelming for her. And the star of the TV screen closed the possibility of traveling abroad.

Where Anastasia Zavorotnyuk lives

The result of long legal battles of 6 years with the participation of the best lawyers was an agreement signed with the bank. We will see where Anastasia Zavorotnyuk lives and how is the house that the actress recently bought, in which she now lives with her family: her husband, Peter Chernyshov and their children.

House Zavorotnyuk and Chernyshov outside

Anastasia bought the house “surprise”, without saying anything to her husband. She went alone, chose options and decided on one of them, which she liked best, quickly prepared all the documents for the purchase.

Where Anastasia Zavorotnyuk lives

The skater did not immediately believe in the reality of what was happening, and when Anastasia took him to this luxurious mansion, he showed him in detail. Nastya saw how much her husband liked the house, and only then did she admit that what Peter sees in front of him is already owned by his family.

Where Anastasia Zavorotnyuk lives

Peter was surprised and told his wife that he apparently did not know her at all, since he could not even imagine something like that.

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Sculptures or any other building on the site is not provided. A well-kept lawn is distributed around the house, cleaning is around.

Only low trees grow on the perimeter of the lawn.

Design of the house Zavorotnyuk

The Anastasia living room is decorated in warm colors, combining brown, gray-black and pastel-gray-pink tones. A mirror of the original design of a perfect round shape hangs over the stone fireplace installed here, and there is a gold clock on the mantelpiece.

Where Anastasia Zavorotnyuk lives

A soft area that consists of leather sofas and armchairs, as well as a warm carpet, surrounds the fireplace area.

Where Anastasia Zavorotnyuk lives

A black grand piano with a shiny surface is also installed in the corner, and there is also a chair with an elegant floor lamp. This extremely cozy corner is very conducive to relax by the fire, read interesting books and listen to musical compositions that the hostess or guests of the house play the piano.

Where Anastasia Zavorotnyuk lives

The mansion also has an office inside which no luxury is foreseen, just a long shelf for books and documents, assembled in the appropriate architectural style of the house, as well as a desk with a huge design lamp and a game convenient writing.

Where Anastasia Zavorotnyuk lives

Curtains are the cornerstone of a design project for the home. Warm discreet colors and matte textiles visually elevate the ceilings and make space easier.

Where Anastasia Zavorotnyuk lives

In the Instagram actress you can often see pictures of the interior of her house. You can see what the Zavorotnyuk house looks like, with your own eyes, in the video plot of the “Perfect Repair” program.

The actress was very upset by the history of the debt, and even moved away from many of their affairs, rarely starred in film and television projects. Fortunately, at this moment it is known that the star has already returned to work, and now participates in two presentations, rehearsing in a new theatrical production, and also is the main member and the jury of several popular television programs.

Where Anastasia Zavorotnyuk lives

If you look at the data of CIAN, to buy a cottage of similar value at the address: Krekshino village, you must pay 20 million rubles.

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