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Aesthetic gymnastics: characteristics of sport, training of grace.

Aesthetic gymnastics: characteristics of sport, training of grace.

If everyone heard about rhythmic gymnastics, aesthetic gymnastics appeared in our country relatively recently, at the end of the 90s of the 20th century. Not being an Olympic sport, this discipline, however, has its own tournaments and world championships.

What is aesthetic gymnastics, what is its characteristic? We are going to solve it.

History of appearance

Although this sport is not very famous, it has more than a century of history. The ancestor of aesthetic gymnastics is the famous Isadora Duncan.

It was his barefoot free dance, without rigid structures and severity (which dominated at that time in the world of dance), marked the beginning of a new direction of gymnastic exercises.

Now aesthetic gymnastics has many fans. In some countries, for example, in Estonia and Finland, this type of gymnastics is considered a national sport.

There is the International Federation of Aesthetic Gymnastics, under the auspices of which competitions are held annually.

Rhythmic versus aesthetic gymnastics.

Aesthetic gymnastics is often compared to rhythmic gymnastics. In fact, they have a lot in common.

In both disciplines, dances and acrobatic elements are performed to music, both require flexibility and plastic. But the similarities end there.

Aesthetic gymnastics: characteristics of sport, training of grace.

In aesthetic gymnastics there are no exercises on unequal bars, rings, ribbons and rings are not used. The exercises are performed not alone, but in teams of six to twelve people.

At the same time, the commission does not evaluate the complexity of the elements performed, but the beauty of the dance itself, the synchronicity of performance and expressiveness.

By the way, rhythmic gymnastics, in spite of its external tenderness and sophistication, is a very difficult sport: to prepare gymnasts, they initially take the children with good plastic and resistance information. And due to the strong competition, the programs of young gymnasts contain more and more difficult elements to carry out, so girls often have to finish their careers between 12 and 13 years of age due to health problems.

Aesthetic gymnastics is a more benign sport. Anyone can do it.

This sport develops plastic, keeps muscles in shape, gives movements grace and softness. That is what is valued in aesthetic gymnastics.


Girls begin to study this discipline at the age of 4 years, and at higher age, higher level of qualification. The professional career of girls ends in 25-30 years, but this does not mean that for adult women access to this sport is closed.

In contrast to art, you can begin to participate in aesthetic gymnastics from any age.

Any element can be done with some preparation, any exercise is completely correlated with the natural movements of the trained body.

This does not mean that this discipline has no framework. To participate in the contest, the performance program must contain certain elements:

  • turns
  • jumps
  • jumps
  • support for
  • movement wave
  • swinging movement
  • dance steps

But it is not so much the complexity and technical execution that is estimated here. The conciseness and beauty of the movements, the extent to which the gymnasts felt their composition, are important.

Of great importance is the synchronicity of the performance. With long workouts, the gymnasts achieve an absolute identity in the performance of the elements, and the group of speakers becomes a single harmonious mechanism that moves to the rhythm of the music, and it looks amazing.

What is the use

For girls, choosing aesthetic gym offers many advantages:

  • Develop flexibility and resistance.
  • Learn to communicate with your classmates
  • Teamwork.

In addition, self-esteem also increases, especially after winning tournaments.

Aesthetic gymnastics: characteristics of sport, training of grace.

For adults here, you can also select many positive things:

  1. Flexibility and plastic It develops gradually with each new occupation. If not all the elements are obtained from the first time, then from the next it will be necessary. The visible results can be evaluated after two or three months of training, the body will bend better and the plastic will appear.
  2. Softness It is not surprising that only girls take aesthetic gymnastics. This is not discrimination, only that all the elements here are full of tenderness and femininity. The long workouts will transfer such femininity and in a daily life: the movements will be more graceful and graceful. Not only a close person will notice, but all colleagues and friends.
  3. Calories burned. If the goal is to lose weight, then static charges (stretch marks) are what you need. With this training method, the red muscle fibers do most of the work, and are responsible for burning not the carbohydrates, but the unfortunate fat layer. In aesthetic gymnastics, a lot of attention is paid to stretching, which means that you can guarantee losing a few extra pounds.
  4. Mood Exercise is always related to the release of endorphins, and exercise with music raises the mood doubly.
  5. Communication In aesthetic gymnastics there are many supports and joint exercises, this generates confidence and will undoubtedly mark the beginning of a new strong friendship.

Another advantage is that you can do aesthetic gymnastics in the gym and at home. This sport does not require large material costs.

You just need comfortable clothes and dance shoes.

In addition, aesthetic gymnastics allows self-expression, elevates self-esteem. This is a great variety of sports activities for girls and an excellent training for women of any age and fitness level.

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