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Potato dishes

Potato dishes

The versatility of potatoes as an ingredient has been surprising for centuries. This root crop can be transformed into different cuisines of the world, and make sure that all the dishes with their use are delicious.

We have selected some unique recipes for you, with the help of which you can easily make a delicacy of boring potatoes.

Potato dishes

1. Shvilpikay of potatoes.

Of the dry or lethargic potatoes, as a rule, you do not want to cook anything, but not only when it comes to shvilpikai. Is Lithuanian cuisine dish It does not require titanic efforts in the kitchen, but it is especially tasty if it is cooked with dry potatoes.

The puree of yesterday is acceptable, because the less humidity the better!

Potato dishes

two Belarusian Pancakes

Hot pancakes with sour cream are not as original as they are popular. Everyone will like it if you know what to add to the potato dough.

For example, instead of the usual onion, you can use Bulgarian pepper, which will add a spicy dish. Why, even apple slices are perfect for lovers of delicate flavor!

Potato dishes

3 Potato Croquettes

Croquettes are called chicken balls or minced fish, rolled into bread crumbs and fried in oil. Such a specific supply of potatoes was invented in France, and soon other variations of this dish appeared in different corners of the world.

Croquettes made from mashed potatoes are no worse than meat croquettes. They are perfect as a garnish!

Potato dishes

4 Potatoes “Bulanzher”

And here is another representative of French cuisine: welcome. Simple recipe of potatoes in the oven.! We know for sure that dairy products are always well combined with this nutritious root crop, and Bulanzher potato can even be a relative of gratin.

A little milk and butter will make the potatoes taste fragrant and tender, and the vegetable broth will add richness.

Potato dishes

5 Australian Popes

This recipe at the same time can not be called exotic. On the one hand, the cooking method itself may seem unusual and definitely gives the potato a special flavor. On the other hand, there is nothing specific about the ingredients, so everyone can cook an Australian potato.

Believe me, such potatoes will not be less interesting than potato croquettes!

Potato dishes

This selection of recipes has a characteristic: all these dishes can be prepared with relative ease and in almost any kitchen. Despite the unusual names, cook potatoes These methods will not take much time, but will bring something new in the habitual diet and will awaken the lost appetite.

Only left to save our little crib, and you can go to conquer culinary tapas!

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