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Favorite salads at the festive table at home

If you have a vacation in your home, then everyone wants to put a beautiful table with several dishes, make original dishes that they like their loved ones or, on the contrary, have not tried.

The salads will surprise the guests with a unique flavor and a beautiful design. Cooking preferably on the day of the celebration.

You can decorate salads with vegetable sprigs, grated cheese, tomato slices, black olives …

Consider simple and extremely tasty salad recipes.

Favorite salads at the festive table at home

  • slightly salted salmon – 200 g,
  • Olives – 60 g,
  • cheese – 60 g,
  • Eggs – 5 pieces,
  • orange – 1 piece,
  • Red caviar – 1-2 tbsp. spoons
  • mayonnaise, salt, pepper – to taste,
  • Green onions – a little.

Cook the hard boiled eggs. Separate the whites from the yolks.

The protein is rubbed on a medium grater or cut into thin strips.

Salmon cut into small pieces.

Fibers of peeled and peeled orange, cut into small cubes.

Finely chop the green onions.

We rub the cheese on a fine grater.

Cut the olives.

We distribute the salad in layers, the amount of mayonnaise between the layers depends on your taste, it would be good to use homemade mayonnaise:

1st layer – half of the proteins mixed with mayonnaise,

2nd layer – yolks, add salt, pepper and fat with mayonnaise,

3rd layer – half salmon, add mayonnaise,

4th layer – half olive,

5th layer – the remaining half of salmon,

6th layer – grated cheese and some mayonnaise,

7th layer – finely chopped oranges,

8th layer: the grated proteins (sliced) remaining with mayonnaise,

Layer 9 – place the remaining olives – beautiful. We look at the picture :-))

Top salad decorated with red caviar. In the center we put half a quail egg.

Decorate the plate with green onions.

Best of all: this salad is served in portions.

Ready salad put in the refrigerator and leave in infusion for several hours.

Enjoy your meal! Happy Holidays!

Favorite salads at the festive table at home

  • Olives – 200 g
  • tomatoes – 200 g
  • fresh cucumbers – 2 pieces
  • onion – 1 pc
  • Feta Cheese – 200 g
  • sweet pepper – 200 g
  • Lemon juice – 2 tbsp. spoons
  • olive oil – 3 tablespoons. spoons
  • green salad leaves – 1 bunch

The washed lettuce leaves are plucked with a small piece so that they are clearly visible in the salad.

For salads use sweet and juicy peppers. The Bulgarian pepper is perfect for this salad.

Cut it into large pieces.

Cut the tomatoes into slices. Cherry tomatoes can be cut into two halves.

Cut the big cucumbers.

We cut the “Fetu” very gently and put it in the salad at the end.

The lettuce leaves are plucked piece by piece.

Cut the onions.

In the bottom of a beautiful plate place whole green salad leaves. We scatter all our vegetables in them: tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, onions, sweet peppers.

Also place the cheese carefully.

Pour our fragrant olive oil salad. Sprinkle with lemon juice.

The salad is ready! Enjoy your meal!

Favorite salads at the festive table at home

  • chicken egg – 3 pieces,
  • ham – 120 grams,
  • hard cheese – 100 grams,
  • Garlic – 2-3 teeth,
  • Cherry tomatoes – 15-20 pieces,
  • Cucumber – 1 piece,
  • mayonnaise – 1 tablespoon,
  • green – to taste.

Cook the eggs and grate them. Also grind the cheese.

Cut the ham into cubes.

Chop the garlic in the garlic press.

Mix the eggs in a bowl, the cheese, the garlic and the ham. Fill with mayonnaise.

Cut the cherry tomatoes in half.

Cut the cucumbers into rings.

Put vegetables on the plate – it will mimic the grass.

Spread cucumbers on vegetables.

Form cheese balls and egg mixture.

We form the legs of the mushrooms and put them on cucumbers.

Top put a “hat” of tomatoes.

We decorate hats with white specks of mayonnaise.

Favorite salads at the festive table at home

  • White bread of 150 g,
  • 9-12 real shrimp,
  • 6-9 pieces of cherry tomato,
  • 3-6 tablespoons of Caesar salad dressing,
  • 3 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese,
  • 1 clove of garlic and a bunch of lettuce,
  • 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.

The salad is prepared before serving, so as not to soak the croutons.

Cut the white bread into small cubes or cubes, sprinkle chopped garlic through a press (or the bread can be rubbed with garlic), salt (bread can be rubbed with garlic), sprinkle with vegetable oil, stir and spread over a baking sheet, put in a 150 degree heated oven and dry until crisp.

We clean the thawed prawns, on both sides, fry in a pan with butter until golden brown on each side.

Raise the lettuce leaves into medium slices, spread them on a plate, pour the third dressing, sprinkle the third cheese, spread the tomatoes cut in half on top, sprinkle with sauce, sprinkle with cheese, place the prawns on top, sprinkle with sauce , sprinkle with cheese.

Serve the “Caesar” salad with shrimp on the table immediately after cooking.

Favorite salads at the festive table at home

  • Eggplants – 2 pieces,
  • tomatoes – 6-7 pieces,
  • onion – 1 pc,
  • Garlic – 2-3 pieces,
  • green – a bunch
  • salt to taste
  • Black pepper, seasoning to taste.
  • White balsamic vinegar to taste.
  • Vegetable oil – to taste.

Eggplants and tomatoes take in the ratio of 1: 3. Eggplant cut into cubes and boil for 10 minutes in salted water, take out a slotted spoon.

It is necessary to eliminate its bitterness, but not to boil it.

Fry the aubergines in a pan, until tender. Cooling

Cut the tomatoes and mix with the aubergines.

Add the finely chopped onion, the dill, the grated garlic, the salt, the black pepper. Fill with balsamic white vinegar (can be apple) and sunflower or olive oil.

Serving a salad with eggplant and tomatoes may be lukewarm, but it is best when infused and soaked.

Classic salad “Olivier” with chorizo, fresh and pickled cucumbers

Favorite salads at the festive table at home

  • 300 g of mayonnaise,
  • 200 g of low fat cooked sausage,
  • black pepper and salt,
  • Potatoes – 5 pieces.
  • fresh vegetables
  • carrot – 1-2 pieces,
  • 300 g of canned green peas,
  • Eggs – 6 pieces,
  • Fresh cucumbers – 2 pcs.,
  • pickles – 2 pcs.,
  • Olives – To decorate the salad.

Brush potatoes and carrots well. Place the vegetables in a saucepan, pour water to cover them completely and catch fire.

Cook for about 20 minutes over medium heat. Then drain the water and pour the vegetables with cold water.

And again – we merge water.

The eggs are placed in a small saucepan, poured with water and salt. Cook over low heat for about ten minutes.

Drain the water and place it immediately under a jet of cold water.

Peel the potatoes, chop them in cubes. Clean the carrots and cut them in the same way.

My cucumbers fresh, dried and crumbled into small pieces.

The peeled eggs are cut with an egg cutter.

Cut the boiled sausage in the same way as other products.

Onion and herbs – rinsed. Finely chop.

Open the jar with peas, pour the marinade.

All crushed products and peas: put them in a deep bowl, pepper, salt, add mayonnaise and mix gently.

We publish it We decorate

The salad is ready!

You can serve a portion of the salad, it’s very pretty:

Favorite salads at the festive table at home

Favorite salads at the festive table at home

  • chicken (breast) – 200 g,
  • Canned Beans – 100 g,
  • canned corn – 100 g,
  • Peking cabbage – some leaves,
  • Salt, season to taste.
  • mayonnaise – to taste
  • Cookies, preferably “of own production” – to decorate the salad,
  • green – a bunch.

Cut the boiled chicken breast. We extend ourselves in a deep bowl.

Add the same canned red beans and canned corn.

Cut the Beijing cabbage into strips and add to the salad bowl.

Put in a bowl – crackers, parsley, dill.

Add salt, seasonings and herbs to taste.

Mix gently everything.

The salad should be prepared before serving.

You can add some of your ingredients. And it will be your kitchen work.

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