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Lagman – the best recipes

Lagman - the best recipes

The special noodles, seasoned with original fried with a set of characteristic spices, are considered a dish from Central Asia. Laghman stands out among other dishes.

After all, it is truly universal: this is the first and the second year at the same time. The Uzbeks call it the chuzma-lagmon, from the Uzbek word meaning “pull”. The special noodles, which are prepared for the lagman, with a special ability can reach a length of up to 5 meters.

It is coated with oil, crushed in water and pulled.

The subtleties of making salsa are subject to two objectives: to obtain an elegant, floral, truly oriental type of finished dish and an accent of flavor. Do you remember what becomes pilaf cooked without success?

That’s right, in rice porridge with meat. So that the dish does not become an ordinary noodle soup, the technology must be implemented, the spices and the consistency must be chosen correctly.

This dish is very fond of the Crimean Tatars, Uzbeks, Chinese and Japanese.

In the factory, packages are sold long pasta, for example, in Uzbekistan, they are called “Lagmon”. The noodles are an important but minor component, the main thing in Lagman is still salsa

The spices for dishes are selected in a special way. There goes the star anise, the cumin, the black pepper and the red powder, the paprika, the cilantro, the cumin. Well, if you can get onions dzhusay It has a characteristic mild garlic flavor.

Sometimes it is replaced with garlic feathers or wild garlic.

The real lagman is to cook the noodles on your own. However, today a lot of factory-made options are sold, ranging from wide-cut Italian spaghetti to the true spiral-shaped noodles twisted into packages.

In principle, this is a democratic dish. Lamb or beef meat is used, as well as vegetables (carrot, onion, tomato, eggplant, black radish).

In terms of cutting there are no special rules and regulations.

Lagman - the best recipes

Start cooking with noodles. The noodles in the store are used as a last resort (the best one to choose varieties of long eggs).

The ingredients: flour (4 cups), egg (3 pieces), vegetable oil (100-150 ml.), salt (half a teaspoon), a pinch of soda.

We break an egg in a bowl, add salt, water, beat thoroughly, beat until you get a foam. Add the flour, spread on the table. In a separate bowl, pour a glass of water and dissolve a pinch of soda and salt in it.

We wet our hands with this water. The mass in this case should become more elastic, no longer sticking to the hands. We place the prepared dough for several minutes and leave it for “ripening”.

Then divide it into balls, you will get about 20 pieces.

Remove the sausages from the balls, stretch them with your fingers in a thin straw. The billets can be 0.5-0.8 cm thick.

Hands greased with vegetable oil and even thinner rolled sausages, placing them on a plate in a layer. Let the dough rest in the refrigerator. Then repeat the procedure.

Boiling should not be more than 4 minutes. Especially the long and thin noodles before using, only scalded for 1 minute with boiling water.

Lagman - the best recipes

This is a very rich recipe, it includes a lot of vegetables and spices.

The ingredients: beef (or lamb, 300-400 grams), spaghetti or noodles (500 grams), onions (2 units), carrots (2 units), potatoes (2 units), sweet peppers (1 unit), chili pepper (2) small pods), garlic (2 cloves), green beans (100 grams), tomato (2 pieces), vegetable oil, salt, pepper, vegetables.

Chop the onion, turnip, carrot and radish into cubes (1.5 cm side). Scale the tomatoes with boiling water and pour in cold water. The peel at the same time is easily removed, cut into pulp cubes. Sweet pepper cut into strips.

Cut the bean pods into 3 cm pieces, clean and cut the garlic, cut 1 chile, reserve for the second one.

The meat of the meat is cut into thin strips, heat the oil in a cauldron and fry the bones over a high heat. Then add the pieces of meat. They should be roasted in their own juice until the fat is transparent.

Add the onions and continue frying. Add a turnip, carrot, beans in a cauldron.

Stew all together, then add the tomatoes, remaining pepper with the pod and garlic. Celery puts the whole twigs.

Add spices and sweet pepper. Another 2 minutes and pour a little water. The liquid should cover the mixture in the cauldron.

Another 10 minutes, add dzhusay and salt. After 2-3 minutes, remove from heat, let stand for 15 minutes.

Boil the noodles and store separately.

Lagman - the best recipes

The ingredients: lamb (pulp 400 g), carrots (150 grams), potatoes (350 grams), bulgarian pepper (150 grams), eggplant (150 grams), tomatoes (100 grams or a tomato 30 grams), parsley, bay leaf, Green radish (100 grams), fat (60 grams), broth, noodles, salt, sugar, ground pepper, oregano.

Cut the meat into small pieces and fry it in a cauldron. After the formation of the golden crust, pour the meat with broth and cook.

Rinse the tomatoes with boiling water and peel, grate on a fine grater. The other vegetables are cut into cubes, fried in vegetable oil and added to the meat. Add the potatoes immediately to the meat.

Chop the garlic, put the tomatoes, pepper and salt. The noodles cooked separately are placed in a bowl, the sauce on top, they sleep with vegetables, and on the table!

The wonderful Lagman in tartar fill will feed a large family and a lot of guests.

Lagman - the best recipes

This method is different from other methods of cooking meat cut into large pieces. When cooking a large number of dishes, it is believed that in this way you can keep the meat juicier.

Lagman consists of three components: noodles, wajja (pour) and sauce (laza-chang).

The ingredients: lamb (half a kilo), onions (2-3 pieces), garlic (8-10 teeth), cabbage (150 grams), vegetable oil (50-70 grams), greasy tail (50 grams), dzhusay or garlic stems , pod of bitter pepper, star anise, ground coriander.

1. Boil the noodles.

2. Wajja. Cut the meat and fry it into large pieces in the thick tail along with the bones.

Onion cut into thin rings and half rings, add to the meat and fry to a deep color. Cut the carrots in the form of chips, cabbage and strips of Bulgarian pepper.

Add a pinch of sugar to finely chopped tomatoes, fold everything in the meat and continue frying. After waiting for the tomatoes to give the juice to add spices (zira, pepper and salt).

When the juice is half evaporated (do not miss it!), Place the carrots and sweet peppers. Mix and pour the broth or water from the noodles, so that the spoon is immersed in the liquid with a little effort. Put the hot pepper and adjust the boil very weak.

Cook 40 minutes. 15 minutes before the end of the cooking we put the star of a badian, put out the fire and insist 15 minutes.

The pieces of meat are separated and put on a plate, poured vaja.

3. Prepare the seasoning for the lagman separately (laza-chang). Mix a few cloves of garlic with a pinch of ground coriander.

Add a teaspoon of ground pepper, pat the mixture for three or four minutes. Add 3-4 tablespoons of noodle broth.

Add a pinch of salt, half a tablespoon of wine vinegar and put it in a jar, which should be kept closed.

It would seem that there is nothing difficult to stretch the dough. In fact, you need to be an experienced lagman for the dough to stretch and stretch.

Knead it and try to stretch it. Hit the table, turn it in your hands like a rope, if the dough breaks, it means you’re not ready yet. Take your time: as a rule, the dough is not always ready at the beginning.

Then reassemble it and pull it, touch the table. When the mass extends over the length of the arms. Pinch into small pieces, no bigger than a nut.

Chuzma should be like a computer mouse cable, or even thinner. Fold in half and pull again.

The cooked noodles will be hard and elastic, make sure they do not get digested.

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