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Eggplant “Almost without oil”!

Aubergines are ideal for grilling, preserving and preparing sauces. This vegetable is very useful, contains the optimal amount of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, there is necessary carotene for our body and a large amount of vitamins of group B. With proper preparation, aubergines can become an excellent dietary product.


Raw aubergines contain only 24 calories per 100 g, but when fried, they absorb oil and their caloric content increases to 107, and with garlic and tomatoes up to 132 calories. How to cook eggplant without butter?

There is an exit, and we will share it.


Before frying the aubergine circles, place them in the microwave. Heat at full power for 5-7 minutes until it is half cooked.

The eggplant should soften, put the juice, soak in the juice. Now you can fry it in the pan.

The impregnated aubergine juice will almost not absorb the oil and fried much faster.


Soak the chopped aubergines in salted water. Then drain the water, squeeze lightly and you can spread it over the pan. Now the frying oil will need a lot.

Easy and convenient!


Cut the aubergines, salted, leave for 20-30 minutes. Drain the juice and eggplant fields with butter at a rate of 4 tbsp. l in 1 kg. After that, you can mix them directly with your hands to evenly distribute the oil.

Now you can fry in a completely dry pan.


To put a small barrier between butter and aubergines, you can roll them in salted flour.


In this article we tell how to fry the aubergines. Now you can have them again without the risk of gaining extra pounds.

The aubergine goes well with other vegetables – tomatoes, peppers, zucchini. Eggplants perfectly complement meat dishes and even replace meat for those who decide to switch to a vegetarian diet.

An interesting fact: in the botanical sense, the eggplant is a berry.

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