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Cucumber salad for winter

Well, who did not eat, harvested summer or autumn cucumber salad for winter. This salad is especially good for adults. Children like jam more.

But what kind of salads of various vegetables do people cook during the winter? Sometimes you ask.

In our country, it is customary to harvest cabbages, cucumbers, tomatoes, aubergines and courgettes for winter. Of course, other vegetables are also harvested, but these are the main ones.

I already gave pickled cucumber recipes. He also wrote about salty cucumbers and two different items in the second, he also gave recipes for salty cucumbers, but not all can be stored for a long time.

But you can store them in the refrigerator, although they will already be salted.

Cucumber salad for winter

Cucumber salad for winter, yum fingers, the most delicious salad recipes with photos step by step.

Well, today, we look at cucumber salad recipes for winter. Each recipe is interesting in its own way.

Pay attention to the details. Successes!

  1. Cucumber salad recipe for winter.
  2. Winter salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and onions.
  3. Simple and very tasty cucumber salad for winter.
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  5. Video – Korean Cucumbers for Winter

Cucumber salad for winter fingers yum – a recipe

Cucumber salad for winter

  • Cucumbers – 4 kg.
  • Onions – 0.5 kg.
  • Dill – a large group
  • Salt – 3 tablespoons. l
  • Sugar – 6 tablespoons. l
  • Vegetable oil – 250 ml.
  • Table vinegar 9% – 200 ml.

From this amount of ingredients we obtained a little more than 4 liters of lettuce.

What are the good salads of cucumbers so you can take cucumbers of different sizes, which are not suitable for preserved intact.

Cucumber salad for winter

1. Wash the cucumbers, cut the ends on both sides and cut. Cut the cucumbers into circles that are not too thick, but not too thin.

Cut the large cucumbers in half and cut them into halves, the same thickness as the first ones.

Cucumber salad for winter

3. Place the sliced ​​cucumbers in a large bowl or bowl.

Cucumber salad for winter

4. Cut the onion into small cubes or as desired, at your discretion. We send onions to cucumbers.

Cucumber salad for winter

5. Finely chopped dill and add to the cucumbers with onion. Everything gently mix.

Cucumber salad for winter

6. Add 3 tablespoons of salt, without a large slide. Take salt stone, in it there are no additives.

And add to this 6 tablespoons of sugar.

Cucumber salad for winter

7. Fill the cucumbers with a glass, 250 ml of vegetable oil.

8. Stir everything gently, close the lid and leave at room temperature, for 4-5 hours, until the cucumbers give juice.

Cucumber salad for winter

9. The cucumbers stood up, they gave juice. Put the container over the fire and let it boil, stirring gently so as not to break the cucumbers.

Cucumber salad for winter

10. As soon as they boil, add 200 ml. 9% vinegar. Stir for another 3-4 minutes.

As soon as the cucumbers change color, they are ready. Do not digest them. Then they will not be crispy, and in fact they will lose their flavor.

Well, someone might like it.

Cucumber salad for winter

11. Remove the pelvis from the fire and place the cucumbers on the edges. Do not forget to sterilize the bottles and lids.

Cucumber salad for winter

12. The cucumbers are tight and completely filled with marinade. Close the caps, pre-sterilized.

13. Roll the caps or turn the special screw caps, use these plugs only when there is a little 1-2 cans of pickles, and I usually roll metal plugs.

Cucumber salad for winter

14. Turn the jars, put them on the eyelids and let them cool completely. Nothing that we do not cover, otherwise the cucumbers will come out soft.

Keep this salad in a cool place. But it can be stored at room temperature.

Our cucumber salad for winter is ready for storage and for future winter consumption.

Cucumber salad for winter

  • cucumbers
  • the tomatoes
  • arc
  • the carrot
  • garlic
  • dill
  • carnation
  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 tablespoon. l salt
  • 3 tablespoons l sugar
  • 1 tablespoon. The acetic essence 70%

Vegetables consume everything you need or how much you have. And the composite marinade is indicated in ingredients per liter of water.

If the marinade does not have enough of 1 liter of water, add proportionally, according to the above.

1. Wash all vegetables, garlic, onions, carrots, clean.

Cucumber salad for winter

2. Onion cut in halves.

Cucumber salad for winter

3. Peeled carrots cut into semicircles.

Cucumber salad for winter

4. Cut the tomatoes in 4 parts. They need to be medium-sized mature, but dense.

Cucumber salad for winter

5. Cut the cucumbers into slices approximately 3-5 mm thick.

6. Place the spices in sterilized jars: dill, 3 cloves each, 3-4 cloves of garlic.

Cucumber salad for winter

7. We start to put vegetables. Put the onion first.

Cucumber salad for winter

8. Then put the carrots and cucumbers. The vegetables are stacked well.

Cucumber salad for winter

9. Put the tomato slices with the top layer of lettuce.

10. Pour 1 liter of water in the pan. Pour a tablespoon of salt and three tablespoons of sugar into the water. Cover the pan with a lid.

Bring to a boil and boil for 3 minutes.

11. Add a tablespoon of vinegar to the marinade.

Cucumber salad for winter

12. Immediately pour the salad with the hot marinade. Adobo pours to the top of the banks.

One liter of marinade is enough for 3 cans with a capacity of 700 ml.

Cucumber salad for winter

13. In a large pot pour water, heat it (do not boil). The banks are covered with lids and put in hot water.

Be careful, lower the tin slowly so that it does not break, although you should have it hot from the stuffed marinade.

14. The water in the pan should reach almost to the neck of the jar. Bring to a boil and heat in boiling water for 10 minutes.

Cucumber salad for winter

15. Take the cans out of the water carefully, twist them well or roll them up if you have metal covers.

Cucumber salad for winter

16. Well, that’s it. Our cucumber, tomato and onion salad is ready for winter.

This salad is kept at room temperature very well all winter.

So cooking potatoes in the winter, look for the salad and enjoy the smell and taste of summer.

Cucumber salad for winter

  • Cucumbers – 2 kg
  • Garlic – 2 cloves
  • Mustard seeds – 1 tbsp.
  • Ground black pepper – 1 teaspoon.
  • Salt – 3 tablespoons. no slide
  • Sugar – 0.5 cup
  • Vegetable oil – 0.5 cups
  • Vinegar 9% – 0.5 cup

Cucumber salad for winter

1. In well-washed cucumbers, cut the ends on both sides and cut them in half, then in half, also in half, and then cut the resulting quarters in half. If the cucumbers are not very large, they can be simply divided into 4 parts by cutting.

Cucumber salad for winter

2. To the chopped cucumbers squeeze two cloves of garlic.

Cucumber salad for winter

3. Pour the salt into cucumbers, mustard seeds, black pepper.

Cucumber salad for winter

4. Add sugar, vegetable oil and vinegar.

Cucumber salad for winter

5. We mix everything.

6. Let the cucumbers stand at room temperature for 2-3 hours, stirring 2-3 times during this time. We need cucumbers to give as much juice as possible.

Cucumber salad for winter

7. After 2 hours, the cucumbers gave us a lot of juice. Depending on the cucumbers, you may have to give them another hour to stop, so that the juice sticks out.

Cucumber salad for winter

8. Separate the cucumbers in clean sterilized banks. Our banks are already cold.

First, we get and put cucumbers in jars. Then pour the marinade on top (cucumber juice in vinegar mixed with spices).

And close the sterilized caps.

Cucumber salad for winter

9. Pour some cold water in the pan. In the lower part, place a towel so that the banks do not come in contact with the bottom of the pan.

We put on the stove.

Cucumber salad for winter

10. Put in the water banks with cucumbers. We added water so that the banks would be filled in 2/3.

Turn on the heat. We are waiting when the water boils.

After the water boils, sterilize the jars for another 20 minutes.

Cucumber salad for winter

11. After finishing the sterilization, remove the jars from the pan. Do not put the jars on a cold surface, put some wood.

Immediately roll the covers of the banks.

12. Installing the cans, rotating the lids down on a suitable surface, you can place another towel and let it cool completely.

13. After the banks have cooled completely, we store them. Better in a dark and cool place.

Whoever does not have it, can keep it in the pantry, in the apartment.

Our simple and delicious cucumber salad is ready for winter.

Now all you have to do is get and eat whenever you want.

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