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Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

Translated from the French “canapé” means “small”. And the translation corresponds exactly to its content.

A small, small snack called “a tooth,” which is usually prepared from a piece of bread, or a cookie with some type of filling.

There is another translation of this word, and it sounds like a “little couch”. Did it seem that it could be common?

And everything is quite simple. A piece of bread, a bread serves as a kind of platform for all other ingredients.

It’s like a sofa or a bench in which you can place the ingredients combined with each other.

And here there is already where to wander through fantasy. After all, with which canapés are not only prepared! Recipes just mass.

In addition, it is not necessary to literally follow the recipe. You can create your own options and variations, from the content to the design.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

This is what makes canapé a favorite sandwich. It is very popular when receptions, corporate events are held. And recently, they occupy a solid place at festive tables of any level.

Birthdays, anniversaries and holidays like the New Year, March 8, February 23, do not pass without your presence at the table.

Therefore, I propose to consider exemplary options on how to prepare them. And also pay attention to your design. They prepare as quickly as possible.

And if in our head we have several options for preparation and design, we can always repeat them or invent something of our own. Of those simple products that are almost always found in the kitchen or in the refrigerator.

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  • The original recipe for cooking with herring.
  • Nice salmon canapés for the Christmas table.
  • A simple recipe with shrimp skewers.
  • Dessert design with fruit.
  • Delicious canapé recipes with cheese and grapes.
  • Small and delicious recipes with cheese appetizers.
  • Recipes of canapés for children’s party table.
  • The original design of canapés for the holidays at home.

One of the most common and simple cooking options. It cooks quickly and easily, and always eats instantly.

The amount of ingredients is taken depending on how many pieces you want to cook.

  • Herring fillet – 1 – 2 pieces
  • Boiled potatoes – 1 – 2 pieces
  • cooked egg – 1 – 2 pieces
  • Black bread, better than Borodinsky.
  • Green onions, parsley – for decoration.
  • salt to taste
  • mayonnaise – 3-4 st. spoons
  • Grain mustard – 1 tbsp. a spoon
  • olive oil – 1 tablespoon. a spoon

1. Boil and cool the potatoes and eggs in advance.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

Then peel and cut into slices about 0.5 cm thick. Potato tubers are not very large.

It is desirable that its size matches the diameter of the chicken egg.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

2. Black bread, better qualities “Borodinsky” cut into small squares, so that its size corresponds approximately to the size of a circle of potatoes. Crusts better cut.

Fry the slices of bread in a pan. They can only be dried on a dry surface.

And you can fry in a small amount of butter or olive oil.

3. Peel the herring from the bones and skin and cut into small slices. To make the appetizer look beautiful, try to make all the pieces look the same in size and shape.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

4. Prepare refueling. To do this, mix all the ingredients to form a homogeneous mass.

5. All components are ready. Now you just have to pick them up.

And here everything is very simple.

Put a slice of potatoes on a slice of bread. Salt lightly as desired. Then put the round egg.

Lubríquela with a small amount of dressing and put a piece of herring on top.

6. Put on a plate. Decorate with green onion feathers. or the parsley

Or both

7. Everything, our tasty and simple snack is ready, and can be served.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

The herring with potatoes is a favorite combination of millions of people. And so, this appetizer is scattered from the table like hot cakes.

And from above, for convenience, it is possible to drill all this extraordinary construction with spikes.

And so, in the shape of boats, you can beautifully decorate any table. And the recipe is even simpler than the previous one.

We will need (for 10 pieces):

  • Herring fillet – 1 – 2 pieces
  • Quail eggs – 5 pieces
  • black bread
  • mayonnaise – to taste

And we also need skewers, or in the extreme case of a toothpick.

1. Cut the bread into small, equal slices. Cut all crusts from the sides.

2. Grease the pieces with a small amount of mayonnaise.

3. Cut the boiled quail eggs into two halves and spread them on slices of prepared bread.

4. Prepare the herring fillet in advance, cleaning the bones and skin. Two fillets will come out of a herring.

Cut it in equal parts and perforate each of them with a skewer to form a “candle”.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

To decorate the canapés you can now buy a lot of beautiful skewers or themed toothpicks. So try to get them in advance.

5. Set the “sail” on our makeshift boat and put each of them on a tray.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

6. Decorate with vegetables and serve.

Eat with pleasure! This cooking option, and most importantly, the design of the dish will not leave your guests indifferent.

And everyone wants to try this “boat”.

Red fish is always welcome at the holiday table. Therefore, I propose to cook a delicious sandwich in this version.

For its preparation it will take only a few minutes.

  • Salmon – 100 – 150 gr
  • Cheese Curd – 100 – 150 gr
  • 1 fresh cucumber cucumber
  • toasted bread

1. Cut the toast into small pieces, the same size. You can cut them into squares and cut them gently from all sides of the bark.

It is possible, like ours, to push the bread through a glass and make equal circles.

And if someone has special plastic molds, then you can not think of anything better.

The advantage of toast is that it is already cut into pieces of the same thickness. And if we manage to ask them for a nice and careful way, then the success of the snack will be provided!

2. Cut the cucumber into rings approximately 0.6 to 0.7 cm thick and place it on each piece of bread.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

3. Cut the salmon into long thin strips. Then spread the cheese curd in each piece and roll up.

Adjust the size of the roll.

4. Place each small roll vertically. It must be kept at the expense of the cheese, which will go down a little.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

And what a beautiful snack we got at the end. Anyway – expensive to see.

And how delicious to eat! Just lick your fingers! For ease of use, place them in a tray of skewers or toothpicks.

They will be convenient to take and eat canapés.

And with salmon, you can make such a beautiful snack. Here the salmon flaunts in the center of the composition in the form of a rose. I have described in the article about red fish sandwiches how to do it.

Therefore, I will not repeat. If you like the design, click on the link and find the recipe there.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

Let me say that, as a basis for the “sofa”, you can use a slice of black bread, a loaf and a cookie. And instead of salmon, you can take another red fish.

And this is perhaps the easiest recipe to cook. And how beautiful and tasty the finished dish looks!

We will need (for 10 units):

  • Cooked Shrimp – 10 pieces
  • Small tomatoes – 4 – 5 pieces (can be cherries)
  • Toasted bread – 3 – 4 pieces

We also need skewers for decoration.

1. Boil the shrimp in slightly salted water for 2 to 3 minutes, depending on their size. It is better to be bigger, otherwise, the snack will simply be lost at the table.

Then throw them in a sieve, drain and let dry. Then clean, remove the shell and the head.

The tail is also better to remove it. Since the snack will become “a mouthful”, it is better that the tail does not interfere.

2. Wash the tomatoes, dry them and cut them into slices. The main thing is that all the circles, or halves, if it is cherry, were almost the same.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

3. Cut the bread into the slot in any way. If our tomatoes are cut into slices, it is better that the bread is cut too.

4. Dry a little in a dry pan. Make sure the bread is not too fried, otherwise the appearance of the snack will be affected.

And you can not fry it at all, in which case it will not be crunchy.

5. Put one tomato on each slice of bread and place the shrimp on top. Drill with a toothpick and spread it on a tray.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

The shrimp are loved by everyone, and therefore, a canape on the table will not last long. The snack is simple, tasty and light.

Therefore, I advise you to cook more. Since always missing.

How much would not be cooked.

Or you can make this option simple and interesting. The composition of only two ingredients – cooked shrimp and grapes.

And how beautiful and tasty it is!

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

Or here is another design that can decorate the table. Any soft cheese extends over the base.

Cucumbers lined, cooked shrimp and a slice of grapefruit. And as decoration we use a piece of lemon and a sprig of green.

Very simple and very tasty.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

The canapés are cooked not only with vegetables, fish and seafood. A special place on the table is always occupied by dessert sandwiches.

And you can cook them absolutely of any fruit, even if it’s fresh, although canned.

The only difference is that it is better to spread canned fruit on the cookies, that is, on the “sofa”, and the fresh ones have a denser texture and, therefore, can be placed on skewers.

Since there is nothing to describe in such options, I suggest that you look carefully at the photos with beautiful design. Afterwards, you can take ideas for yourself and simply repeat them.

Or devise something similar.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

For example, like this one. Small fruits are left whole, and larger ones are cut into pieces.

Since the canape turned out to be quite large, it is better to place it on the plate. And from above it is possible to sprinkle with powdered sugar for beauty.

If you take the following composition, it is also good and beautiful. And 100% will please everyone with their bright colors.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

And this recipe is quite simple. And just to match the Santa Claus New Year’s hat.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

You can prepare a composition and a little harder. To do this, you just need to cook a chocolate glaze, or just melt the chocolate.

Then skewer the fruit of the skewers and pour it, forming the shape of a zigzag. Put in the refrigerator to glaze.

And you can bring so much beauty to the table.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

That is, as you can see, there is nothing difficult in the preparation of such compositions. Yes, and it does not take long.

In addition, it is very convenient. Immediately on a skewer eat all the fruits. And you can help them.

As a general rule, guests like this food very much.

This category of recipes does not need much description either. You look at the photos and everything is clear and understandable.

The only thing to pay attention to is the fact that the cheese variety can be absolutely anything.

Everything depends on the preferences. Any type of cheese is similar: both our Russian variety and all the pickled varieties, which include Adygei, Suluguni, cheese. You can use good melted cheese.

Well, noble varieties like Kamaber, Dor Blue, Parmesan will be considered the height of frustration.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

There are many varieties of cheese, and we will not list them all. And better let’s look at the design options.

Both are good and simple.

Here is an interesting and original recipe with seedless grapes and Maasdam cheese. The cheese is cut into strips of the same size and rolled.

And on top of all this is the decorated grape, stuck with a toothpick. And to look more elegant, then replace the chopsticks with spikes.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

And in the following design, grapes of different colors and sizes are used. As it was with the bones, it was cut into two halves and the bones were extracted.

And also decorated with a piece of walnut.

Agree that the dish turned out beautiful. And on the table will occupy a place of honor.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

And this composition with noble cheese with Blue Dor mold. Usually, if you buy such cheese, then a little. It’s too expensive

That is, in a performance of this kind can be beautifully served and to treat all the guests. And the plate will not be so small.

Also keep in mind that mango ingredients are also used. Walk, so walk. Canape then we have a vacation!

Well, generally beautiful, right?

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

And who of us will refuse to eat a piece of Camaber for the holidays? Here and above the decoration above all there is no need to try.

The cheese will be the best decoration.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

And finally, here is a recipe. Here, the small buns are used as a base. They need to cut the top and lubricate the base with cottage cheese.

Then cut the ham very thin, or spasmodic. Roll on a roll, putting the mint or parsley in the middle.

Then put on the cheese and cover with a lid – lid.

Decorate with grapes and chop the whole structure with a skewer. To keep it well, and that it was convenient to remove it from the general dish.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

As you can see, there are also more than enough ideas. And they are all beautiful and tasty.

Do not forget to simply cut in half the grapes, within which the bones. They must be extracted.

Small and delicious recipes with cheese appetizers.

We prepare a sandwich with cheese and grapes, and you can cook canapés and other ingredients. That is, with those with whom the cheese is combined.

It is meat and sausages, many vegetables and fruits, olives and olives.

The recipes are also very simple. Therefore, it only remains to take and choose a recipe to your liking.

And build your favorite composition. Let’s look at some of them.

It’s that simple and easy to quickly cook a sandwich of mozzarella cheese and cherry tomatoes.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

Or alternatively, where among the components is any meat, or sausage, as well as cucumber and Maasdam cheese. Two candles are made of him.

And such beautiful and appetizing boats are ready to embark on your vacation trip.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

And such a dish is not ashamed to be put on the table for any holiday. Here we can see the various components: smoked meat, smoked sausages, ham, tomatoes, as well as cheese and grapes. These are small sandwiches that are good to serve and also to eat.

And the noble mold over the cheese makes canapés even more appetizing.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

I think that now you can create your recipe yourself. If you know what cheese is combined, and the more you like some combinations, then cook food and snacks, and in 10-15 minutes you will have a beautiful snack at your festive table.

Recently, it has become very fashionable to organize tables for children with canapés. And I must say that it is very convenient.

Although children are small, it is difficult for them to sit in one place. And even more expect changes in cold and hot dishes. In addition, each child has their own eating habits.

And it is very difficult to please everyone.

But a win-win is any sandwich in the form of canapés. Many children love cheese, meat, shrimp, fruits and vegetables.

And they love bright and juicy colors. And if you put them in this category, children will like much more than saying our boring salads or baked meat.

Another advantage of this type of snack is that if something suddenly is not enough, you can always get food from the refrigerator and make a new batch.

And to know what to cook, let’s see the options and the images.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

Such a “fruit rainbow” simply will not stop at the table. Therefore, harvest it more immediately.

Otherwise, after 10 minutes, the plate will be empty.

And here is another version of fruit from a tasty appetizer. A chic peacock spreads its rich tail, and offers you to taste various delicacies.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

In the same way, you can prepare a funny hedgehog. The “Conference” of pears was an excellent base to create such beauty.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

But of such olive penguins almost nobody will refuse. You probably already guessed he had cheese curdled in his belly.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

And that’s how you can see a funny caterpillar. And you can do it in just 5 – 10 minutes.

Yes, the eyes for this is better to buy in advance.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

If you have a lot of time, then bake on the baking sheet many small buns and one more. Collect all the blanks in a snake-shaped design.

During cooking, all the pieces come together in a large figure. Then let it cool and decorate it to your liking.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

Children of such beauty will be delighted. And each one will receive a roll, or even two.

And finally, I decided to leave two recipes, of which the children will be delighted. Everyone loves all kinds of jams and sweets.

Therefore, you will definitely like this idea.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

And here is another idea of ​​the beautiful portion of candy for tea. Put a composition of this type on the table for adults, and probably will not be indifferent.

And everyone wants to take at least one delicious skewer on their plate.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

The original design of canapés for the holidays at home.

Today we have already reviewed several recipes and ways to design canapés. We prepare them in different ways, and with different ingredients.

And I hope you now understand how they can be prepared and decorated.

And in this collection I would like to show more design options and an interesting combination of products. Soon the most important party of the new year.

And I think that each one of us will have a plate with this little snack on the table.

Therefore, in the final chapter, I want to offer you some more original photos, in my opinion.

We have already prepared canapés with prawns today. But the new design.

Can you imagine that shrimp can be combined with bacon? But it turns out that it is perfectly combined.

Boil the shrimp, wrap them with a slice of bacon and place them on toast, cut into slices, on a plate of lettuce. Your guests will be delighted with a sandwich of this type!

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

What a table without your favorite smoked sausage. If you like smoked sausages, prepare these canapés.

Bright, tasty and beautiful. And you can cook them in just 5 minutes.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

And if you like crab sticks, you can create a beautiful and original dish with your participation. And look how good you can fix the dish.

As a base, conventional cookies were used. And you can grease it with any soft cheese.

Although curdled, even creamy.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

Today we have not touched the road to design canapés with pancakes. But here you can find many interesting and tasty options.

And here, for example, one of them. Only 4 ingredients: red fish, soft cheese, pancakes and olives. If desired, they can be replaced by olives.

Or even the grapes.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

And here is another design option. It is similar to the previous one, only the crowning element is made of cherry tomatoes.

Well, for the brightness of the lettuce leaves.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

Cherry tomatoes, egg and olives. And what is the result you can get? A little like an improvised snowman.

And if you do not remember anything, then it is beautiful and original.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

What a Russian holiday without caviar. If you are tired of spreading it on a piece of bread and it is boring to put it on a plate, take this option as a base.

Very simple and beautiful. The eggs can be used as quail, they will look neater.

Or buy a chicken egg of the second category. They are small and they are also suitable to make this option.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

But what an original performance! Small bread, salty smoked sausage, melon and green leaves.

And instead of a melon you can take a piece of preserved pineapple. Or a tomato, or a cucumber.

We already know that it is possible to combine any compatible product, and sometimes not compatible. Therefore, combine them for health, if only the appearance is up to par!

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

I can not ignore the little penguins again. They are very beautiful and original.

His appearance causes a smile and uplifting.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

And, finally, I left an image like that. In my opinion, this is just aerial stunts!

You probably understand what this culinary art work consists of.

Canapés on skewers on the festive table.

These are our recipes today. Involved only many different products. As a general rule, we all prepare several salads for the holidays.

And we always have a certain stock of products. Only one of them and you can cook canapés.

What it is, or is left.

The great advantage of canapés of all other culinary dishes is that they can be cooked in just a few minutes. Even if it’s not a holiday, but your friends threw themselves at you, they prepare a plate with an appetizer and the guests will feel that you’re happy for them.

Well, on a holiday, prepare such a snack necessarily. And with its colorful decoration, it will undoubtedly please everyone and decorate your Christmas table.

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