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It turns out that ordinary rice must be cooked in a special way.

Scientists have discovered that millions of people are putting themselves at risk due to inadequate cooking of rice.

It turns out that ordinary rice must be cooked in a special way.

Recent experiments have shown that the most common method for cooking rice is to cook boiling water. And this is not enough to eliminate arsenic.

The fact is that toxins and industrial pesticides, which contain arsenic, accumulated in the soil for decades. It is their poisons that are absorbed by the roots of plants through the soil.

The consumption of such a product can cause a variety of health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

To see how the level of arsenic in rice is changing, a science professor at Queen’s University, Andy Meerg, conducted an experiment. In the BBC television program “Believe me, I am a doctor”, he cooked rice in three different ways:

  1. In the first case He cooked rice in a 2: 1 ratio, as most people traditionally cook, until the water evaporates completely.
  2. In a second For 5 parts of water he took 1 part of rice. When the excess liquid was filtered and the arsenic level was measured, it turned out that its quantity was almost half.
  3. In the third case Rice soaked during the night. The level of toxins decreased by 80%.

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