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Wrap the bed with a cloth with your own hands: create your own cozy world

The textile design of the house makes it more cozy soft and comfortable interior. But these qualities are especially important for bedroom decoration. The beds most often make a tissue, skin.

Such products are beautiful, cozy, but they are expensive. The decision to bundle the bed with a cloth with your own hands will help not only save money, but also create original furniture: a delicate bed for your princess, a solid family bed, decorated with a carriage rule, or something else, special.

When choosing the most suitable variant of material for upholstering a bed, take into account not only the interior of the room (the decoration used, its color, shape, texture). Be sure to pay attention to the properties of the fabric.

To maintain the shape, it must be tight so that after one or two years do not think about repairing it of course, it should not be too dusty and easy to clean with the means at your disposal.

Wrap the bed with a cloth with your own hands: create your own cozy world

To decorate the beds with your own hands, you can:

  • Take the old furniture, then, taking into account the initial data and its capabilities, improve its appearance
  • Using the finished product is a simple design.
  • According to your measurements, make yourself or in the workshop a skeleton with an orthopedic base.

Bright art deco bed

It should not be argued that creating a beautiful, elegant and at the same time high quality product is absolutely easy on its own. But a little effort, attention, good materials and a description of the process will certainly help in the work.

A box so bright is perfect in almost any interior, decorate it. The especially beneficial bed will fit in a spacious room that is not overloaded with decorations and furniture, like herself: a striking decoration.

The only thing to pay attention to is to think of an individual color scheme.

Wrap the bed with a cloth with your own hands: create your own cozy world

Preparing to decorate the bed.

So, first of all, you should take care of the base of the bed. Carefully considering the size of the bed, choosing the right orthopedic base, drawing the desired shape and suitable for your inner headboard, you can make the bed from MDF.

To do this, use the instructions and description of the mounting of the bed on the Internet or request the work done by professionals. The last option is the simplest and most reliable.

Wrap the bed with a cloth with your own hands: create your own cozy world

To decorate a fabric made with a cloth, prepare:

  • Decorative textiles
  • Textiles to cover the back parts of the bed.
  • Rubber foam about 5 cm thick.
  • Glue for furniture.
  • Scissors
  • Sharp carpenter’s knife with replaceable blades.
  • Decoration for the headboard – finishing of furniture nails.
  • Hammer
  • Furniture stapler with staples.
  • Roulette, chalk to mark.
  • Sandpaper or grinder.
  • Adhesive tape, if you also plan to make the structure’s shell (except the headboard) removable.

Before applying the decoration on the MDF parts, cut the cutting parts of the base of the bed, the ends with sandpaper. The presence of the grinding machine will greatly accelerate this process.

In this way, you will avoid damaging the fabric during work.

Work description

  1. We cut the lining of the bed with a decorative material from the headboard. Remove the desired part of the frame.
  2. We cut a part of foam rubber, which should repeat the contours of the headboard covered with MDF. Cut it with a carpenter’s knife. The task is not easy. If, as in our project, the headboard has a complex shape with roundness, the cut of foam rubber can be requested at the place of purchase or in the furniture workshop according to the prepared pattern.
  3. Apply glue to the front surface of the headboard, then place the foam on it firmly so that the curved edges are as close as possible.
  4. Attach the edge of the foam rubber to the base of the MDF with a furniture stapler, placing the clips at a short distance from each other.
  5. Cut the decorative material for the headboard. To the right, to the left and below, leave a mounting space of about 10 cm. In the upper part of the carved headboard, make a free space of 5-7 cm so that it is convenient to place the corners in an orderly manner or leave a rectangle to cut the excess.
  6. To make the fabric flat, level the bottom edge and start fastening with a furniture stapler.
  7. Then place the header in a vertical position, stretch the fabric.
  8. To cover the corners of the upper top well, cut the fabric. Place the fragments with a stapler on the back of the headboard.
  9. In the same way, stretch the fabric and fix it to the sides of the headboard. Check the correction of fabric tension and proceed to decorate the surface with furniture studs.
  10. At the top edge of the headboard, with a hammer, gently squeeze the nails, gently extending the strip along the visible outer edge (except the bottom).
  11. Then, using chalk and tape measure, mark the location of the second row of furniture pole finishes at a distance of 15-20 cm from the edge.
  12. Stapler arranges the decoration on the line up to the MDF base.
  13. We place furniture tape on the supports exactly in line, we hold it with a hammer and asparagus. The decoration of the headboard is completed.
  14. To give this part of the bed a finished look, we cut a blank space of a previously prepared technical fabric, with a margin of 1.5-2 cm to fold it. Fasten the tissue with a stapler.

Wrap the bed with a cloth with your own hands: create your own cozy world

Now you can start working on decorating the frame.

  1. Prepare blanks of foam rubber to glue the base.
  2. Apply glue to the surface, glue the foam around the entire perimeter of the end of the frame (except the part where the header is attached), then on top.

In this project, the soft frame of the box is covered with a technical cloth, and the decorative cover will be removable and mounted on adhesive tape.

  1. Cut the strips of technical material to the size of the surface of the side walls, make concessions on all sides of 2-3 cm.
  2. When placing the stapler on the upper part and then on the lower part of the frame, sew the foam rubber with the prepared strips of technical fabric.
  3. Attach the tape to the frame using a stapler.
  4. Make a removable pattern cover. Before cutting the fabric, try again so that the product fits exactly.
  5. After adjusting the details you can cut it. Sew the lid. Do not forget to attach tape to the fastening points.
  6. Put the lid on the frame. Replace the header.

The bed is ready. Not only will it decorate the interior of any bedroom, but it will also be an excellent place for a complete and comfortable rest.

Wrap the bed with a cloth with your own hands: create your own cozy world

Other forms of textile upholstery.

When finishing the bed with a cloth, the choice of material and the way in which the headboard is used play an important role. For example, a product in a cotton version with a small pattern will differ from a similar piece of furniture upholstered in velvet or leather-like textiles.

But it practically does not affect the work of the teacher.

One of the most popular ways to upholster furniture in the world is the closing of the car. Often, this method of decorating the bed is used not only in the headboard, but also decorates it with the entire rigid external structure.

Wrap the bed with a cloth with your own hands: create your own cozy world

How to make a four-sided tie

The work will need:

  • Plywood or MDF for the base
  • 5 cm thick foam
  • glue for furniture
  • Basic and technical fabrics.
  • durable thread
  • decorative buttons
  • long needles
  • furniture stapler
  • Drill with a drill and nozzle for large holes in foam rubber.

To decorate the head of the bed with a ruler, you need:

  1. Place the rules on the ground (squares or rhombuses).
  2. Drill through the holes at the marked points with a drill.
  3. Transfer the marks to foam rubber.
  4. Make a special device in foam holes with a diameter of 1 cm.
  5. Glue the foam on the base so that all the holes match.
  6. Covering the surface with decorative textiles, start sewing holes, squeezing them with special buttons and forming pleats between the loops.
  7. After that, cover the same folds of the edge and secure them to the back with a furniture stapler.
  8. To sheath the fabric of the bed frame, use the description of the first draft.

Wrap the bed with a cloth with your own hands: create your own cozy world

An element of bed elegantly decorated as a headboard can be the main idea to decorate the entire room. Imagine creating your cozy corner.

Headboard with soft squares.

The version of the finish, slightly similar to the previous one, but easier to make, is the design of the headboard with separate squares / soft rectangles attached to the base, which are covered with textiles. Therefore, it is possible to decorate a bed for a nursery, to make a product in the mosaic style or for any other style, choosing the appropriate material or its combination.

Tools and materials for work.

  • 150×75 cm plywood sheet for the base.
  • 18 small squares of 25×25 cm plywood.
  • Decorative fabric with a symmetrical pattern (can alternate between different colors, patterns)
  • Synthetic winterizer or other similar artificial filling
  • furniture stapler
  • scissors
  • Bonding glue or liquid nails.

Before starting, prepare the pieces of wood – sand, level their ends with sandpaper. The size of the squares, leaving a margin of all sides of 5-8 cm, cuts, respectively, 18 pieces of decorative fabric.

Wrap the bed with a cloth with your own hands: create your own cozy world

Step by step instructions

  1. Place the square of plywood in the center of the fabric. Use a furniture stapler to attach the fabric to the back of the piece of wood on one side and slightly on the sides.
  2. Fill the resulting pocket with polyester fill. Distribute the filling evenly.
  3. Secure the remaining edges by closing the square.
  1. Similarly, make the remaining 17 blank spaces. Make sure they have the same amount of filler.
  2. Glue the squares to the base of the head in the wood glue or liquid nails.

It is maintained with the help of polyester (or foam) filling and the same fabric to decorate the base. The bed is ready.

Sweet Dreams for you!

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