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Where does Danila Kozlovsky live ?: photos

Actress Danila Kozlovsky is one of the best paid domestic artists and the favorite of millions of women. To the displeasure of the fans, for several years he has been in a relationship with the model, actress and director Olga Zueva.

The couple avoids undue attention from the press, but from time to time they still attend social events together. Let’s try to discover where Danila Kozlovsky lives with her lover (photo).

Where does Danila Kozlovsky live ?: photos

Accommodation in St. Petersburg and Moscow

It is known that the apartment of the native citizen of Petersburg, Danila Kozlovsky, is located in the center of the capital of northern Russia. It is located in a four-story building built in the nineteenth century, not far from the Theater of Europe.

Where does Danila Kozlovsky live ?: photos

In addition, Danila and Olga rented apartments in Moscow for some time, because the actor had to live in 2 cities due to the shooting. And Zueva and all 3, because she is the former model of New York, and she and her friend in America have their home.

A couple of years ago, a couple lived in Tverskaya, near Red Square. The removable housing in the house in 1903 gave them a Muscovite who went to live abroad (photo).

Where does Danila Kozlovsky live ?: photos

At the end of last year, it was learned that the actor became the happy owner of their own apartments in the capital. But the information, where Danila Kozlovsky now lives, it was not possible for journalists to obtain a photo of their home.

They say that the apartment in which the actor settled with Olga Zueva and his four-legged friend, the dog Grushey, is located in the center of Moscow, not far from the Kremlin and has elite housing status.

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