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Where Tina Kandelaki lives: photo

Tina Kandelaki is a successful journalist, famous television presenter, and now also a producer, public figure and even politician. Odious presenter of such popular programs as the intellect program “The Smartest”, the song “Two Stars”, the talk show “Details” and others, regularly get into scandalous stories related to family life and professional activities, independently of the result Add your points of fame.

Where Tina Kandelaki lives: photo

Kandelaki has two children from her first marriage: a son and a daughter, and currently the star of the television space is married to businessman Vasily Brovko, who is 10 years younger than her.

Find out where Tina Kandelaki lives, in a country house or apartment in the city, and consider in detail the real estate of the television presenter in the picture available on the web.

Apartment in Moscow

The apartments of the city of Tina are located in the Krylatsky district of the capital and are a luxurious penthouse. The living space of the TV presenter covers an area of ​​400 square meters. m., and consists of two levels.

It was here that she transported her belongings after divorcing her first husband and father of her children, Andrey Kondrakhin.

Where Tina Kandelaki lives: photo

In the spacious apartment, Tina began a major renovation and even made a small remodeling. At first, as the television presenter admitted, it seemed to him that this repair would never end, and that he simply could not face this task.

Kandelaki herself participated in the design of the apartment, selected materials and wallpapers.

Where Tina Kandelaki lives: photo

As a result, these rooms appeared as a living room, a study, a bedroom, two rooms for children, a kitchen and a separate storage room for the wardrobe.

Where Tina Kandelaki lives: photo
Where Tina Kandelaki lives: photo

Tina’s office designed in an austere style. The corner between two large windows and a soft sofa between them became Tina’s favorite place. Especially valuable to her now is the feeling of this part of the apartment, because for a long time she could not understand how to organize it.

Where Tina Kandelaki lives: photo

Then he thought about installing simulators here, then he wanted to put a dining table. But one day, when on one of the nights Kandelaki simply sat in this place on the floor, he realized that here he definitely needs to put on a large soft sofa.

Sitting comfortably on the big pillows, Tina loves to see the movements of the big city outside the window, admire the views of the capital and think about things.

Where Tina Kandelaki lives: photo

Especially in her apartment, Tina is happy with her large panoramic windows. “There should be many windows in the house,” said the hostess. In addition, the windows, of course, make the room more bright and sunny.

The kitchen set is decorated with a bright brown facade and a granite countertop made of pink marble.

Where Tina Kandelaki lives: photo

The television presenter’s bathroom is decorated with soft pink tiles with a classic ornament. All communications are hidden below the portal, which is a real boudoir, installed under a large mirror in the same bright frame.

Where Tina Kandelaki lives: photo

A similar apartment with a similar area, located on Krylatsky Hills Street, according to CIAN, will cost from 120 million rubles.

Find the right house

The television presenter has been collecting a rural farm for a long time, as a small video plot was created, consisting of a photo of Tina during a visit to the elite village of Millenium Park.

Where Tina Kandelaki lives: photo

Kandelaki did not like the proximity of houses to each other, as well as the sale of finished houses. According to her, this housing format provides additional costs for the work of dismantling the old finish, and the presenter did not count on it.

House in Rublevka

The result of a long search was the acquisition by Tina of a country house in Rublevka, whose construction was contracted for three long years. The Kandelaki estate is located 25 km from the capital, in the village of Shelestovo, on the Kaluga road.

Where Tina Kandelaki lives: photo

The first floor contains a spacious living room, a guest bedroom with an adjoining bathroom and dressing room, a kitchen and utility rooms combined with a dining room. The house has a garage for two cars.

Where Tina Kandelaki lives: photo

The second floor has three bedrooms with balconies, including the master bedroom with a separate dressing room and three bathrooms. Here Tina also has an office.

Where Tina Kandelaki lives: photo

Near the house there is a swimming pool, a Japanese garden, a gazebo. Tina reconstructs the bathroom for the third time, due to total bad luck with the previous buildings, which for various reasons were burned.

In the territory of the village “Shelestovo” is provided everything that its non-poor tenants may need: these are playgrounds, sports facilities and tennis courts, and there are two lakes, a beach and even a platform for helicopters.

Where Tina Kandelaki lives: photo

The mansion is equipped with a “smart house” system. In the event that a breakdown occurs, an instant signal is sent to the server in this regard, and its elimination occurs through the intervention of the teacher without the participation of the tenants.

According to CIAN experts, the cost of a similar house in this town with a similar area can be 48 million rubles.

Apartment for son

Recently, Tina gave her son a fabulously expensive apartment in Moscow. Property value amounted to 100 million rubles. According to the TV presenter, you can afford it, since you earn a lot of money on popular television projects on television.

Read more about this – with a special video plot.

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