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The first blood group 0 (I) – that is, Rh positive, compatibility

The first attempts at blood transfusions were made by the old doctors. They also concluded that people have different types of blood: in some cases, the transfusion of blood from one person to another really helped to get rid of the disease, in others, it caused the death of the recipient.

Total blood types 4. The first, or zero, the most common, is present in more than 30% of the world population.

The characteristics of blood groups are determined by:

  • Agglutinogens – Protein substances found in red blood cells.
  • Agglutinins – Protein substances found in plasma.

The first blood group is characterized by the absence of agglutinogens in the erythrocytes and the presence of alpha and beta agglutinins in the plasma.

Rhus problems

The first blood group 0 (I) - that is, Rh positive, compatibility

What does 1 positive group mean? The presence in the blood of a specific Rh protein.

Make Rh negative people absent. It is important to keep this criterion in mind when performing blood transfusions. If rhesus is positive – It means that a person can receive blood transfusions with Rh positive and negative.

With a negative blood, only Rh- can be transfused.

Value for blood transfusion

The compatibility of blood types is more complicated. The holders of group I (0) are universal donors: As they do not have agglutinogens, this blood can be transfused to people with any type of agglutinogen.

The first blood group 0 (I) - that is, Rh positive, compatibility

The first with Rh negative can be poured to any donor, and a positive one: To any type of blood and Rh positive. But the owner of the first blood group can only be poured into his group.

History of the first blood group.

Scientists believe that the history of humanity began precisely with blood group I: it was what flowed in the veins of our lifelong ancestors, who were the first people. They were strong, resistant, dedicated to hunting wild animals, this helped them survive.

At that time, the man was not yet reasonable enough, not even talk of negotiations and democracy. All those who do not agree with the opinion of the strongest member of the tribe were destroyed. Therefore, the first man had a reputation as cruel and authoritarian.

Some characteristics in our days are present in the character of the modern owners of this blood group.

The same opinion is shared by Japanese researchers. They are sure that people with the first positive group have an intentional and determined character, sometimes cruel and aggressive.

These characters are more pronounced in men. However, women are also characterized by self-righteousness and authoritarianism.

Value for pregnancy

The first blood group 0 (I) - that is, Rh positive, compatibility

The probability of having a child with a blood group I is in those couples where at least one of the parents is a carrier of this group, unless there is a fourth carrier in the couple. If the first group has both parents, the baby will definitely be born with it.

The table shows the probability of inheritance.

A child can inherit the blood group of the father or mother. But the Rh factor is transmitted more frequently maternally. If the baby inherits the paternal rhesus, which is different from the maternal rhesus, a rhesus conflict will occur..

Complications can begin during pregnancy.

In this case, the mother should puncture the special preparations so that she can bear and give birth to the child. Also, if the couple plans to have more children, after delivery, the woman is given anti-rhesus serum.

Character of people with 1 blood group.

The first blood group 0 (I) - that is, Rh positive, compatibility

After numerous studies, scientists have established that these people are unique to:

  • Increase in emotionality and temperament.
  • Leadership
  • The instinct of self-preservation and the careful evaluation of their abilities before making a risky decision
  • Determination of purpose

In the pursuit of their goals and benefits, they are reckless, willing to sacrifice moral principles, to abandon small goals in favor of one, but great.

People with the first blood group painfully perceive the criticism, until a rupture with their relatives, who often point out errors. At the same time, other people’s mistakes are rarely forgiven. They are jealous and demanding.

Often they seek to take the chair. And, once the goal is reached, they become strict and often ruthless bosses.

Carism, perseverance and authoritarianism are peculiar to both sexes. Because of this, they are subject to stress, overwork and nervous exhaustion.

Therefore, lifestyle and diet must balance such a complex nature, so as not to have to say goodbye to health ahead of time.

Nutrition advice

These people – slow metabolism, and from it – the propensity to rapid weight gain. The situation is aggravated by inadequate nutrition.

As the representatives of this blood group descend from the hunters, they are recommended to include more meat in the diet, but with some nuances.

More detailed recommendations are given in the table.

The first prohibited fatty food – leads to problems in the work of the cardiovascular system.What is not recommended to eat?

It is necessary to limit consumption, and it is better to abandon completely:

  1. Room – Due to the tendency to corpulence and problems with blood vessels.
  2. Rice and lentils – It can cause swelling.
  3. Pure ice cream and milk.. Often, these people experience poor digestibility of the milk protein.
  4. Coffee and tea too strong, alcohol. – It contributes to the accumulation of tension, stress, excess energy, which leads to hypertension.
  5. Peanuts and their oils, soy.
  6. Salty and smoked foods, excess spices.
  7. Fried food, Especially with a lot of oil. The best option – boiled, stewed or baked products.

To spend calories rationally and not gain weight, you need to exercise. For those who hate sports, regular walks are adequate, but no less than 40-60 minutes a day.

If there are no contraindications, you may even need to exercise at the gym. From outdoor sports, they can run, ski, play sports.

Do not forget to sign up for the pool to eliminate excess tension in your back muscles.

Video: Foods by blood type. Okhtniki, herbivores, Aryans

Frequent health problems

Depending on the blood group, there is a congenital propensity of a person to certain diseases. This does not mean that a patient will definitely show a certain group of ailments: If you are attentive to your health, to participate in prevention, you can avoid them.

But if you let everything go at random, do not follow the nutrition and physical activity recommendations: The risk of these diseases increases significantly.

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