Главная 7 Health 7 The prothrombin index is the norm for women, it increases and decreases.

The prothrombin index is the norm for women, it increases and decreases.

The prothrombin index is the norm for women, it increases and decreases.

The analysis of the blood plasma coagulation index is a fairly important test, which helps determine the cause of several serious diseases. It helps prevent the formation of blood clots, or bleeding.

PTI (prothrombin index) is an indicator of coagulability of blood plasma, the standard for Kvik is from 95.0% to 105.0%. The rate in the female body – from 78 percent to 142 percent.

PTI consists of prothrombin, a protein molecule that is a precursor to thrombin molecules and actively participates in the formation of blood plasma thrombi.

This protein is synthesized by the liver cells with the help of vitamin K. If there is little vitamin K in the body, the production of prothrombin is low and bleeding can occur in a woman’s body.

When do I need to do an analysis of the prothrombin index?

Analysis of the clotting woman, we must do:

  • Before the surgery
  • In the case of a course of medication to take anticoagulants, not to cause the formation of blood clots.
  • In the period of loading a child.
  • With varicose veins
  • Patients who experience a blood clotting problem.
  • With the pathology of the heart and blood flow system.
  • With lack of vitamin K
  • With liver disease – cirrhosis.
The prothrombin index is the norm for women, it increases and decreases.

Prothrombin index analysis

Technology to put PTI for women.

Before undergoing laboratory tests to detect the presence of prothrombin, using the prothrombin index determination method, A woman needs to prepare for the blood draw:

  • Blood samples from women for this test are taken on an empty stomach and no later than 11 am. It would be ideal if the woman took food the night before (but not later). The last meal should be 12-14 hours before the blood draw. In this case, the IPT indicator will be the most correct.
  • One day before the test, do not eat fatty foods, which are prepared by frying in a pan. Do not eat sour and pickled foods.
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages.
  • At least one hour before taking blood samples, do not smoke.
  • The use of medications affects the rate of prothrombin in the blood, so when taking medications, it is necessary to postpone this analysis until the end of the therapeutic course of medicines. If the analysis should be done urgently, you should warn the doctor what medicines you are taking at the time of blood draw.
  • Venous blood is taken for analysis (more information about this type of blood).

PMI test score

The prothrombin laboratory study is prescribed more frequently in women older than 50 years. In the climacteric syndrome, the hormonal function is reformed, at which time a rearrangement occurs in the blood.

It is also necessary to make an analysis of women who have prolonged bleeding, as well as the pathology in the liver and the presence of cancerous tumors in the body.

There are indicators that are obtained when performing this blood test:

  • The time in which blood plasma coagulation occurs is indicated in seconds, which is an indicator of prothrombin time.
  • The prothrombin index INR is an index that is observed during anticoagulant therapy. This indicator is important for adjusting the course of the medication, anticoagulant medications.
  • Kvik’s coagulability level is the most common method of testing blood plasma to determine the amount of prothrombin. The presence of a substance in the plasma is shown in a table that is based on the prothrombin time.
  • The prothrombin index is a coefficient that reflects the compliance of the normalized time of the prothrombin molecules, as a percentage of the patient’s value.
The prothrombin index is the norm for women, it increases and decreases.

Prothrombin index

Interpretation of the laboratory investigation.

A blood test for prothrombin, transcript shows all the necessary prothrombin ratios and their rate:

  • The coagulation rate of prothrombin: from 9.0 seconds to 12.50 seconds
  • The norm of the INR – from 0.85 and the index up to 1.15.
  • The rate of the Kvik index is 78.0% to 142.0%.

The reduced ratio is equal to 77.0%, and the high index corresponds to more than 120.0%.

In men, the prothrombin index in blood plasma is the same as in women: from 95.0% to 115.0%.

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