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Ointment of varicose veins in the legs: a list of the best medications

Ointment of varicose veins in the legs: a list of the best medications

The pathology of varicose veins, or varicose veins, is a disease characterized by weak venous membranes. This pathology means a mismatch of the standard rule for venous blood output from the lower extremities (read the article on what type of blood is).

With the development of venous expansion, blood clots can form in the affected areas, which can be fatal.

This pathology is common in people whose activity scope is directed to the overload in the legs, as well as to:

  • When hypodynamics
  • Of the need to endure a lot:
  • From exercise in the body.
  • During the prenatal gestation of the baby.
  • With hormonal disorders.

Signs of varicose veins for which you need to use ointment

Venous dilatation – signs of its manifestation:

  • Leg pain
  • When doing a walk I felt heaviness in the ankles.
  • Fatigue in the extremities after work.
  • Swelling in the feet and calves.
  • Itching on the skin of the legs.
  • Asterisks appear in the blood vessels through the skin.
  • Gnarled lights appear.

To eliminate this symptom, take medications inside, as well as use external therapy.

Ointment of varicose veins in the legs: a list of the best medications

But it must be remembered that the ointment for varicose veins, balsams and gels is used only for preventive measures, as well as in the first stage for varicose veins.

What to use for external varicose veins?

What foot smears with venous pathology? The ointment of the pathology of the varicose veins, as well as the creams and gels soluble in water are not taken by themselves, and the effectiveness of the external treatment is manifested only in combination therapy with medicinal substances that are taken orally.

The ointment for varicose veins contains oil or petrolatum base with healing components that relieve inflammatory symptoms of the affected areas of the vascular system, improves venous blood output from the vessels of the legs and treats the affected veins.

Ointments for varicose veins have many advantages for medical therapy:

  • Ointment gently on the skin. Apply the ointment on the affected areas in stages and wait until the ointment or cream layer is absorbed.
  • The external product of the treatment of varicose veins has the properties of hydration of the skin, which relieves the dryness of the skin, as well as the exfoliation of the epidermis.
  • Relieves inflammation in the veins, as well as in the muscles and tissues of the joints.
  • It has an anesthetic effect on the affected areas.
  • Eliminates swelling in the legs and feet.

The varicose veins gel has a water base, which provides the effect of rapid absorption in the skin. The medicinal components of the gel are soluble in the aqueous base of the medicine and quickly enter the affected areas through the pores of the skin.

The advantage of varicose veins gel:

  • Gels have medicinal properties that are more suitable for the physiological processes of the body.
  • It has a soft consistency applied to the skin, which is better and is quickly absorbed by the skin and does not require prolonged rubbing on the affected areas of varicose veins.
  • Thanks to its water-based base, it is not difficult to remove the gel from the skin and clothes with water.
  • The active ingredient of this therapeutic agent enters the epidermis in a matter of seconds and the therapeutic process begins.

Properties of the gel with varicose veins:

  • Ointment of varicose veins in the legs: a list of the best medications

    Elimination of edema of the legs.

  • The veins become more elastic.
  • Strengthens the vessel lining of the blood flow system.
  • Dilutes blood plasma and prevents clogging of venous blood.
  • It has disinfectant properties and heals ulcers and eczema on the skin.

In the initial stage of the disease, which is associated with varicose veins in the legs, this gel eliminates the following symptoms:

  • Chronic leg fatigue
  • Inflammation in venous lesions.
  • Eliminates redness of the skin in places where the inflammatory process occurs.
  • No discomfort in the legs or feet.
  • Microcracks on the skin and heels.
  • The venous blood output from the legs allows for longer interruptions in the legs.

Ointments for varicose veins in case of chronic pathology.

In the chronic course of the disease of the venous dilatation of the membranes in the legs, ointments are used, as well as creams and medicinal gels, Having the following effects on the pathology, by external use:

  • The most effective anticoagulant protection for thrombophlebitis. The drugs with anticoagulant action are heparin ointments, as well as the Venolayf tool.
  • Preparations of the angioprotective group – Venitan.
  • Medicinal outdoor medicines from phlebotonics group – Venoruton
  • Remedies external to corticosteroids: the drug Celestoderm and Lorinden
  • Topical antibacterials – tetracycline cream and Metrogil cream
  • Ointments, as well as creams with non-steroidal components, which have anti-inflammatory properties – Indovazin Ointment, Fastum gel
  • Non-steroidal outdoor products soluble in water – Levocin
  • Ointments that can increase metabolism in tissue cells: the drug Venolife
  • External medical preparations, which are characterized by the property of regeneration of tissue cells: Solcoseryl ointment.
  • Ointments that have sorption effects on the vascular system – Algimaf
  • External means of the antiseptic group of medical preparations – trypsin ointment, as well as Dimexide.
Ointment of varicose veins in the legs: a list of the best medications

External means of the antiseptic group of medical preparations.

Medications that are used simultaneously with external remedies for chronic varices

In case of chronic disease, when large affected areas already appear, only external preparations (ointment, gel and cream) in the treatment of varicose veins do not lead to an adequate therapeutic effect.

In this case, together with external therapy, drugs of various groups of medicinal therapeutic agents are prescribed for oral administration.

Oral medications:

  • Antioxidant tablets
  • Anticoagulant drugs inside.
  • Medicines from the phlebotonic group.
  • Anti-inflammatory tablets
  • Tablets of the antiplatelet group.
  • Preparations of the fibrinolytic group.
  • Medications for the treatment of trophic skin disorders.

Functions performed by external means of varicose veins.

The means that are used externally of the varicose veins are intended to provide additional assistance in the treatment of veins and blood vessels, as well as their effective use for the prevention of:

  • Prevent stasis of venous blood
  • Perform the functions of the means to tone the vascular system and the cells of the skin tissue.
  • Improve the performance of venous vessel valves.
  • Prevent the complicated form of varicose veins and the formation of thrombosis.
  • To eliminate the pronounced symptoms of varicose veins: eliminate swelling of the legs, eliminate painful sensations in the veins and extremities and treat dry skin.

To achieve an effective result in the treatment of varicose veins, it is necessary to diagnose the pathology and know the degree of its development.

The diagnosis of varicose veins is made following the following methods:

  • Investigation of the fiscal vein
  • Doppler technique
  • Angio venous system scans
  • Plethysmography of veins and vessels.
  • Phlebography method
  • Computed tomography of the blood flow system.
  • Magnetic resonance image of the vascular system.
Ointment of varicose veins in the legs: a list of the best medications

Phlebography method

The pathology of the venous expansion has 3 stages of its development, and in each degree of the pathology, its own oral medication methods are used, as well as external ointments, with different therapeutic effects.

Stages of development and course of varicose veins.

The first stage of development of varicose veins is characterized by symptoms of pain, as well as fatigue of the legs, but the visible signs of varicose veins do not yet appear. In this stage, there can only be stars in the venous capillaries in the form of a grid.

The heparin-based ointment is used at this stage of treatment, as well as with horse chestnut. To relieve pain symptoms, diclofenac gel is used.

The second degree of development of venous disease. In this stage, venous nodules appear, there is a strong pain in the lower part of the legs and feet, and there is a darkening of the skin in places where there is an inflammatory process and a defeat of the veins.

Using only the external method in the treatment will not bring the proper result, it is necessary to take the medication inside. Heparin ointments are recommended for external use, as are other medical groups of medicinal preparations.

The name of the medication, the dose required and the treatment regimen are prescribed by the doctor. Self-treatment of varicose veins is not allowed, since it is possible to simply select ineffective medications and aggravate the course of the pathology.

In the third stage of the development of the pathology, there is a lesion not only of the veins, but also of lesions on the skin.

The treatment with 3 degrees of pathology is a whole range of activities:

  • Surgical surgical treatment of the stretched venous ganglia.
  • Treatment of analgesics with injections.
  • Anticoagulant treatment
  • The use of tablets orally.
  • The use of topical ointments for varicose veins, for the prevention of new foci of spinal veins, as well as for the treatment of affected skin.

Varicose veins are a disease that is completely incurable, because the hereditary pathology of weak vascular membranes leads to new foci of disease.

Ointment of varicose veins in the legs: a list of the best medications

The prophylactic use of varicose vein ointment can significantly reduce the number of venous dilatation foci.

The best outdoor remedies for varicose veins.

Varicose vein disease gel +. The main component of the gel is an extract of the seeds of the chestnut (horse) medicinal plant.

And also in the composition of this external agent the components of the following plants are included:

In addition, when Venosal + gel is used, phlebitis that develops at the bottom of a lymphatic insufficiency can be treated, and can also be used against seizures, and for the treatment of bruising.

This drug can be used by everyone, including during prenatal pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is the best new drug for the treatment of varicose veins.

List of the most effective ointments for varicose veins.

The main components of the ointment for varicose vein disease.

The rape in the veins, which leads to its varicose expansion, is not the correct functioning of the venous valve system that venous blood vents to the heart. When it does not work properly, there is a stagnation in the veins, the venous blood thickens, which can cause blood clots in the veins and blockage of the veins.

The thick blood causes the development of the pathology of thrombophlebitis. An imbalance in the venous system leads to the fact that the blood is not evenly distributed in the part of the vessel where there is a lot of venous distension with weak shells.

In such places, a good environment for the formation of venous blood clots (blood clots).

Ointment of varicose veins in the legs: a list of the best medications

Blood clots can be quite large, which is dangerous for humans.

A blood clot through the bloodstream can reach the heart organ and block an important vessel for life, which will be fatal.

Many ointments offered by pharmaceutical companies in the treatment of varicose veins have precisely a coagulation effect to prevent thrombosis.

Also included in the treatment of varicose veins:

  • Analgesics for pain relief.
  • Vasodilatory components
  • Complexes of vitamins and minerals to nourish the vascular walls and the cells of the muscular tissue.
  • Anti-inflammatory ingredients in the composition.

Heparin ointment for varicose veins.

Heparin ointment is a universal remedy for the external treatment not only of varicose veins, but also of such pathologies in the body:

  • With sprains in the joints.
  • With joint dislocations.
  • With muscle distension and bruises.
  • For the resorption of bruises.
  • With mastitis
  • With hemorrhoids, what happens without bleeding.

The main purpose of the heparin ointment for varicose veins is to protect the vessels from the formation of blood clots, in addition to this property, Heparin ointment has such an effect on the affected areas:

  • Heparin has anti-inflammatory properties, which gives it an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • The benzonicotinic acid in the composition gives a vasodilatory effect to the drug.
  • The benzocaine in the composition is an analgesic and relieves pain.
Ointment of varicose veins in the legs: a list of the best medications

Heparin ointment

The analogues of the heparin ointment, which are sold in the pharmacy chain:

  • Heparoid ointment
  • External drug Gepatrombin
  • Remedy venosan
  • Ointment for Dermaton varicose veins
  • Antiviral ointment Venohepanol.

Also on the basis of the active principle, heparin becomes an effective gel from the pathology of varicose veins – Lioton. It also includes: alcohol, essential vegetable oils, organic ingredients.

Varicose ointment based on horse chestnut with heparin.

The composition of the ointment for varicose veins often includes two active components that complement each other: this is the horse chestnut extract and the heparin component. When used together in the same composition, the therapeutic properties of the product increase.

An example of this combination can be a gel of varicose veins – Venosan.

The composition of this drug contains:

  • Means Venosan contains horse chestnut fruit extract, which has the properties to accelerate the process of blood flow, tone the walls of blood vessels, accelerate venous blood and stagnant blood, prevent blood vessels from forming blood clots
  • As part of a gel, the molecules of phospholipids: these molecules dilute the blood and suppress the function of platelets in the blood that participates in the process of coagulation of the hemostasis system of the body.
  • Heparin improves the performance of the blood flow system, accelerates arterial and venous blood circulation. The antithrombin effect is due to the fact that heparin improves the functioning of the venous valves, which accelerates venous blood circulation in the area of ​​the affected areas.

Venosan gel is used for the following pathologies:

  • Trauma to the skin of the closed type.
  • Damage to the skin that does not have open wounds.
  • Thrombophlebitis disease
  • Pathology of thrombosis in arteries and veins.
  • Swelling after the injury.
  • Damage after exposure to low temperature skin (freezing)
  • Venous blood stasis
  • Allergy to insect bites

The ointments of the varicose veins, as well as the gels and creams, have a healing effect, but they also have side effects in the body. It is especially necessary to consider this fact to people who are prone to allergic reactions.

You can not use medications for the treatment of varicose veins in the framework of self-treatment.

Ointment of varicose veins in the legs: a list of the best medications

The use of any medication, which is taken orally or externally, must be coordinated with the attending physician.

Possible side effects can be when:

  • The sensitivity of the patient’s body to one or more components in the composition of the ointment, gel.
  • Contact ointment on open wounds of the skin.
  • Pathology of a haematological nature caused by poor coagulation of blood plasma
  • In addition, these medications are not prescribed in children.
  • For women during pregnancy, heparin ointment is prescribed, as a last resort, and with caution.
  • When breastfeeding a baby woman, these medications do not take
  • In addition, the side effects may depend on the stage of development of varicose vein pathology.

Troxerutin substance of varicose veins

The composition of many external drugs, troxerutin component.

Troxerutin is a vital medicinal substance that is necessary for the vascular system. This substance has active actions of vitamin P, participates actively in the biochemical processes of the body, as well as in the cells of the vascular membranes of the blood circulation system.

The beneficial properties of troxerutin are the following:

  • The substance has an anti-inflammatory effect on the vascular system and on the blood flow system.
  • Troxerutin quickly relieves swelling and also has anti-edema properties.
  • The substance has an antioxidant effect:
  • Troxerutin also has angioprotective properties.
Ointment of varicose veins in the legs: a list of the best medications


Troksevazin ointment of varicose veins

Troxerutin is the main active ingredient in troxevasin ointment. This medicine for varicose veins has excellent healing properties in the treatment of varicose veins.

Therapeutic effects of troxevasin:

  • Tones veins and blood vessels.
  • Eliminates the inflammatory processes of the veins, as well as the skin.
  • Eliminates venous edema and swelling of muscle cells and skin.
  • Strengthens the lining of the glass.
  • Resists stretch and damage to veins.
  • Resists the formation of blood clots (blood clots).

The Troxevasin gel eliminates all symptoms of varicose veins and can be used at all stages of the development of this disease.

In addition, Troxevasin is used:

  • With muscle tissue injuries.
  • By injuring joints.
  • With swelling on the face.
  • To eliminate wrinkles.

Contraindications to the use of this medication are only sensitivity to the components of the composition, and the gel can not be applied to open wounds.

It is allowed to apply Troksevazin:

  • In childhood for the treatment of contusions and closed wounds.
  • To relieve swelling of closed fractures.
  • In the prenatal maternity period
  • When breastfeeding the baby
Ointment of varicose veins in the legs: a list of the best medications


Varicose veins cream – Varikobuster

The manufacturer of this medicine calls it an innovative solution to the problem of varicose veins. Many people do not want to use synthetic medical creams and ointments, prefer medicines that are developed based on plant extracts and extracts of medicinal plants.

With a properly formulated formula and an adequate selection of the concentration of each component, such agents can actually treat varicose veins. To date, Varikobuster is the most popular tool to solve problems with varicose veins.

Its therapeutic effect is due to its miraculous composition:

  • The horse chestnut fruit extract is a natural venotonic plant, which is part of most ointments for varicose veins. As part of this medication, the chestnut performs the functions against the thrombed action, prevents the onset of pathology of thrombophlebitis and also strengthens the vascular walls. Horse chestnut has properties to increase circulation in the bloodstream and accelerate venous blood in places of stagnation.
  • Chamomile and nettle: the anti-inflammatory effect, as well as cure all cracks in the legs, affects the healing of chronic eczema and ulcers
  • Menthol: refreshes the skin, relieves fatigue of the legs and painful sensations in the affected areas.
  • The extract of ginkgo biloba leaves is a natural anticoagulant that dilutes the blood and prevents the formation of obstructions in the vessels in the affected areas, and also increases blood flow in the peripheral vessels and capillaries.
  • Honey – regenerates the cells of the tissues of the vascular system, as well as the skin, speeds up your metabolism, speeds up the work of all the blood.
  • Caffeine tones blood vessels. The vasodilatory effect of caffeine, as well as the vasoconstrictor. This component has contradictory properties in the composition of the cream.
  • Mint: relieves inflammation in the vessels, covers blood circulation and relieves painful sensations
  • Troxerutin is a flavonoid and a natural antioxidant that relieves inflammation of blood vessels and skin.
  • Sea salt nourishes the skin and blood vessels with iodine, and also has antiseptic properties
  • Coconut oil is one of the main suppliers of lauric acid in the body, which accelerates the metabolism of cells and fights germs in the skin.
Ointment of varicose veins in the legs: a list of the best medications

Cream Varikobuster has no contraindications and does not cause an allergic reaction, thanks to the correct components in the composition and in the correct concentration.

You can use creams during pregnancy, during breastfeeding, as well as in deep old age.

It is only necessary to take into account the individual sensitivity and intolerance of the components in the composition of this cream against varicose veins.

Renova medicine for varicose veins

Renoven is a medicine that is taken for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins. This medicine is produced as a powder. It has the effect that, after its use, it is safe for the organism, since it only contains natural components of the Siberian medicinal plants.

The manufacturer of this drug claims a miraculous effect not only in the diseased lower extremities, but also in the recovery of all the organs of the human body.

The composition of the drug Renoven:

  • Horse chestnut – This is a natural venotonic. As part of the drug, it performs actions to prevent obstruction of veins in blood clots and prevents the onset of pathology of thrombophlebitis. It favorably affects the strengthening of the vascular walls. Horse chestnut has properties to increase circulation in the bloodstream and accelerate venous blood in places of stagnation. The extract is made of chestnut tree that grows in the mountains of the Urals.
  • Red grape leaves – It is a natural anticoagulant that has blood thinning properties, which prevents the development of thrombosis in the veins. This component grows in the Khakassia area.
  • Aloe plant – Positive effect on the skin. The plant is collected from the shores of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.
  • Mint essential oil tones the blood vessels.. This component is taken from the eastern area of ​​Sayan.
  • Peaceful agar agar – It is a component that reinforces the lining of the glass.
  • Leaves of Ginkgo Biloba – Natural vegetative anticoagulant. It has the thinning effect of the composition of the blood, it protects the blood flow system from the appearance of blood clots in it. He picked up this raw material in Kamchatka.

This medicinal powder should be diluted to the state of the gel according to the manufacturer’s instructions and this substance should be used for 7 calendar days.

Renoven has a positive effect on vessels damaged by varicose veins:

  • Relieves itching in varicose veins.
  • Eliminates swelling
  • Prevents dry skin, microcracks peeling.
  • Relieves pain in the extremities.

The manufacturer sells these funds through the official website on the Internet and makes the delivery by mail.

Varicose vein ointment according to traditional medicine recipes.

The medicinal products according to the recipes of traditional healers are an additional therapy to the medical treatment of varicose veins and the vascular system. These ointments can reduce the inflammatory process in the lower extremities and relieve the symptoms of varicose veins.

But do not forget that traditional medicine does not cure the root cause of the disease, but only serves as a complement to official treatment and can only alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

Therefore, it is not necessary to treat varicose veins only by popular methods, because it is only possible to aggravate the development of the pathology, and will move to a more serious stage of the disease, when it will be necessary to apply operative techniques in the treatment.

Recipe for the preparation of varicose vein ointment:

  • Varicose vein ointment based on cast lard.. Recipe: all ingredients are taken in the same proportion: 50 grams. Components: melted pork fat, aloe plant juice, liquid washing soap, white onion juice, honey. All the components are mixed and boiled in a steam bath. After cooling, the varicose vein ointment is ready for use.
  • Ointment for varicose vein disease based on cow’s oil and garlic. The medicinal properties of garlic can not only disinfect the skin, but also dilute the blood and reduce inflammation. This mixture is used in the form of a pasty compress in the affected areas during the night. Apply over the HB fabric, and wrap the leg with a warm wool scarf. Recipe – 50.0 grams of cow’s butter (softened, but not melted) mixed with 5 cloves of chopped garlic along with unpeeled shells.


The ointment for varicose veins is an excellent remedy to alleviate the symptoms of this disease in different stages of the disease, but it must be understood that the pathology of the vascular system is not associated only with the defeat of the veins.

Infractions in the vascular system affect functionality in the body’s bloodstream, and any vascular injury leads to abnormalities in the bloodstream and threatens vital organs.

The use of external treatment must necessarily occur along with the pharmacological treatment with medications that are taken orally and affect the cause of varicose veins.

With varicose veins, the most dangerous is the risk of the formation of a blood clot within the vessels and the onset of the disease thrombophlebitis. The main therapeutic measures for the treatment of varicose veins are intended to dilute stagnant venous blood in affected vessels.

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