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Aspic – 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

The names of this dish are cold, aspic, aspic, aspic. The names are different, but the dish is essentially the same. Preparing a cold is easy, but what is interesting is that if you give each hostess the same set of standard products, anyway, each of them will have its own dish, unlike any other!

The same muscle strength just does not happen!

This delicious dish is prepared as an aperitif for any holiday! If you are going to have a great and happy holiday soon, and you still do not know how to cook jellied meat, it is the right time to learn!

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

A friend of mine says that if there is no strength at the festive table, then there is no need to celebrate the holiday! And while he always cooks delicious cold!

He thinks the best sandwiches for vodka alone and you can not think!

There are many recipes for this incredible meat dish, which is made from pork, veal, chicken and even fish. But the most delicious jelly is obtained from different varieties of meat. This is the so-called vacation option.

It is with him that we will begin our selection of recipes today.

And in the process of the story, I will share the main secrets that will allow you to cook the most delicious, which you can only imagine, Jellied, with a capital letter.

Festive cold generally cooked pork, veal and chicken. It is believed that the more meat of different species, the flavor and the richer and more saturated.

Sometimes people ask Why add a chicken? After all, can you cook chicken aspic?

Of course you can! But if we cook exactly the festive version of the dish, the chicken meat will make it softer and tender.

And of course, more delicious!

When choosing meat, one should choose one where many bones are called gelatinous parts. If the meat is chosen correctly, it is not necessary to add gelatin to thicken. It is believed that this jelly does not provide for its addition.

And properly cooked, and will harden without gelatin.

  • beef 1 kg
  • pork knuckle 1.3 kg
  • pig leg 1 pc. 400 gr
  • 1-2 chicken legs
  • carrots 2 pcs
  • celery root 0.5 pcs, celery root
  • 3-4 onions (small heads)
  • 3-4 bay leaves
  • Black Pepper Peas 20 pcs
  • Ground black pepper, salt to taste.
  • 1-2 hard-boiled eggs to decorate.

1. Before you start cooking meat, you need to prepare it. Inspect on all sides, and if there are bristle hairs on it, they should be burned.

Then scrape the dark part with a knife and then rinse the meat with cold water.

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

Sometimes, when you buy your legs, you can see that they are dark and ugly. They were scorched from the bristles and not cleaned.

It is better to refrain from buying such legs. The broth when cooking such meat will be dark and unattractive, in addition to that it may have the smell of burnt sows.

Well, if you have not yet inspected and purchased, you should scrape them carefully with a knife and rinse them with plenty of water. Yes, and soak in water for 3 hours.

2. When the meat is cleaned and washed, it should be placed in a large bowl or saucepan. And pour cold water for 3 hours, nothing less. During this time, unnecessary blood will be released into the water, the water will turn pink.

And the unnecessary smell will go away.

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

When the meat is cooked, less foam will be released.

3. After the allotted time, get the meat and put it in a prepared pan. It must be large enough, since the meat we cook, plus a lot of water, does not fit in the pan.

4. The water is poured necessarily cold, so that only cover the meat. We put a big fire.

And as long as it does not boil, we’re not going to leave the kitchen anywhere. This is an important point.

All the time, until the meat boils, we eliminate the foam that appears. It will not be so much, and this is good.

Almost all the blood had already left during the initial soaking.

5. As soon as the water starts to boil, immediately reduce the heat and cook, so that it bubbles gently for exactly 5 minutes. Then remove the meat with a skimmer and drain the water.

Rinse the dish in which it is boiled, rinse the meat and again collect the necessary amount of water.

Usually, the water to cook the jelly is poured at a rate of 1 kg of meat from 1.4 to 1.5 liters of water. This is under the condition that in the process of full cooking, we will not add more water.

And this condition is desirable to fulfill!

6. Again, you need to boil the water in the pan. And again, it is advisable not to leave the kitchen.

Simply remove the foam slowly and wait until the water boils. It will happen much faster than the first time.

The meat is already heated inside.

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

7. As soon as the water boils, immediately reduce the heat to a minimum.

If you omit this moment and let the water boil for 5-10 minutes, the broth will not be transparent. It will turn white or dark.

And we need a clear and beautiful broth, so that all the pieces of meat can be seen during the spill, in full view!

8. Everything, the fire was extinguished, the lid was covered, so that the steam would come out, and you can forget it for 4 hours, or even for 5. Periodically, you can see if the water has evaporated. But if you have not forgotten a small fire, then the broth will gurgle silently and the flesh will boil.

And the water is not going anywhere.

If the broth does not gurgle at all and does not boil slightly, then the meat will not boil. Watch this!

9. Therefore, the meat will cook for at least 6 hours and sometimes the gelatin paste will cook a little more. Its disposition is determined by the fact that the meat must move completely away from the bone.

10. One and a half hours before the preparation, you should add whole peeled carrots, celery root. It’s about my size a little more than a tennis ball, so I took it halfway. And you also have to add onions.

I have small heads, and I put 4 of them, and I did not clean one of the larger ones, I just took off my shirt and put it together with the shell.

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

This bulb should be specially washed, and make sure there is no mold or dirt under the shell.

The vegetables will give the broth the necessary flavor and color, which is important. Onions and carrots will give a golden hue, and subtle celery root subtle aroma.

11. Now, you can get some broth and salt, but not until you’re ready, but just so the meat is saturated with flavor. If it is salted immediately, the water will boil and the broth will become salty.

12. One hour before the preparation to put peppercorns in the broth. And cook again.

If the onions start to boil softly, do not worry. Do not remove it from the broth ahead of time, then we will find a way to eliminate it.

13. After six hours of boiling, we check if all the meat is moving away from the bone and if the broth is ready. You can verify this by gently immersing your thumb and forefinger in the broth.

Then, when it cools a little, put them together and try to separate them. The fingers should become sticky and stick.

In general, gelatin is cooked for 6 to 8 hours. In any case, look at the state of the flesh.

Let me remind you once again that the flesh should easily move away from the bone.

14. Take the broth until it is tender, add ground black pepper to taste and add the bay leaf. Cook another 10 minutes.

15. We remove the vegetables with a slotted spoon, carefully remove the carrots, we still need them. The onions and the celery root will be thrown away, so we will obtain, as will be obtained.

16. The meat and bones are removed with a skimmer in a large bowl. And wait for them to cool a little.

We will disassemble them by hand, so you should expect a comfortable temperature so that your fingers remain.

17. Meanwhile, the meat is cooled, cover the strainer with three or four layers of gauze and strain all the broth. Small bones and onion remnants will remain in the gauze.

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

18. Determine in advance how jelly will serve on the table.

It is served in small bowls for salads, or in a special large capacity tray. It is desirable that this container has a lid.

As the gelatin will be infused in the refrigerator overnight, you should cover it so that it does not absorb unnecessary odors.

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

19. Another important point that I almost forgot. Some people love the biggest cold and others do not tolerate fatty foods.

We in our family are in the middle. The husband loves when there is a small layer of fat, and I usually can not eat fat.

Therefore, during cooking, I partially remove it. If you do not like fat, you can shoot everything.

And then, when you pour the broth into the tray or it forms and cools, all the fat increases. And then, when you eat, you can easily remove it with a knife, what I do.

And so it turns out that no one is hurt, they all eat so much strength that they love!

20. And so, the meat has cooled and now we will disarm it. It is understood simply and easily, but the fingers should get dirty. We take a flat plate and two deeper bowls.

In a plate with a knife, we remove the meat from the bones and divide it immediately into fibers.

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

The bones are placed in a bowl and the meat that has been removed and divided into another. Everything separates easily and quickly.

Therefore, it will not take long.

21. Carrots cut curly stars. The eggs are cleaned and cut in circles. You can place them at the bottom, if the form with the finished gelatin will rotate.

Or put the cut pieces on top, if jelly serves in the form.

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

22. Pour some cold broth by then. You can fill in two different ways.

  • Pour the broth into the meat and mix the contents. In this case, the meat and the broth will stay together. In this case, first mix, and only then place the carrots and eggs.
  • Put the meat in the first layer, then pour the broth. In this case, there are two separate layers. The first meat, and the second in the form of gelatin.

23. In both cases, wait until the plate has cooled completely. And only after that we put it in the fridge. For full curing it will take 3-4 hours.

But usually I leave it at night.

Well, if you prepare it for the New Year, it is very convenient to do it in advance, on December 30th. Gelatin will be beautifully stored until 31, unless, of course, no one eats it ahead of time.

Painfully great temptation.

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

In such cases, I usually cook extra portions that we eat on December 31 in the morning for breakfast. And then, until the night, no one breaks again to cut a piece of the festive aspic!

24. As mentioned above, the finished jelly is served in a large common tray or in special jelly trays. Or flip a plate and serve in all its glory.

The truth is not entirely easy to do. Take and simply turn, it will not work.

But there is a way. Pass a sharp knife on the side that separates the gelatin from the wall.

Boil the water in advance, pour into a large capacity container corresponding to the size of the jelly. And lower the tray to the water for about 30 seconds. Then place the plate on which it will turn.

And gently flip.

If the gelatin is capricious and does not want to be extracted, lift it with a silicone spatula. The most important thing is to ask him inertia.

And there he himself, under the influence of its gravity, will be placed on the plate proposed to him.

25. It is served aspic, of course, with horseradish or mustard. Sometimes chopped garlic is added to the mustard.

And to hell with fresh lemon juice.

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

It should be noted that this is the so-called jello cut into slices, but someone defends it. For this, the meat that was extracted from the bones is twisted in a meat grinder. Garlic is also added upon request.

And then all this is mixed with broth and broken down into trays.

But I do not like the ground gelatin very much. I like it when the meat fibers are visible through the clear broth, and the meat is felt in whole pieces while eating.

But here, of course, it’s a matter of taste!

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

And, of course, you must say some words of praise for a jelly of this type. Yes, however, you can do to determine its characteristics and a MIRACLE!

Miracle, that’s good! Soft, rich, tasty, delicious, fragrant, simply amazing. These are just some simple words to try to describe their flavor.

It is not strange that our friend respects and appreciates him, and does not sit at the festive table without this meat sandwich.

All subsequent recipes are prepared in the same way as the first option. The difference is only in the composition of the ingredients.

Therefore, if you want to cook cold in the following recipes, then read and the first, as it describes all the secrets of the kitchen!

Such jelly can also be prepared for the holiday, and during the week it is also good! What is called cuisine and party, and in the world.

Someone prefers to cook it, as in the previous version, and someone does not want to use pork. And then you can cook a single meat dish.

  • shin meat – 1.5 kg
  • beef ribs 1 kg
  • beef neck (pulp) 1 kg
  • 3-4 onions
  • carrots 2 pcs
  • celery root
  • Pepper3 black peas 20 pieces
  • bay leaf 3 pcs
  • Salt, black pepper, ground to taste.

1. Rinse the meat and soak in cold water for 3 hours. Then drain the water.

2. Place the meat in a large saucepan and pour water over it so that the water only covers all the meat.

3. Let boil, removing the foam. After 5 minutes of boiling drain the water.

And pour fresh and cold water for 1 kg of meat between 1.4 and 1.5 liters of water.

4. Wait until it boils, constantly removing the foam. After boiling, reduce heat to low and cook for 4-5 hours.

5. Salt, add the whole carrots, half the celery root and the onion. Leave an onion in the shell.

6. When it is 6 hours, check if the meat is moving away from the bone. It must be separated very easily.

If not, boil a little more. Allowable cooking time up to 8 hours.

7. 10-15 minutes before the end of cooking, add the ground black pepper and the bay leaf to the broth.

8. Then remove the meat from the broth and remove it into fibers.

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

9. Strain the broth through 3-4 layers of gauze.

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

10. Put the meat on a tray and pour the broth.

11. Cool to room temperature and freeze in the refrigerator overnight.

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

As you can see, the recipe is exactly the same as in the first version. Serve it as described above.

Another recipe according to which, for example, we always prepare cold every day with pork legs.

As you already understood in this version, we only use pork. I often cook jelly only with pork legs. The meat is not as much as when you cook it with a knuckle, or with a piece of pork.

But we like this Spartan very much!

  • pig legs 4 pcs
  • carrots 1 pc
  • optional celery root
  • 2 onions
  • peas 20 pcs
  • 2-3 laurel leaves
  • salt, pepper to taste

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

Or another option:

  • pork knuckle -1.5 kg
  • pig legs 1 2 pcs
  • pork neck 500 gr
  • carrots 1 pc
  • optional celery root
  • 2 onions
  • peas 20 pcs
  • 2-3 laurel leaves
  • salt, pepper to taste

I will not describe the whole cooking process, because I will not tell you anything new. Everything related to the secrets and technology of the kitchen, I have already told in the first recipe.

Therefore, cook and cook in the same way.

The only thing about what will stop cleaning the legs. The legs are not always sold clean and white.

Sometimes they need to remove the bristles and then clean them. Most likely, everyone knows how to eliminate the mushrooms, or they do not know it, but they have seen it.

But I still remember you.

I turn on the gas and, just above the fire, I keep the leg where the bristles are. The smell is certainly not pleasant, but you have to be patient. Then, scrape the burn marks with a knife and then rinse with cold water.

It is also necessary to remove or clean the helmets very well. They, as a rule, are very dark in color and ask to eliminate them completely.

If the legs are also dark, they should also be carefully scraped with a knife and then rinsed with water. And do not forget to leave them in cold water for 3 hours.

The rest of the gelatin is prepared in the same way as in the first recipe. There are no changes in the recipe, all the principles and steps are the same!

The finished jelly can be served on a tray, and you can turn it over and put it on a plate.

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

It is quite beautiful! And how delicious, you can not even describe it with words!

For the holidays, it is often cold cooked and prepared in an interesting way. And one of those forms is the Piglet jelly, which is poured into a plastic bottle.

Such presentation invariably causes delight among all the guests. The pig at the festive table looks painfully positive.

I think that this dish can well decorate any New Year’s table.

  • pork knuckle 1 pc
  • 2 pcs chicken thighs
  • carrots 1 pc
  • 1 onion
  • celery root – 0.5 pcs
  • bay leaf 2 pcs
  • pepper 10-10
  • Salt, black pepper, ground to taste.

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

1. Wash the meat and pour water for 3 hours. The ham can not be filled with water.

Then drain the water.

2. Place the meat and chicken thighs in a saucepan and add water, so that only cover the top. Bring to a boil, removing the foam.

3. Drain and return to cold water. Bring to a boil and cook for 5 hours.

4. Add the whole peeled carrots and the celery root. The onions remove the top shirt, wash and put in a pan along with the vegetables.

Salt partially, add the peppercorns.

5. After an hour to verify if the meat is well away from the bone, we are interested mainly in the knuckle. If the meat moves away easily, add the bay leaf, pepper to taste and taste the salt.

Cook another 20 minutes.

If the meat goes bad, cook it even to the state we need.

6. Remove the meat from the broth, cool a little and separate the bones. Then it is divided into fibers, or cut into cubes.

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

7. Filter the broth through several layers of gauze.

8. For a piglet, you can take plastic bottles of 0, 5 1 -1.5 liters. Everything depends on the size you want.

9. Put the meat in the bottle, then pour the hot broth. Shake the contents, let them cool and place them in the refrigerator until it hardens for at least 3 hours, and better at night.

10. Before serving, cut the bottle carefully with a sharp knife or scissors on both sides. Chicken put on a plate.

11. Ham, or boiled sausage to make ears and a penny. Make cuts in the crown and insert ears in them. Placement of piglets with a toothpick.

Make eyes and nostrils from nails.

12. Serve with horseradish or mustard.

Such little pig will be received with Hurray! Therefore, take note of the recipe.

I think it will definitely be useful!

Suckling pig meat can be cooked in a slow cooker, as well as any other force in principle.

  • pig legs 2 pcs
  • 2 pcs chicken thighs
  • 1 onion
  • carrots 1 pc
  • garlic 0.5 heads
  • salt, peppercorns
  • 2.5 liters of water

1. Cut the chicken legs through the joints into pieces.

2. Clean, wash and soak the feet for 3 hours.

3. Place the meat, peeled onions and carrots in the container of the multicooker. Salt, put pepper and add water.

4. Set the extinction mode and extinguish 6 hours. Check if the meat is moving away from the bone, so that the multicooker can be turned off.

If not, you can wait another hour.

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

5. Get the meat, remove the bones and divide them into fibers.

6. Crush the garlic with a knife and add it to the broth. Let stand for 15-20 minutes.

Then remove the garlic. Test if there is enough salt and pepper.

7. Place the meat on a tray or in molds and pour the strained broth.

8. Leave at room temperature until it cools, then put it in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours or overnight.

9. Serve portions or put the tray on the table.

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

These are the main types of muscular strength. The prepared aspic is also made of chicken.

But this year of the Rooster, you can not put chicken dishes on the table! Therefore, leave the chicken and force it out for the next article.

And now I suggest once again that you stay in the most basic stages of preparation, thanks to which your gelatin will always be delicious. And those surprises will never happen to you, like the uncured gelatin, the annealed or undercooked meat, or the broth too salty or hard and not at all fragrant.

After all, they had previously checked if the hostess could cook specifically boiled jelly, and if it did not work for her, then they put it on the stupid’s dump. But what to say, and among my friends there are those who do not receive this dish at all.

But I advise you not to give up, but read everything carefully and follow it step by step. Cook a jelly so everyone can catch their breath!

  • The first thing you should do is buy the right meat. Good jelly is obtained from the gelatinous parts, that is, the meat must be with bones. Legs, knuckles, legs, ears, tails, heads are just what you need. I would not want to add a lot of pulp. In the extreme case, if you have doubts about the choice of meat, ask to be told which meat to choose, the seller in the meat department.
  • We remember that the broths contribute to the solidification of the veins, cartilages, skin, skin.
  • The most delicious jelly is obtained from different varieties of meat.
  • Be sure to add a chicken leg, or two. The jelly will be much tastier
  • The meat before cooking it should be soaked in cold water for 3 hours.
  • The first water needs to be drained 5 minutes after boiling.
  • Bring the second water to a boil, be sure to remove the foam and then reduce the gas to a minimum. The meat should only be bubbling slightly, but never boil. Otherwise the broth will be dark and opaque.
  • Water taken in the proportion of 1 kg of meat. 1.4 -1.5 liters.
  • In the cooking process we try not to add water. But if it does not work, then add at least boiling water
  • Sometimes the broth is clarified with egg white, but if you boil properly, you will not need this procedure.
  • Cook the meat for at least 6, but not more than 8 hours. To the state in which the meat moves away from the bone.
  • Add vegetables when cooking is required! Thanks to them, the broth achieves a beautiful color and flavor.
  • Add the bulb to the shell, it will give a beautiful golden color.
  • it is necessary to add spices, otherwise the dish will come out fresh
  • Salt twice, the first time a little after 4 hours, and the second at the end of the cooking, already tasting the broth.
  • After the meat has been placed in the form and the broth is poured over the gelatin, it should be allowed to cool to room temperature.
  • After which you have to cool it in the fridge. Sometimes they think that it is possible to maintain muscular strength on the balcony or in the street with freezing temperatures, so that it freezes better. It can freeze better, but it will completely lose all its flavor, aroma, delicate texture and smoothness.

Aspic - 5 recipes to make delicious homemade aspic.

  • Serve any jelly with horseradish or mustard. Who wants to take advantage, who does not want to give up. But these additional ingredients must be supplied to the muscular force!

I hope that with today’s selection of recipes, you can easily cook a truly delicious aspic. I also hope that the article and the cooking tips are useful for you.

After all, this dish turns out to be really beautiful and festive, and you can not even talk about the taste. Everyone knows the taste of true Russian strength with horseradish!

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