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Secrets of the perfect jelly.

I agree that many people love gelatin. After all, it’s not only healthy and tasty! Unfortunately, not all hostesses know how to cook jelly, so it turns out to be transparent, and at the same time rich and very fragrant.

Prepare a notebook and write down some secrets with which your gelatin will always be with a bang!

Secrets of the perfect jelly.

  • Rinse the meat and cook for 4-6 hours before preparing the meat. It is better to take a rooster for jelly, beef helmets, a tail. In general, choose the meat of your own accord.
  • Place the prepared meat in a saucepan, cover with water so that the water only covers the meat. bring to a boil. Drain the water, rinse the meat with running water. Return it to the pot, add more water so that it is 7 centimeters above the level of the meat.
  • As soon as it boils, remove the foam immediately, after 15 minutes, remove the foam again.
  • The jelly should languish at very low heat. There is no way to boil. It is better to put the tray on the divider. Cook jelly 4-5 hours.
  • It is better to add salt not at the beginning of cooking, but a couple of hours before the end.
  • Then add the carrots to flavor the root of parsley, onion. For the golden color of gelatin, you should wrap a handful of onion peel in a gauze bag. And boil it all together for about an hour.
  • When you put out the fire, let the small fish insist for about 20 minutes. Then, using a skimmer, remove the meat, the vegetables can be used to decorate.
  • Strain the broth through a fine sieve or gauze, folded into several layers.
  • Dismantle the meat, cut into pieces. Put in appropriate forms, pour the broth. When it is cold, put in the refrigerator until it hardens.

These simple tips will help every housewife to cook her perfect muscular strength. Here is a Ukrainian jelly that you can cook.

Success for you.

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