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Where does Habib Nurmagomedov live now?

Habib Nurmagomedov became famous throughout the world for 27 victories and the absence of defeats in mixed martial arts under the auspices of the UFC American combat league. The number of followers of Habib on Instagram is 13 million people.

The fighter is very modest and religious. The public is also interested in where Habib Nurmagomedov lives and how much he earns now.

Consider this question in more detail.

Where does Habib Nurmagomedov live now?

Habib’s residence in Makhachkala

The main place of residence of the fighter: the city of Makhachkala in his native Dagestan. Here, according to trainer Habib, his father Abdulmanap, they live in a high-rise building, the father is on the second floor and the son on the seventh floor.

The children of the school come to be photographed here every day.

Where does Habib Nurmagomedov live now?

Address of the native town of habiba.

Kirovul is the name of the native village of Habiba. Here he spent his childhood, here he lives to this day. when I come here

The house is not different from the others, simple and without complications. For the modesty the fighter is very respected here.

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Where does Habib Nurmagomedov live now?

There is Nurmagomedov street in the village, but it was not named in honor of Habib, but in honor of his relative with a similar surname, who will receive the title of champion of Sambo in the 90s.

Where does Habib Nurmagomedov live now?

According to Uncle Habib Magomed, representatives of the most important media in the world, such as CNN, came to see where one of the most famous fighters in the world was born and how he lives.

Where does Habib Nurmagomedov live now?

Here, in the territory of the village, there is a self-made sports field. All young people of the aul aspire to this as soon as they have a free moment.

Where does Habib Nurmagomedov live now?

From the windows of Habib’s house, as seen in this photo, a magnificent view of the mountains.

Where does Habib Nurmagomedov live now?

In the video plot of the Sport Express program, you can see an interview with his father Abdulmanal, in which he shows greenhouses in which an athlete grows tomatoes and cucumbers. Not far from the greenhouses is a sports area with exercise equipment.

The personal life of habib

The fighter strictly complies with all the canons of Islam and reveals very few details of his personal life in the media, and it is only known that he is married and has a son and a daughter.

According to national tradition, during the wedding, the face of Habib’s girlfriend was hidden from prying eyes by a dense opaque burka.

Where does Habib Nurmagomedov live now?

According to the fighter, he, as a public person under the scrutiny of millions of fans, is very tired of interfering in his personal life, so he protects his family from the media and never shows photos of his family members in the media. social networks.

Nurmagomedov never takes his wife and children with him when he goes to the next competition, because he believes he will be distracted from preparing for the fight.

Where does Habib Nurmagomedov live now?

Habib believes that victory requires absolute concentration in the next performance, and the woman in this process is not the place.

In the United States, Habib lives in San Jose, California, and trains before the fights in the American Academy of Kickboxers.

After a scandalous victory over Connor Macgregor, Habib decided to open a gym in Moscow.

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