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Canned cucumbers – 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

The harvest season of vegetables, fruits and berries for winter is in full swing. And we are not falling behind, we have already made a lot of jam, frozen berries and mushrooms.

Canned salads, cucumbers and tomatoes.

But the harvest is rich, especially many cucumbers this year. Every day you take a small bucket of bushes.

Already as soon as they were not salted this year, both in a package, as in a frying pan, and in the classic and original forms. But all these cucumbers “fast”, as for the winter that does not store.

For longer storage, they should be retained. And we have already done it in several very interesting ways: this is a beautiful and tasty “Assortment”, a tandem with red currants and a delicious recipe in tomato sauce.

But there are other, not less interesting, ways that simply get wonderful blank spaces.

In today’s article, I would like to share with you quite simple and proven recipes for which I have been preparing cucumbers for more than a year. Ready-to-eat conservation is very tasty and perfectly stored throughout the winter.

Canned cucumbers - 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

Now we live in our own house and I store all the blanks in the basement. It is warm, as it is in a normal room. And before that, we lived in an apartment and I kept the blanks in the pantry or under the bed.

So all the recipes today are suitable for storing cans in the apartment.

Canned crispy cucumbers for winter: a recipe for a 3-liter bottle

This is the simplest recipe for preparing our green vegetables. This – it must be in the piggy bank of each hostess.

When you know, and most importantly, understand how to cook in a simple way, then anyone, even the most complex recipe, can do it.

Therefore, I propose to start with it.

We will need (for a 3 liter jug):

  • Cucumbers – 20 – 25 pieces (depending on size)
  • Garlic – 3 – 4 cloves
  • bitter pepper – to taste
  • Black Peas – 10 pieces
  • Jamaica pepper – 3 pieces
  • Nail sprouts – 4 – 5 pieces
  • Horseradish leaf – small, or half
  • currant leaf – 6 pieces
  • cherry leaf – 8 pieces
  • dill – 4 – 5 umbrella with twigs
  • sugar – 3 tablespoons. spoons
  • salt – 3 tablespoons. spoons
  • 9% vinegar – 2 tbsp. spoons

In the 3-liter bottle you will need approximately 1.5 liters of water, as long as the bottle is filled with cucumbers.

1. Wash the cucumbers and pour cold water for 2 to 3 hours. This will allow them to take the moisture that is missing, which will later make them tasty and crunchy.

Canned cucumbers - 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

2. Then rinse again with cold running water and cut the ends. If the cucumbers are small, you can cut the tip on one side, where there is a “tail”.

Try cucumbers in the bank were about the same size. This will allow them to marinate uniformly.

3. Peel and chop the garlic.

4. Greens and leaves, rinse and scald with boiling water. Then fold to a strainer.

5. Rinse the soda thoroughly and sterilize one of the known methods

Rinse the cover to roll with soda and pour boiling water over it, then cover with a lid to keep it warm. Or boil it in a separate pan.

6. Place a piece of horseradish in the bottom of the jar, about 5 to 6 cm long. Then put 1/3 part of dill and leaves of currant and cherries, or around that part.

The horseradish leaf will not allow the brine to turn turbid, and the cherry and black currant leaves will not only give it its flavor, but will also keep the cucumbers crispy.

The greens will be placed on the bottom, middle and top. So roughly calculate how much to put.

7. The cucumbers, respectively, will be placed in two large layers. Therefore, we put them in the greens half a bottle.

In each of the arranged layers there is a little garlic. It must also be distributed evenly throughout the volume of the can.

8. In the middle, place the second layer of green leaves, as well as a mixture of peppers.

9. Next, place the cucumbers, already on top. Pour the layers of garlic.

Leave space at the top for another layer of vegetation and leaves. At the top, be sure to put another piece of horseradish leaf.

Try to put the fruit very well. The thicker you get, the crispier they will turn out to be.

Canned cucumbers - 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

10. Cover with salt and sugar, shake the bottle slightly so that everything wakes up.

11. Put the boiled water in a saucepan. Pour two liters into it for the first time.

Then we fuse the excess.

12. Prepare the vinegar, let it be ready, so as not to forget to pour it when necessary.

13. When the water boils, be careful not to burn yourself, pour it into the jar to the bottom. Cover with a metal lid and let stand for 7 minutes.

During this time, turn gently, but rather intensely, the container from side to side so that the air bubbles come out.

To avoid scratching the table with a can while rotating, even before pouring water, place it on a cloth or towel.

Do not open the lid!

14. Place a plastic cover with holes in the neck and drain the water into the tray. Put it on the fire again and put it to boil.

At the same time we boil another kettle. When you re-pour the marinade, you will lose a little.

Therefore, we will need additional boiling water.

While the marinade is boiling, cover the jar with a metal lid.

15. As soon as the marinade boils, and the boiling water in the kettle is ready, pour the marinade first into the jar, then the vinegar, and then pour the remaining water from the kettle.

The liquid should reach the edge of the neck. So when you close the bottle with a lid, it will even overflow slightly.
From this point it is absolutely forbidden to open the lid.

16. The bench should stand on a rag or towel again. Again, for about 5 minutes (periodically, of course) we will rotate the can and expel the air bubbles.

They will still leave the cut point of the cucumber tip.

Do not open the lid.

17. After 5 to 7 minutes, screw the cap with a sealant.

18. Then, turn the bottle and cover it with a blanket, leave it in this position until it is completely cool.

Canned cucumbers - 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

19. Then turn to the usual position and put into storage. A cool, dark place, like a warehouse or a basement, is suitable for this.

In any case, do not store the cans near the radiators.

This preparation is well maintained for a year, and even two, unless, of course, it is up to these times.

The cucumbers are moderately salty, moderately sweet, crunchy and tasty.

This recipe has another cooking option. The composition of the ingredients is the same.

But here is the marker and fill method, you can use another.

For this we need two pots of water. In one, pour half the volume of water, and in the second pour more, enough to fill.

1. Put half of the vegetables, leaves and garlic in the bottom of the sterilized jar. The greens necessarily pour boiling water.

Put pepper and cloves there.

2. Cucumbers with cut ends are put in a colander and when the water in an incomplete pan boils, lower it with the boiling water content. To hold there 2 minutes.

Then, quickly put everything in the bank.

3. Top with the second part of vegetables and garlic. Add salt and sugar.

4. Pour boiling water in half, pour vinegar and fill with the second half of the boiling water.

5. Close the lid and roll up the machine.

6. Turn the bottle and leave it under the blanket until it cools completely.

Canned cucumbers - 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

I only share with you all the forms and options that I know, so that you know them. But I myself use the filling in the first way, because I consider it more reliable in terms of heat treatment.

By the way, both in the first and in the second version, we use two fillings only with the condition that our cucumbers are small.

If they are large, then it is better to fill three times. That is, they must be tightened in the third padding.

The recipe for the most delicious crispy canned cucumbers without sterilization.

I am now writing the name of the next chapter, and I think it is probably not correct to say that this or that recipe is the most delicious. After all, everyone has different tastes, and if one of them gets the most delicious vegetables according to a recipe, then for another, according to another.

Someone likes sweet preparations more, someone, on the contrary, salty. Someone prefers the taste of the barrel, and someone prefers the acidic marinade.

Therefore, before going on to the description of the recipe, I want to make a reservation that this is the easiest and most delicious recipe for everything I prepare, in my opinion. Cook in it for a long time. And he got me from my mother, she still keeps cucumbers in this way.

That is, it can be considered our family property.

And how many already I wrote brochures with his description, and I distributed them to the brides. And I know that many of them are now just for him and for cooking. This means that they recognized it as the most delicious.

What is incredibly nice.

I already have a similar description in my blog. According to this scheme, I kept Surtido, where, together with cucumbers, marinated tomatoes, carrots, cabbage and squash.

Therefore, I decided not to repeat and write how to simply preserve the cucumbers.

Canned cucumbers - 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

This recipe has a particularity: as a preservative, I use quite essence of vinegar and aspirin. And I do not use sterilization.

Is it interesting?

The advantage of such marinating is that the fruits do not become bitter. I tried a lot of pills during the visit.

And many of them have the same drawback: they are too bitter! And for this acid no other flavor is felt.

In this case, it turns out that it was possible to store cucumbers for the winter, but it feels a great loss of flavor.

The method proposed below corrects this deficiency completely. And in the winter, with each jar open, we invariably have tasty cucumbers in a bright transparent brine.

And you can crush them at least as well, even add to any salad, even cook with them the first and second dish.

If you want this recipe, read on. It is very simple and reliable.

We will need a 3 liter jug.

  • Cucumbers – 20 – 25 pieces (depending on size)
  • Small tomatoes – 3-4 pieces
  • Garlic – 3 – 4 cloves
  • dill – 6 – 7 umbrella (or less, but with twigs)
  • Horseradish leaf – 0,5 pcs
  • black currant leaf – 4 pieces
  • cherry leaf – 7 – 8 pieces
  • tarragon – 1 twig
  • Black Peas – 10 pieces
  • Jamaica pepper – 3 – 4 pieces
  • red peppers to taste
  • carnation – 5 buds
  • salt – 3 tablespoons. spoons
  • sugar – 2 tablespoons. spoons
  • 70% acetic essence – a little more than half a teaspoon
  • Aspirin – 2.5 tablets

In a three-liter jug ​​it usually takes 1.5 liters of water, more – less a little. This is always when the bank fills up too tight.

What, in principle, and to achieve.

1. Wash the cucumbers, put them in a bowl or bucket and pour cold water on them. If the fruits are collected fairly recently, leave them in water for 2 to 3 hours. If enough time has passed, keep them in water for 4 to 5 hours.

This will keep them crispy throughout the long winter storage period.

Always soak cucumbers with a reserve, under the principle that “it is better to stay than enough”. You can never count exactly how many fruits we can put in a jar, depending on its size.

2. Once the time has passed, drain the water and rinse the fruit again with running water. Then cut the ends.

Try a few cucumbers on the side of the cola, they should not be bitter.

3. Fold the fruit on the towel so that the glass has excess water.

4. Rinse all leaves, tarragon and dill. Immerse them in boiling water, hold them for a minute and remove them.

Also put everything on the towel.

Canned cucumbers - 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

5. Peel the garlic, breaking it into teeth. If they are not very large, then leave them completely.

If it’s big, then cut it into pieces.

Garlic is very tasty in a marinated state, so I try to leave my whole teeth. And sometimes they even violate the recipe and add teeth a little more than it should be according to the recipe.

Taste in general, does not interfere.

But do not be jealous of this, too much garlic makes cucumbers soft.

6. Wash the tomatoes. Make a toothpick two – three punctures in the place of fixing the twigs.

Canned cucumbers - 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

Tomatoes can not be added, but we will need them to impart flavor and better conservation. Tomatoes contain natural acid and, in part, can also be considered a type of preservative.

7. Also cook all the peppers, salt, sugar and 70% vinegar essence. I always use essence in conservation, it’s much easier for me to use it, and I’m never wrong.

Because often there are recipes where you simply write “vinegar”, “there is so much”, and you just have to guess what percentage of this vinegar is. Because of this, there are often mistakes, and if the vinegar is not filled, the jar can explode, and if it is poured, the cucumbers will become too bitter.

Prepare everything at once, so as not to forget anything in a hurry. When my daughter was not as grown-up as she is now, she could, for example, forget to put salt in a jar. And in the winter, when opening a bottle of this type, we receive cucumbers without salt.)))

8. Wash the soda and metal lid (do not automatically screw) with soda and sterilize with one of the known methods. It is better to do this in advance, so as not to put the ingredients in a hot container.

Canned cucumbers - 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

9. Now that everything is ready with us, we will start dialing.

The first layer has half a portion of a horseradish leaf. Some other leaves and dill.

The complete greens will be distributed in three layers: down, up and in the middle, so divide the content into 3 parts.

Canned cucumbers - 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

10. Immediately place the whole bell pepper in its variety. Add spicy red pepper (may be green, but always spicy) to taste. Consider the degree of its sharpness and its taste preferences.

Usually, cut a 1.5 to 2 cm piece of the sheath.

And remember that it is the sharpest seed, so it is best to clean them if you decide to add this part of the pod.

11. Begin to spread the cucumbers. Down to invest larger, smaller up.

Pour the garlic cloves in random order.

Extend them as tight as possible, literally squeezing whenever possible.

12. In the middle place a second layer of green and two tomatoes.

13. Then the cucumbers and garlic come back. Then, two more tomatoes and a layer of vegetables.

Leave some room for salt and sugar. They are also immediately poured into the bank in the correct amount.

14. Put warm water, we will need 1.5 liters of boiling water. You can boil the right amount in the kettle.

15. Put the bottle on a rag or napkin. Pour boiling water on top and cover with a sterilized metal lid.

The air bubbles will begin to emerge from the cutting areas of our cucumbers. They need help to get out of the jar. To do this, place your hands on the sides of the edges and begin to turn it from side to side, as if you were shaking slightly.

Therefore, keep the can for 5-7 minutes, shaking it periodically.

16. Then remove the metal cover and put it in a plastic with holes. Prepare a pan and pour the brine in it. Put the pot on the fire and boil the contents.

Let boil for 1 – 2 minutes.

Meanwhile, the kettle must also be boiled, we will need additional boiling water.

17. Meanwhile, the water begins to boil, crush the aspirin tablets. Let me remind you that we need 2.5 tablets for a 3-liter bottle.

Canned cucumbers - 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

18. Put it in a jar, right above. And as soon as the gherkin boils for a couple of minutes, return it immediately to the jar.

As we can see, there is not enough liquid. For this, we should already have a kettle with boiling water ready.

But first you have to prepare the essence of vinegar. And holding a spoon with essence in one hand and a teapot in the other, pour both at the same time.

Essence all, and boiling water as much as necessary, so that it spills just below the neck.

19. Immediately cover the bottle with a metal lid.

From this moment, the lid will not open under any pretext!

20. Allow the bottle to remain in this position for 5 minutes while rotating the bottle again and expelling the air bubbles.

21. Then tighten the cap with a sealant.

Canned cucumbers - 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

If large cucumbers were placed in the jar, then there should be three fillings. And only with the third can you press the lid.

22. Throw the glass and cover it with a blanket. Leave in this position until it cools.

23. Then turn it over again and put it on, as always. Store in a dark and cool place.

This preparation is stored perfectly, and at least one year, at least two. Long-term storage does not affect the taste.

The cucumbers are moderately salty and sweet, slightly sour, crispy and have a pleasant flavor. The brine has the same pleasant taste, it is light and transparent.

And you can drink it if you wish, it is also very tasty.

Canned cucumbers - 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

Here is a recipe! Although it was great, but in reality everything is very simple.

And most importantly, what is the result?

By the way, I did not mention one of the advantages of this recipe. Every year I keep my cucumbers in it, maybe for 35 years.

During all these years, none of the cans has “flown”. Over the years I have lived both in the south and in the north, both in the apartment and in the house, and in any condition, the jars are beautifully kept!

Canned cucumbers with assorted tomatoes – a delicious recipe (video)

According to the recipe indicated above, you can also cook cucumbers together with tomatoes. It is very convenient, especially when it is kept in three-liter jars.

In this case, it immediately results in two delicious sandwiches.

As I said, the recipe is exactly the same. The only thing we need is less cucumbers and more tomatoes.

Tomatoes in this case, use not very large. Excellent varieties of plums, like “woman’s fingers”. They are quite meaty, with a fairly thick skin, which allows you to keep a tomato as a whole.

And so that the tomato does not break, it is necessary to chop it with a toothpick in two or three places near the “ass”.

Or you can use tomatoes of the cherry variety, they are small and elastic, and very tasty in the blanks. Both with the use of a tomato, as with other vegetables.

When repainting, first put vegetables and spices, then cucumbers. Then the greens return, and the tomatoes.

Over and extend the greens.

The fillings are also two, as already described. As preservatives, we use salt, sugar, vinegar essence and aspirin (2.5 tablets per 3-liter jar).

So this recipe is universal. For him, we were preparing a dish, so today I offered you a recipe for cucumbers and now cucumbers with tomatoes.

But, in fact, there are quite a few recipes for cooking cucumbers with tomatoes. And here is one of these recipes, I would like to offer you to see them in video format.

The tomatoes themselves are an excellent preservative, as they contain a large amount of acid in their composition. And they are even invited to close the screw caps.

So choose a recipe to your liking and cook to your liking, and for the recipe that you like the most.

Canned cucumbers with citric acid – a recipe for winter

We prepare the previous recipes without sterilizing the cans, and in the example of this recipe, I would like to tell you how to preserve the cucumbers with sterilization.

In general, sterilization requires fruits in which vinegar is not added. And although in this recipe we will add citric acid to the marinade, but we can not do without an additional protection for a successful storage.

We will need (for a 3 liter jug):

  • Cucumbers – 2 kg
  • Garlic – 3 – 4 cloves
  • Dill with seeds – 2 tbsp. spoons
  • horseradish – 0.5 leaves (or 1 teaspoon grated)
  • Black Peas – 4 – 5 pieces
  • Jamaica pepper – 3 – 4 pieces

For brine based on 1 liter of water:

  • Salt – 1/4 cup or 3 incomplete tablespoons
  • sugar – 1 tbsp. a spoon
  • Citric acid – 1 tablespoon. a spoon

1. Wash cans and lids with soda and sterilize.

2. Soak cucumbers in cold water for 2 to 3 hours. Then wash carefully and cut the ends.

Do not use very large specimens. Small or medium sized vegetables are suitable for this recipe.

3. Put all the condiments and herbs in the jar. Then put the cucumbers. For better salting, it is better to place them in vertical position.

But you can dispose this way, especially if the fruits are small.

Canned cucumbers - 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

4. In the three-liter bottle you will need about 1.5 liters of water. Therefore, all the ingredients for the brine should be taken in the correct amount.

5. Put the water in the pan over the gas. Add salt, sugar and citric acid and let boil.

6. Pour boiling cucumbers into a jar just below the neck. Cover with a metal lid.

7. Place a rag napkin in a large saucepan and pour in a little water. Heat slightly on the gas and place the jug with all its contents.

If necessary, add more hot water.

Ideally, the water should reach the shoulders of the banks, or a little less.

8. Bring to a boil and write down the time. For sterilization we need 20 minutes from the moment of boiling.

This is for a three-liter cans.

Canned cucumbers - 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

9. After the allotted time to obtain the vial with tweezers, make sure that the cap does not open. If the air enters the can, it is most likely that it will not be stored for a long time and, in the worst case, will “explode” at all.

So do not rush and arrive smoothly.

If such annoyance has occurred, and the cap still moves slightly, then boiling water should be added to the neck, recapping the lid and sterilizing again for 15 minutes, but in this case, the cucumbers will not be crispy, they will simply be digested.

10. Screw the cover using a special typewriter. Turn the jar, put it on the lid and cover it with a blanket.

Leave in this position until it cools.

11. Then change to the normal position and store it in a dark and cool place.

Crispy and sweet canned cucumbers: a recipe for a quart jar

It is very convenient to keep the cucumbers in one liter jars, especially when the family is not very large. You will open a bottle of this type in the winter and you will immediately eat it in the hunt.

And in the fridge, it’s definitely not stagnant.

In one liter jars, you can keep any of the recipes that are offered today. But for a change, I offer here this version of the sweet billet.

  • Cucumbers – depending on size
  • Garlic – 2 cloves
  • dill – 2 umbrellas
  • horseradish leaf – 1/3 part
  • cherry leaf – 2 – 3 pieces
  • currant leaf – 2 pieces
  • carnation – 1 outbreak
  • Black Pepper Peas – 5 pcs
  • Jamaica pepper – 1 PC
  • Acetic essence 70% – 0.5 teaspoons

Per liter the container is very densely filled with cucumbers, you will need approximately half a liter of water. To this amount, and given the required amount of salt and sugar.

1. Pour the cucumbers with cold water and let stand 2 to 3 hours. Then wash them with clean water and cut the ends.

Put a towel so that the water is glass.

2. Wash the herbs, you can scald them with boiling water and also put them in a towel. Garlic peel

And immediately prepare all spices, salt and sugar.

3. Place half a piece of horseradish leaf in a sterilized jar. If it is approximately, then it is a strip of 4 to 5 cm from the normal sheet.

Then put the dill umbrella on a cherry and currant leaf.

Immediately put all spices and spices and garlic.

4. Publication of cucumbers. Try to take them small size and stack them very tightly together.

In the first row, you can put them in each other’s friend vertically. And only then does he place the smallest ones on top, that is, horizontally.

Canned cucumbers - 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

5. Leave a place for dill, another cherry, currant and horseradish leaves.

6. Boil the boiling water in the kettle and pour the contents up to the neck. Cover with a sterile lid.

Leave on for 10 – 15 minutes. The preparation criterion may be the fact that you can safely take the vial in your hand.

7. Meanwhile, boil the water for the brine, add the right amount of salt and sugar, and as boiled, pour the essence of vinegar and then let it boil again.

8. Pour warm water from the jar and pour boiling brine just below the neck. If you did not have enough brine, add boiling water from the kettle.

And best of all to make a pickle with a margin.

9. Immediately cover. Let it sit in the closed state for two or three minutes to get the air bubbles out, if they are left.

But do not open the lid.

10. Then tighten it with a special seamstress.

11. Turn the bottle and place it with the neck under a blanket. Leave in this position until it cools.

Then, turn it over again and place it in a cool, dark place.

This preparation is stored well and can be stored in an apartment in the pantry.

If you want to make several liter jars, simply multiply proportionally the amount of all the ingredients by the number of jars.

According to the same recipe, it is possible to obtain bottles of at least three liters and at least two liters. And it also fits 750 grams jars with screw caps.

Canned cucumbers with mustard for winter storage in the apartment

In fact, of course, all of today’s recipes are designed to be stored in an apartment, and this is a proven fact many times over. But here is another one of these recipes that can be useful in your money box.

It is not very common, and it is unusual for such pickles to be cooked in a marinade with mustard. Try this canning option.

He is also good, and has many fans.

As a result of this preparation, slightly bittersweet, bittersweet cucumbers are obtained.

Also here, you can see how to sterilize and twist the jars. For the young hostesses who are gaining experience, this will be very useful.

Canned cucumbers - 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

In today’s recipes, I tried to offer you proven recipes over time. All of them are united by the fact that they always produce very tasty and crunchy cucumbers.

So feel free to choose any of the recipes and make preparations for the winter.

And at the end of the article, I would like to share some useful tips that you will need when you can keep them.

How to preserve the delicious and crispy cucumbers for winter.

These tips will be useful in any of the selected ways, so be sure to take them to the note.

  • Before packing, be sure to soak the cucumbers in cold water for several hours

Canned cucumbers - 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

  • cut the ends on both sides and test the fruits so they are not bitter
  • Fill the jars with fruit very tightly, so that none of them can stick more
  • For all fruits to be salted uniformly, take them the same size in each of the cans.
  • Be sure to use a horseradish leaf, it will not allow the brine to weaken
  • Use the leaves of cherries and black currants, give the necessary freshness to fruits.
  • a twig of tarragon gives a cucumber barrel flavor and keeps them dense and solid
  • Do not put too much garlic, soften the fruit.
  • Use large, non-iodized salt for salting.
  • For better storage of blanks in an apartment at room temperature before sewing, pour the cucumbers two or three times with boiling water directly into the jar each time the cooled water drains. To keep it for 5 to 7 minutes, then merge. Only for the third time the bay pickle and the vinegar are already poured rolling.
  • Be sure to sterilize empty jars and lids
  • Do not use preservation, in which the lid has been domed. It is a threat to life!

These are the basic rules that will allow you to eat delicious cucumbers throughout the winter.

Canned cucumbers - 7 recipes for the most delicious crispy cucumbers

If after reading, or during canning, you have any questions, ask them in the comments. If I am in contact, I will try to respond quickly. But, of course, it’s better to ask questions in advance, since I’m not always on the computer.

But sometimes they ask a question directly from the kitchen place, but I can only see it after two or three hours. And imagine how worried a man is that he does not respond in time.

Please treat this with understanding!

But I hope that I wrote everything clearly and in detail, in any case, I tried to make it come true!

Cook, and let you always get the most delicious billet.

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