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Instant sauerkraut crispy and juicy

In winter, the best snack is considered sauerkraut. And how many recipes for its preparation, probably only do not count.

I think that trying to collect them all in one place, or try to describe them, will end in failure.

Each hostess or hostess has a prized recipe, according to which they cook this beloved vegetable year after year. And among them, you can find very simple options with a minimum of ingredients, both current and more complex, with various spices and additives. After all, if you find out what they do not add to this snack as an additional component.

And what only fermentation methods do not use.

Dill seeds, cumin, coriander, various peppers, bay leaves, apples, beets … But you can not list them all! They are also cooked in different ways: with vinegar, without it, with brine (hot, cold), they use natural fermentation processes.

There are recipes where cabbage is pasteurized at the end of fermentation, and there are, where, on the contrary, the fermentation process stops at the right time.

Some of these methods I have already described in one of the previous articles. In one of them, we saw how to make sour vegetables in jars.

In another, both sour and pickled, at the same time, and with quick methods.

But the most popular method of cooking remained and will remain for a long time. We also pay due attention to this option.

But I have another very easy and quick way of sauerkraut, which can also be attributed to this category. Fermentation processes occur naturally, and even without the presence of sugar, which, as we know, is simply necessary for this.

Instant sauerkraut crispy and juicy

Here, all that is necessary is already in the cabbage itself: this is also the sugar that has accumulated in the leaves during a long period of growth, and the lactic acid bacteria that are there. The sugar will begin the fermentation processes, and the lactic acid resulting from this will be a preservative and a guarantor of storage.

It also helps make our snack crispy and, of course, tasty and healthy.

After all, it is probably not worth talking about the benefits of this product. Everyone already knows. In addition to the well-known vitamin C, which is more in pickle than in any other preform, there is a whole complex of vitamins.

You can write about this entire article.

In addition to vitamins, there are also macro and microelements in the snack, enzymes, phytonutrients and useful fiber.

Therefore, it is necessary to sour this vegetable crop! In addition, the methods of its preparation are very fast, requiring minimum labor costs and time.

So today I decided to pick only one 2.5 kg head. I’ll keep the snack in the refrigerator in jars, and they will not take up much space there.

Time that takes me no more than half an hour. And it will take two to three days. Of course, of course, also fast, I think a week will not be maintained, but this is good.

Here you can also ferment another kochanchik. This is a good way to cook!

Instant sauerkraut juicy, tasty and crunchy without vinegar

This is the easiest, easiest and fastest recipe I’ve ever met. From the simplest calculation of the products and ending with the fact that after two days can serve a delicious sour appetizer, this recipe is extremely attractive and one of the most loved and sought after.

It is especially convenient for those who do not have basements, nor the ability to salt and store the workpiece in large quantities. Since fresh cabbage is now sold from early summer until spring, that is, until a new fresh crop, in this way can be harvested at least every week, so as not to mess up the useful area of ​​the refrigerator.

It turns out that it is very tasty and crunchy, that is, exactly this, so it is valued and loved more.

  • white cabbage – 2.5 kg
  • Carrots – 150 – 200 grams (less)
  • salt – 2.5 tbsp. spoons without a slide

This calculation of the ingredients that I have written for the reason that I am the one who will use it today. In general, you can take any number of pounds of vegetables.

Instant sauerkraut crispy and juicy

That is, as you can see, for 1 kg of cabbage you need 1 tablespoon of salt without a slide. Carrots can be added as much as you want.

Love more, add 200 grams, love less, you can do it with 100 grams.

We will store the snack prepared according to this recipe in banks. Its size does not matter. In which banks it is convenient to extend it, as well as how to use it.

The only thing I want to point out is that this amount of ingredients will result in approximately 2 liters of the finished product. Keep this in mind when preparing cans.

1. For this recipe you need juicy fresh white cabbage. It will be boiled by natural fermentation, without adding sugar and brine, that is, only in the juice, which it will release.

Therefore, the presence of the juice obtained is a prerequisite for the processes that will occur during fermentation.

How to choose the cabbage and which varieties are the best to buy, we have already analyzed it in detail in one of the previous articles on this subject, namely when the cabbage sour according to the classic recipe.

I just want to remind you that the choice of cabbage is almost the most basic in the whole cooking process, so study this question if you want to obtain a product of such quality that it will not disappoint you.

2. Free vegetable from the top of thick and contaminated leaves. Usually, in the fall, cabbages with intact cover leaves are sold, and therefore it is sufficient to simply remove them. But if you bought a product not during its collection, but it was already stored, then the upper leaves may be rotten.

They are cleaned naturally, we cut everything unnecessary and always rinse the head of the cabbage with running water, holding it by the stem. We do this so that the water does not fall between the leaves.

Then we give him the opportunity to drain and clean the head with paper towels or a napkin.

3. The next important step is to cut the vegetables into thin straws. I remember that at the beginning, when I was still very young, it was a difficult task for me.

Ensuring that the straw is not large, of equal thickness, is not always easy. You need to be patient and not rush.

Instant sauerkraut crispy and juicy

First cut the header and two – four parts, depending on its size. Then cut the stem, although this is not necessary.

You can leave it and hold it with one hand (for convenience) and with the other hand so that the leaves do not fall off. Start shredding the vegetables from the end where the leaves are thinner.

And then adhere to the specified size.

Especially I always felt agitated by thick thick stripes found on the upper leaves. It seems that you are trying to reduce the slimming, and how it is put in the vein, on the one hand it is thin, but thick on the other. Therefore, you can pre-cut, re-cut, or simply eat a thickened piece.

If the cabbage is juicy, then the stripes are juicy, and it’s a pleasure to eat them.

Instant sauerkraut crispy and juicy

And now many have different shredders. Therefore, if you have one, then cut a vegetable without any effort or time costs.

I have the simplest crusher, but I really do not like it. Every time I start with it, and then I put it away, I take the usual knife in my hands.

Instant sauerkraut crispy and juicy

Yes, another important point. The weight of the cabbage is given in its pure form, that is, without the leaves of the stem and the cut cover.

That is, let me remind you once again, for 1 kg of cabbage, you need a spoonful of salt.

4. Carrots are also the best to get juicy. In appearance, such a carrot has an elongated shape, not very thick, and its nose is opaque. My mother always calls this type of “Punisher”, no matter what is called the right way.

I am not very strong in varieties of carrots, but when Mom pronounces this name, we both understand perfectly what is at stake.

Juicy carrots will add their portion of juice and, therefore, their percentage of juiciness will also be very important.

Sunny orange peel and grid of vegetable on a thick grater. You can use the usual grater, which is in every home. And you can use a grater for Korean carrots with its medium-sized nozzle.

What I do In my opinion, in this way the finished snack will look more attractive.

Instant sauerkraut crispy and juicy

Naught two carrots, but only added one. I thought that was enough for the kaput already chopped.

5. If there is a large pelvis, you can put chopped cabbage on it, so that it is convenient to mix all the contents at once. If such a pelvis is not, then you can use this dish of smaller volume and mix all the parts there.

Instant sauerkraut crispy and juicy

That is, simply speaking, we need to mix all the ingredients cut and rubbed with salt. If we use quite juicy cabbage, then kneading is not necessary.

If the fork is not juicy, you can crush it a little before serving it with carrots. Otherwise, such a cabbage will not let the juice at all, and the fermentation process can not even begin.

You can knead it with the addition of salt, but as already said, add carrots only after that. Then mix all the contents.

Instant sauerkraut crispy and juicy

My cabbage turned out to be small, but strong and juicy. My mother brought it to me from the country house and always grows special varieties for pickling. Therefore, to crush it he did not.

And just pour the carrots and salt and mix everything.

Instant sauerkraut crispy and juicy

Already during this action, the vegetables are slightly moist. This is a good sign, so they stand up and give a lot of juice.

And we will help you in this.

6. Transfer the sliced ​​and mixed vegetables to a tray of the appropriate volume. I will use a five-liter pot.

Of course, it will not be complete with me, but when it is fermented and fermented, the juice does not escape.

Instant sauerkraut crispy and juicy

7. Handle contents tightly using both cams. Then cover with gauze.

Instant sauerkraut crispy and juicy

8. Put a large flat plate on top of it. And press on her. It can be a pot filled with water, a three-liter bottle, also with water, or you can put a jar of cucumbers.

I have not had time to put the marinated Bulgarian cucumbers in the basement, which I recently started, so they will be an oppression for me.

Instant sauerkraut crispy and juicy

9. Leave at room temperature to start the fermentation process. The hotter the kitchen is, the sooner the cabbage will sour.

10. Fermenté cabbage in the afternoon, and after 4 hours, began to form juice. It can be seen well by pressing lightly on the oppression.

In the morning, eliminating the oppression, the plate and the cheesecloth, you can simply drill the cabbage with a wooden stick or stir it lightly with a wooden spatula or a common fork.

Apparently, the kitchen is not hot enough, so gas bubbles have not yet appeared. Although the juice is enough, I think that bubbles will appear in the afternoon.

Instant sauerkraut crispy and juicy

To agitate or puncture the content, it is necessary, for the same reason, to release these bubbles outside. If this is not done and then they accumulate inside, they will make our snack a bit bitter. After all, the cabbage itself is a bit bitter, and the gas that forms during the fermentation process will make it even less attractive in this regard.

And so the bitterness will come and the cabbage will want to eat without stopping.

Instant sauerkraut crispy and juicy

11. Then crush the snack again with your fists, cover with gauze and press on.

12. In the afternoon of the next day, the cabbage stings again or throws it lightly. Rinse the gauze in cold boiled water and cover it and adjust the tightness again.

13. The next day, repeat the procedure also twice, in the morning and in the afternoon.

At the same time, if the room is hot, the cabbage already gets appetizing and tasty, with the same pleasant smell. And can be sorted by cans, close the caps of kapron and place them in the refrigerator to store them.

The juice is not poured, be sure to pour it on the edges, and it is convenient to cover the contents. So the cabbage will be better and more time stored.

14. If at the end of the second day you try the white, and it seems that you have not yet acquired the desired flavor, leave it for another 12 or 24 hours. At the same time, repeat the procedures already known by drilling the vegetable mass, rinsing marlechka and installing a yoke.

Basically, this is the whole recipe. As you can see, everything is simple to such an extent that there is no place to be easier. And it is also fast enough.

You can certainly cook cabbage and faster. For example, adding vinegar will speed up the process.

But in this embodiment, the product will be pickled instead of fermented. And today we have another task, namely to get a tasty and crunchy sauerkraut instantly.

With what we did a great job.

Instant sauerkraut crispy and juicy

And the Russian proverb “A good sandwich – sweet and sour cabbage!” Is very suitable for this recipe.

I hope that this simple and fast classic recipe will also appeal to you, as once our whole family liked it. According to this recipe, the cabbage has been reduced and my grandmother, until today, my mother has fermented. And now, for 35 years, I and she have eaten it.

The same recipe can be used to pick vegetables in large quantities, in tubs and large pots. In this case, transferring them to banks is not necessary.

So leave it in the pan, covering it with gauze and setting the oppression. The only thing is that after two or three days, the container with the contents should be taken out in the cold.

There and store.

Even if the snack is covered with ice, it usually happens when you store it on the balcony, you can beat it with a knife, take it to a warm room, let it thaw and eat as you like.

And we used to keep it in the shed, and dad cut pieces of cabbage with an ax. When they were brought to the house, we could not wait until it melted.

They took frozen pieces and ate like this, giving him the opportunity to melt in his mouth.

You can use this appetizer as you wish: simply fill with onion and butter, prepare a vinaigrette, cook soup and borscht, cook vegetable stew, bigus. Use as a filling for cakes and pies.

That’s what you can cook with cabbage.

Well, the recipe is good, so I do not even want to stop. Words and pour. But it’s time to …

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