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The very Soviet ice cream that everyone bought.

The very Soviet ice cream that everyone bought.

Let’s do an experiment: go to the nearest store, and not necessarily to the supermarket, and see the offers of numerous ice cream manufacturers. “Present”, “better”: this is how they position their products. But if your childhood was in the period of the Soviet Union, you remember the “same” taste. If now we have to choose between dozens of species, before the offer was not so good: dairy, creamy and ice cream.

But the taste was incredible and truly authentic.

The very Soviet ice cream that everyone bought.

Nowadays, more and more people can hear about the so-called phenomenon of Soviet ice cream. That pronounced taste of milk is not realistic to find, no matter how many types of cold sweets you try. What is left?

Prepare it yourself as it was done in the USSR.

On an industrial scale, a favorite treatment began to take place in the 1930s. Management believed that such products should be massive and accessible.

The necessary equipment was purchased in the United States. Later, after its installation, in November 1937, the first batch was launched.

The very Soviet ice cream that everyone bought.

GOST. Only 4 letters, whose meaning now is not taken seriously. Anyone can put a mark on the packaging and sell ice cream, stating that it is made in accordance with GOST.

If according to the modern it is possible, but to the Soviet … On March 12, 1941, the toughest GOST in the world was presented! Therefore, the ice cream of that time contained exclusively natural milk and not preservatives.

The very Soviet ice cream that everyone bought.

Quality The cold dessert parties were rated according to a system of 100 points. If the smell, color or taste differed at least in some points, the product was recognized as defective.

Yes, and I kept the ice cream for 7 days, not a year, as it is now. Even Soviet ice cream was exported: up to 2,000 a year. Interestingly, there it was offered as the best restaurants in the city.

And the price was appropriate.

The very Soviet ice cream that everyone bought.

The cost was really one cent. While fruit and dairy products can be purchased for 7 and 9 kopecks, chocolate “Eskimo” and chocolate “Leningrad” were sold at 11 and 22 kopecks. For a special, creamy delicacy with a cream rose, you had to pay 28 kopecks.

They sold it in cafes, kiosks and street stalls. One could see bright posters that attracted many buyers without that.

The very Soviet ice cream that everyone bought.

The perestroika ended with the Soviet ice cream. Already in 1990, the USSR began importing imported products with chemical fillers.

This is how we begin to forget “what’s ours”.

The very Soviet ice cream that everyone bought.

We know 2 ways, and we are happy to share them. Be patient, as you will have to wait until you can serve ice cream on the table.

The very Soviet ice cream that everyone bought.

  1. Take the dishes with a thick bottom. Fill it with milk. Bring to a boil.
  2. Add the sugar and vanillin to the milk. Put the dough aside and wait until it cools completely.
  3. Divide the eggs into egg whites and yolks. Only beaten buds should be added to the cooled dough.
  4. Put the container on the fire and let it boil. Be sure to stir it in the process and wait until it thickens and turns into condensed milk.
  5. Beat the cream in a separate bowl.
  6. Mix both masses, and then send to freeze.
  7. Once per hour, remove the container from the refrigerator and mix everything. Then the dough will be exuberant and there will be no bulges at all.

The very Soviet ice cream that everyone bought.

  • 4 buds
  • 200 ml of cream (10% fat)
  • 500 ml of cream (35% fat)
  • 1 cup of powdered sugar
  • 2 g of vanilla
  1. Mix all yolks and powdered sugar. The dough should turn white.
  2. Carefully add 200 ml of cream to the resulting dry mixture. Mix the ingredients.
  3. Add the vanillin to the egg mass.
  4. Pour everything into a saucepan with a thick bottom. Then put it on low heat. Stir the dough slowly. Bring it to a boil, but do not do it, otherwise everything will have to start over.
  5. Strain the milk and egg mixture through a sieve.
  6. Send the dough to the freezer, but make sure it does not freeze completely.
  7. While the dough is freezing, beat 500 ml of cream. They should become thick, but not too thick. If you get the butter, the cream will have to be replaced.
  8. Remove the dough from the freezer and add 35% whipped cream with fat. Mix everything well and send it back to the freezer.
  9. Once per hour, take out a container with ice cream and mix it.
  10. When the ice cream is ready, just add nuts, grated chocolate or fruit.

You can continue to buy ice cream of dubious quality and lose the taste of the Soviet product. And you can make a cold dessert yourself, and all you want!

Treat your friends with ice cream and share with them the recipes that will allow you to leave the dessert of the store with fillings.

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