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These rules of serving dishes are necessary for each hostess! Remember not to blush in front of the guests.

Sooner or later, any woman has to spend a vacation like a real hostess: being responsible for everything, cooking, watching the party continue … time to archive them!

If some component is not satisfied, the holidays may not cause an adequate impression on the guests. Knowing Rules of serving meals and drinks., Do not hit your face on the ground in front of the long-awaited guests.

The success of the event is guaranteed!

By the arrival of guests on the table should already be cold refreshments, What is desirable to make beautiful. If a dish does not have enough space on the table, it is not necessary to disturb the portion and the other dishes, as well as remove the vase with flowers.

Only serve these dishes later.

If there are not many guests, you can place a small additional table next to it, from which it is convenient to serve the dishes on the table. In some cases, guests can serve each other (but only if there are really few, no more than six people).

If many people have come, then the hostess must invent a plate on the left side for each guest, so that she can put a piece of food on her plate.

First they serve fish sandwiches, sandwiches and salads. Salads should be served in this order: first the fish, then the meat, and only later, the vegetables.

After the salads, there will be a line of meat sandwiches: sausages, ham, pâté, gelatin and cold chicken.

After the appetizers comes the turn of the first course. If there are not many people at the table, the hostess should put the tureen next to her and pour the soup on each guest.

With a large number of people, the hostess takes the tureen to each guest on the left side and pours the correct amount.

In addition, the soups and broths in the kitchen can be poured into hot cups, put them on plates, in which the spoons are placed on the correct handles and thus serve the table. If the croutons or pies are based on the first dish, they are served on a plate covered with a paper napkin.

Instead of soup, you can offer guests boiled fish with an accompaniment.

After the guests have eaten the first course, you must remove them and serve the second, usually the meat dish. They put it on a table in oval or round plates and put a fork or spoon in each one.

If you have cooked several meat dishes, you must first send a plate of roast or baked meat: pork, veal, game, etc. And then you can put the dishes on the bird table, cabbage rolls, etc.

Black coffee is served in small cups on a plate. On each plate put a small teaspoon of coffee.

For tea, the hostess puts by her teapot, as well as a samovar or kettle with boiling water. Then pour the tea into thin cups or glasses.

If the tea is served with jam, then the hostess should put it in the receptacle for each guest.

Along with tea or coffee, treat guests with cakes, sweets or pies. For the cake you need to put a special spatula, cakes with sweets, put them in vases.

Sweets in boxes in them and serve.

These rules of serving dishes are necessary for each hostess! Remember not to blush in front of the guests.

With cold tapas Use wood, port, and also – vodka. Dry white wine is served for salads and fish.

Hot dishes The dark meat (game, pork, veal, geese, ducks) is washed with red wine, and turkey and chicken with white wine. Wine is not served with the soup.

When it’s time to drink coffee, you can serve a liquor or a brandy. TO sweet dishes You can offer tokay, nutmeg or sweet (semi-sweet) champagne, but this is not necessary.

In addition, dry or semi-dry champagne is also consumed together with meat or sandwiches.

In order to fully enjoy the wines, they are better served. cooled to a certain temperature.

  1. Dry white wine and vodka are cooled to a temperature of 8-10 degrees.
  2. But red table wines, on the other hand, are served heated to 20 degrees.
  3. The ambient temperature (16-18 degrees) is very suitable for the consumption of brandy, liquor and fortified wine.
  4. Champagne (like other sparkling wines) should have a temperature of 6-7 degrees, so it should be cooled in a special bucket with ice, and not in the refrigerator.
  5. Fruit juices, carbonated water, mineral water and cocktails are drunk with ice. You can take pieces of ice in a special bucket, and you can immediately put glasses with drinks.

These rules of serving dishes are necessary for each hostess! Remember not to blush in front of the guests.

It is necessary to open the bottles on the table with care, trying not to throw the guests, holding the neck in the direction of the table. First, the host pours a few drops of wine into his glass, and then the rest of the guests, starting with the women.

It is necessary to pour the glasses to the right of the guest and fill them in 2/3 of the volume.

Red wine It should be poured in transparent containers, in no case in colored glasses or glasses. Champagne is poured slowly and carefully, so that it does not overflow.

First, fill half of the glass with champagne, then add to 3/4.

If available vodka bottle, liquor or cognac, you need to pour the drink in a decanter, only then serve.

Bottled beer It also opens on the table and is poured into clean, dry glasses on the right side. The bottle should be slightly raised on the glass to form a foam. If there is a little fat in the beer bowl, the foam will settle faster.

Therefore, the glasses or vessels should be well washed and dried.

When pouring drinks, hold the bottle in your right hand and a paper napkin in your left hand to clean the neck of the bottle as needed.

Remember these simple recommendations, and your party will always go well!

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