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Never eat this fish: it is VERY dangerous!

It is still unclear why they have not yet imposed a ban on the sale of this fish.

Never eat this fish: it is VERY dangerous!

Frozen panga fillets are sold throughout Europe at a bargain price, which makes it very popular. However, this Vietnamese fish is of very poor quality and can cause serious damage to health.

Pangasius is raised in Vietnam in the Mekong basin, one of the most polluted rivers in the world. The fish live in wastewater, full of bacteria and full of poisonous substances that are deposited in the meat.

Never eat this fish: it is VERY dangerous!

In addition, heavy metals, chlorates, isomers, hexachlorobenzene and other harmful chemicals have been found in pangasius meat.

Because of this, and also to the suspicion of antibiotics, the United States has banned the import of pangasius.

Another reason why the panga is so harmful is that it feeds on waste that is also dangerous to health. In nature, fish take four times longer to reach the same size as in captivity with injections of hormones and antibiotics.

Never eat this fish: it is VERY dangerous!

Hormones of growth and reproduction are found in panga meat. The big corporations that sell fish are little interested in the origin of the meat, and the low price of Pangasius attracts retailers and supermarkets that are not even aware of their low quality.

This fish does not contain omega-3 fats and many other nutrients that are so prized in fish. Despite the decent taste, the panga is extremely unhealthy, so do not buy it!

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