Главная 7 Culinary 7 Lavash rolls: 20 types of stuffing.

Lavash rolls: 20 types of stuffing.

Lavash rolls: 20 types of stuffing.

1. Homemade cottage cheese (200 grams), two cloves of garlic, salt, vegetables and a little mayonnaise.

2. Crab sticks (1 pack), hard-boiled egg, grated cheese, two cloves of garlic, mayonnaise and vegetables.

3. Fried mushrooms with onions, cream cheese packaging like “Yantar”, greens. If you like more spicy, add chopped pickled cucumbers.

4. Homemade cottage cheese, garlic, herbs, grated cheese and pickled cucumbers.

5. Crumble the Adyghe cheese in the hands, add the vegetables, the mayonnaise and the Korean carrot.

6. Grind salted red fish, add the vegetables and fresh cucumber.

7. Boiled rice, boiled egg, vegetables, mayonnaise.

8. Knead the canned fish in oil with a fork, add the grated cheese and herbs.

9. Smoked sausage, boiled egg, Korean carrot and mayonnaise.

10. Hard cheese and ham, cut into small cubes, garlic and fresh cucumber, add mayonnaise.

11. Onions and peppers seasoned, sliced ​​pickled cucumber, fried chicken meat, garlic, vegetables, fresh tomatoes.

12. Grated cucumber and carrots, smoked meat, pieces of mayonnaise and vegetables.

13. Grated beetroot, carrots, garlic, nuts and mayonnaise.

14. Onions, sweet peppers and minced meat, hard grated cheese.

15. Cream cheese paste, onion, garlic and mixed peppers.

16. Cooked eggs, fried mushrooms with onions, grated cheese and vegetables.

17. Fry the vegetables in vegetable oil: turn eggplant, sweet peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic and blender into a paste.

18. Fry the chicken liver, add the fat cream, season to taste with salt and pepper and beat with a blender, heat in a microwave.

19. A packet of crab sticks, 100 grams of hard cheese, 2-3 hard-boiled eggs, a package of mayonnaise and vegetables.

20. Knead cooked shrimp, butter and garlic with a fork.

Place any of your chosen fillings in the pita bread. Spread evenly on the surface.

Roll in a roll. Cut into rolling rings.

Put on a plate. Decorate with vegetables …

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