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Honey cake in a new way.

Honey cake in a new way.

Type: Desserts

Today Honey Pie It can be called the most homemade cake. Why

In the culinary book of each housewife there are dishes that she cooks almost every day, and for which she needs a reason. Therefore, to bake honey cake, the reason is not necessary. There were moments when it could really be called festive.

And today, due to the abundance of other delicious desserts, it faded into the background. But it was not forgotten …

You, of course, have a wonderful proven recipe for this delicacy. Definitely, you treat such baked to family and friends.

Then, it’s time to improve your “honey” ability. Thanks to this recipe you can enjoy it. soft and airy like a sponge, Amazing cakes and custard.


  1. Beat 1 cup of sugar, egg and honey in a deep bowl. Turn off the soda with vinegar and add it to the total dough. Mix everything well. Heat the dough in the oven for 2 minutes. Do not let it boil. Stir the ingredients constantly, otherwise the dough will burn.
  2. Remove the liquid from the stove. Now add 2 cups of flour. Mix everything again.
  3. Cover the form with parchment. Put in the bottom about 6 tbsp. l test Smooth the dough on the bottom. Adjust the temperature to 180 ° C. Send the baking dough until golden brown. It will take about 10 minutes. Of all the proof, you should have 3 complete cakes and one small one. Bake the following 3 in the same way as the first.
  4. Cook the cream. To do this, mix 1 cup of sugar, starch, 1 tablespoon. l Flour and milk. Mix everything with a blender. Make sure there are no lumps. Put to the fire and boil until it thickens. Do not forget to stir. After it cools well.
  5. Mix the butter. Gradually adding the cooled dough of a spoon, mix both products. In a separate bowl, beat the sour cream. Add the prunes. Mix custard and sour cream.
  6. Pick up the honey cake, soaking all the cakes with sour cream. Chop a small crust and use it as a sprinkle for the finished cake.

New recipes must be included in the menu. Definitely worth experimenting with exotic ingredients. But you should not forget about the recipes you’ve known since childhood.

They need to be improved and passed on from generation to generation. Make sure to share a new way of cooking with your friends.

Do you know how to make the most flavorful honey cake?

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