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How to carve a chicken

How to carve a chicken

When you want to cook Fast and nutritious meat dish., housewives often help with frozen meat products, especially chicken We are used to buying housing parts that vary in price: hip, ramrod, wings, breasts, etc. It turns out that for save on meat, I should buy whole cases!

We advise you to stock up on several bodies, and then cut and freeze them properly.

This simple trick to allow using chicken channel Completely: the maximum possible number of dishes will come out of it. You will save not only the family budget, but also the time, without spending it on another trip to the store or to the market.

So, buying 4 channels, take another a piece of pork, and then distribute the meat in the following way.

How to carve a chicken

  • Cut wings and legs of carcasses, there will be 8 pieces of both, which is enough to dine twice and have dinner.
  • Cut the fillets of the breasts, make chops and freeze. There must be a total of 16 pieces.
  • Cut the rest of the meat from the bones and twist together with the pork into minced meat, in half of which add vegetables and rice. Make cabbage rolls, form meatballs and freeze.
  • Make the meatballs for the remaining hash soup, and add the bread and grated potatoes to form the burgers.
  • Boil the bones, pour the broth into cups (about 6-7 pieces), freeze and then use for soups.

As you can see, everything is very easy! Comfortable way of harvesting meat It will save you from the daily thoughts on how to serve such a dinner.

Surely your mother or grandmother is already familiar with it, and if not, save yourself the article and share your experience.

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