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Making a medical sausage at home.

In my piggy bank, this recipe is probably five years old. And now, respectively, five years ago, we did not buy a medical sausage.

It is very tasty. She goes very well with sandwiches, Olivier (usually chic), frying with scrambled eggs and only sausages. About 900 grams of natural sausage are obtained from this set of products.

The preparation lasts about half an hour. The photographer outside of me is useless, so please do not take the quality of the photo. I can not even get it, let alone something more serious

It will take: 500 gr. the meat Chicken breast and pork, 250 gr., milk 400 gr. (grams and not milliliters), egg 1 pc., starch 2 tbsp. l without slices, garlic 7-8 cloves, salt 2 teaspoons, sugar 0.5 teaspoons, black pepper 0.3 teaspoons, cilantro 0.3 teaspoons, nutmeg 0.3 h. l., cardamom 0.3 teaspoons, paprika 0.3 teaspoons.

Mixer, smooth glasses (I have IKEA), packaging film.

Making a medical sausage at home.

Then The flesh

He needs a pound. I took different variations.

The most tasty for my Pig and chicken (250 gr. Each) and turkey and pork (300 + 200 gr.). Now I have a piece of loin and half a breast.

Since I have a small blender, I do everything in two installments. Cut half of the meat into pieces, put in a blender.

Fill 200 gr. Milk, half of all spices and one tablespoon of starch. Does it look like this

Making a medical sausage at home.

And all this nice whip. Beat until the white chopped state.

Making a medical sausage at home.

We do the same with the second half of the meat. We cut, we add milk, starch, spices, do not forget the egg, it is also there.

And again, whip to the beautiful whiteness.

Mix both masses. If you have a volume blender, then you will not have to mix anything. And here I am suffering &#55357&#56898

Now we need cups. We lubricate them with sunflower oil.

I need 6 cups of Ikeev. Very comfortable

In each cup we impose our filling without reaching the top of about 3 centimeters. It will look like this

Making a medical sausage at home.

The husband comes into play next. My mission accomplished.

The cups should be wrapped with an adhesive film so that the sausage does not leak. And she will try, believe in my experience.

I can not do it, so I walk away and I do not interfere. You need to roll very well, in a couple of layers.

Once I decided to save in the film and shook it in a layer. Torn movie &#55357&#56897

Making a medical sausage at home.

These are very tight cups. In general, it takes about 20 minutes for the entire cooking.

Then we take a large pot, put a cloth napkin or a lattice in the background. This is to ensure that the film does not come into contact with the bottom of the tray.

It is necessary &#55357&#56898 And we put our cups on this napkin. Fill it with cold water for about 2/3 cups, cover it with a lid and put it on the fire.

Making a medical sausage at home.

As soon as it boils We mark 40 minutes and we will go to your business. 40 minutes they boil there, they gurgle, they try to escape, in general, they live their lives. After 40 minutes, turn off the gas, gently remove the cup, remove the film immediately and remove the sausage.

Immediately, because when it’s cool. will stick to the cup. Hot for now she jumps &#55357&#56898

It turns out that that is a beauty.

Making a medical sausage at home.

Yes Palyovnenkaya. And it’s not even pink at all. And a kind of small white.

But so delicious # 8230. And the smell # 8230 Beyond the words! Cooling

We cut Enjoying

In the section it looks like

Making a medical sausage at home.

I tried adding natural dyes, then I wrote down this thing. Not in color the essence

I tried at the end to add all kinds of fillings. olives, peppers, mushrooms, cheese and so on. We just liked hot pepper.

Mom is delighted with sausages and olives. In general, in this matter the fantasy is really unlimited.

Now I did it specifically with nothing to show how it should be.

The fact that this sausage is more flavorful than the store. this is 100% It is not difficult and it is not long.

Eat instantly. How much is stored I will not say it. We have not tended more than three days.

The temperature in the filling at the time of reaching about 95-97 degrees. Just in case I measure it with a thermometer.

It seems more and nothing to say. Unless you believe, try and enjoy your food.

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