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Delicious candy “Bounty”

Did you know that favorite sweets since childhood can easily be made at home? Yes, to make them natural and incredibly tasty. generous sweets It only takes 20 minutes of time, three simple ingredients, and here it is: happiness.

The most interesting thing is that this recipe does not contain a touch of butter, that is, it is low in calories. But the taste is magical!

Delicious caramel

  • 2 milk chocolate bars
  • 3 tablespoons Coconut chips – best without sugar
  • 1 tablespoon. condensed milk with sugar
  1. Mix condensed milk well with coconut flakes.

Delicious caramel

2. Prepare a suitable surface that fits in the freezer.

Wrap it with parchment or transparent film.

Delicious caramel

3. Give the pieces of the filling a rectangular shape and place them on this surface.

5. While filling the freezer, cook the melted chocolate in a water bath or microwave.

Delicious caramel

6. Obtain the decorated cold filling, immerse the pieces in melted chocolate one by one and replace the finished confection in the form.

Of course, the chocolate must be fully hardened before serving.

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