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Salad with Canned Beans

Salads with beans are a very profitable and interesting option for any dinner, family or festive. And this product is quite nutritious, but it is not very high in calories, so it is often used in fasting, in proper nutrition and in normal life.

With the beans you can make delicious dishes, both vegetables and meat. Of course, it is combined with sausages or mushrooms, but this combination is quite heavy for the liver and stomach.

But a couple of times a year in the form of a festive salad, it is very suitable.

Salad with Canned Beans

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Red beans look beautiful and bright in salads and are used more often than whites. But its taste is completely identical.

Remember that we can not place the beans, canned in tomato juice. We only drink in their own juice or classic.

Salad with Canned Beans

  • 300 grams of boiled veal or cooked pork
  • 2 cucumbers in vinegar
  • Bank of canned red beans
  • Mayonnaise
  • Cookies

The meat and cucumbers are cut into strips, mixed in a salad bowl with beans and a spoonful of mayonnaise.

Salad with Canned Beans

And at the end a bag of cookies is added.

It is not necessary to put salt in this version of the salad, only when you cook beef with a little salt broth.

I want to offer you another version of a tasty salad, but without mayonnaise. It is full of vegetable oil.

  • 250 g of boiled meat
  • Canned red beans – 1 can
  • 1 red onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 sweet red pepper
  • 50 g of walnuts
  • Coriander
  • Suneli jumps
  • Olive oil – 30 ml
  • Ground black pepper
  • Apple vinager

First, drain the onions in 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 100 ml of boiling water for 7 minutes.

Salad with Canned Beans

Peel and cut the pepper. Wash the beans.

Boil the meat in salted water, cool and cut.

Salad with Canned Beans

We grind all the ingredients and mix them in a bowl.

Salad with Canned Beans

Dress with a spoonful of vinegar and olive oil, sprinkle with spices and pieces of vegetables.

Both options are nutritious and unusual for your taste.

The beans go well with cookies and kirieshki, the most affordable kind of cookies. Of course, we can make cookies on our own, but bean salads are usually made in a hurry and very fast.

Because very few ingredients that you have to cut, and cook.

Salad with Canned Beans

  • 2 packages of Kirieshkov
  • Beans
  • 2 cucumbers in vinegar
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 200 grams of cheese
  • Mayonnaise

This salad is made in three minutes.

Pour the cookies, add the cucumbers and garlic. Three cheeses and pour with mayonnaise sauce.

It is much tastier when the kirieshki gets wet and soggy, so the mayonnaise needs a little more than usual.

Delicious salad recipe with beans and canned chicken.

Where on our menu without chicken? Of course, it is better to add animal protein to the bean squirrel, then we will fully compensate for its lack in the body.

And in the recipe there are also eggs, which also fill the nutritional composition we need.

Salad with Canned Beans

  • 1 can of white beans
  • 300 gr of boiled chicken fillet
  • 1 tomato
  • 3 eggs
  • Green
  • Salt pepper
  • 20% sour cream
  • Pickled cucumber
  • Dry basil
  • 2 cloves of garlic

Salad with Canned Beans

All the ingredients are cut and put together. This is a matter of three minutes.

Salad with Canned Beans

We make the sauce in this way: add the bitter cloves of garlic to the sour cream, the pickled or pickled cucumber and the basil in a blender.

Salad with Canned Beans

We pour our salad with this mixture, it turns out an unusual flavor. In addition, this sauce is less caloric and heavier than mayonnaise.

I think you guessed that the highlight of the salad is the sauce.

Salad with canned beans, corn and crackers.

Corn gives beans a sweet taste, because the flavor of the beans itself is not very pronounced.

In this recipe we will make cookies ourselves, and we will use slices of rye bread.

Salad with Canned Beans

  • Red beans – 1 can
  • Canned corn – 1 can
  • Rye cookies – 100 g
  • Mayonnaise

Everything is done instantly. From the canned foods pour the liquid and all are mixed.

The cookies must be fed.

You can add herbs or garlic.

Canned mushrooms – the product is not for every day. Therefore, I will attribute this version of the salad to the festive category.

You can buy fresh mushrooms and fry them until they are ready, but buy them faster and they are already chopped.

Salad with Canned Beans

The mushrooms are quite juicy, therefore, reduce the proportion of mayonnaise when refueling.

  • Canned Beans – 1 can
  • Marinated mushrooms – 1 jar
  • Light bulb
  • Mayonnaise
  • Garlic
  • Salt pepper

The mushrooms can be fried with onions, they can be taken directly from the jar.

Mix the mushrooms with onion and beans, squeeze the garlic juice and mix with mayonnaise.

Salad with Canned Beans

Sprinkle with vegetables on top.

Unusual salad with beans, Korean carrots and sausages.

Korean carrots can be eaten not only as a separate dish, but also as sausages. The taste of the products from this unique increase.

The Korean carrot takes special stands or racks, usually the Koreans themselves sell it. They have it very juicy and soggy, and they also cut into thin weeds.

Salad with Canned Beans

  • Cooked or canned beans – 1 cup
  • Ham or sausage -200 gr
  • 3 eggs
  • Col de beijing
  • 80 g of Korean carrot
  • Olives and vegetables
  • Mayonnaise or natural yogurt.

All the ingredients are cut and mixed, except the Korean carrots.

Salad with Canned Beans

Pour over the salad dressing with the sauce, and cover the top layer with carrot slices and several olives, which are placed in the form of a vine or along the perimeter of a salad bowl.

The secret of a simple recipe for salads, in a pronounced garlic flavor and nutritional value. At the same time, it is suitable as a vegetable dinner or a fast dish.

Salad with Canned Beans

  • 1 carrot
  • 1 can of beans
  • 300 g of chopped cabbage
  • Green
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • Vegetable oil
  • Vinegar
  • Salt pepper

Chop the carrots and cabbage. Release the bean jar of the liquid.

Salad with Canned Beans

Chop the vegetables with garlic and add to the salad.

Salad with Canned Beans

Pour 1 teaspoon of vinegar and vegetable oil.

Pepper, salt and it can even be a bit of sugar.

An interesting and tasty recipe for lovers of spicy flavors. Cookies buy salami or bacon in good taste.

Salad with Canned Beans

  • Corn – 1 bank
  • Beans – 1 can
  • Smoked Sausage – 200 g
  • Crutons – 80 g
  • 1 onion head
  • Mayonnaise

If you put onions, you will need more:

Salad with Canned Beans

Onions can be pickled, but you can leave them as they are. The taste will be excellent anyway.

Cut the sausage and mix it with vegetables, pieces of cookies and onions.

Salad with Canned Beans

Pour over the sauce. This dish can not help but insist, it is served immediately.

The cheese on a plate will give you tenderness. The salty cucumber in this recipe will add crispy and give up its salt, so we do not add salt to the salad.

Salad with Canned Beans

  • 300 g of boiled chicken
  • 1 can of beans
  • 150 gr. Of cheese
  • 3 cucumbers in vinegar
  • 3 slices of black bread
  • 1 clove garlic
  • Mayonnaise, Vegetables

Take the bread Slices better to drink is not very fresh.

Dip the garlic bread and dry in a pan.

Cut the cucumbers and a piece of cheese.

Cut fillet and combine it with all the ingredients.

Bean grains are washed from the liquid and poured into the container.

We serve with mayonnaise, vegetables and pepper.

Very quickly, you can create a nutritious snack from the available products.

Salad with Canned Beans

  • 400 g of Korean carrot
  • 200 grams of chicken meat
  • Bean Beans – 1 Jar
  • 1 can of corn

With the carrots, first decant the juice, only after that add it to the total capacity. Pour the juice from the canned vegetables.

Salad with Canned Beans

Combine pieces of ingredients in the salad mix.

It is best to mix with the sauce before the meal.

Salad with Canned Beans

I often buy a couple of jars of canned beans when buying food. They often come through discounts or promotions.

Sometimes we add them to salads, and sometimes I cook lobio or vegetable stew.

It helps to diversify the start menu and add nutritional value if, for example, you do not want to use potatoes.

By the way, the bean soup is also very tasty.

Even the housewives are preparing salads with tuna and squid, and adding some beans there, we did not try, but there are recipes of this type.

I also want to give advice: do not take deformed canned foods, as they become dangerous to health immediately. Choose a jar with smooth edges and sides.

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