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Главная 7 Health 7 This truth is known only by mothers who have undergone caesarean section.

This truth is known only by mothers who have undergone caesarean section.

This truth is known only by mothers who have undergone caesarean section.

Being a mother is a great happiness, but at the same time it is an arduous job, which includes many duties and requires a lot of strength to carry them out.

That is why we decided to tell you about the three truths of caesarean section, which we only know those women who survived and proudly carry “happiness marks” on their bodies.

1. They courageously decide to undergo surgery.

Some may think that a cesarean section is a common medical procedure. In fact, this is a serious operation in which both the mother and the child are at risk.

In addition, neither the future father nor other family members can be present during the birth. Therefore, the future mother remains alone, without the opportunity to receive moral support and in complete uncertainty.

This is an excellent example of how fear and loneliness fight against unconditional love and the irresistible desire to become the mother of a wonderful child.

2. They do not know if everything is in order until they leave the operating room.

With the birth of a child, the risk does not end. As with any surgery, the doctors did not immediately determine how successful the operation was until it was anesthetized.

Also, there is something that many do not know. During the caesarean section, the expectant mother is conscious and does not feel pain, but she feels all the movements that take place inside her.

But this unpleasant feeling is nothing compared to the inestimable reward they receive in return.

3. They truly go through the recovery process heroically.

When a child is born, the world of the mother revolves around him and she must unconditionally fulfill all his requirements. And for this you need a lot of strength and patience. And imagine doing everything with pain.

Yes, with pain and discomfort, which are an integral part of the recovery process after surgery.

However, they cross this threshold of pain and develop an inner strength that can only be compared to the strength of another mother. And no matter how difficult it is, they still do it with a smile and love.

Instead of sleepless nights and endless diapers, they have the inestimable opportunity to see their baby’s smile, feel their breath, hold their small hands and inhale this incomparable newborn scent. And this is the main reason why you are in this world, and this is what makes you truly happy.

We applaud all mothers, but for those mothers who have undergone a cesarean section and proudly use “happiness marks” on their bodies, especially. Remember that these scars allow you to never forget why you survived.

Therefore, dear mothers, use these beautiful labels with pride. Do not hide them or disguises, because not all women are capable of doing it.

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