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Bar exercises: types and characteristics of performance.

Bar exercises: types and characteristics of performance.

Barbell exercises are considered to be the most effective for gaining muscle mass, increasing strength, strength of the arms, legs and back and strength training in the gym in general. The basic exercises are equally suitable for both experienced and beginner athletes. The fact is that the bar is a truly universal projectile that allows you to load virtually any muscle group.

In addition, almost any movement with this projectile will be basic, either lying down (where all the muscles of the arms are loaded), standing (where all the muscles of the arms are loaded), squatting with a bar or even with a bar towards the chin or the belt it carries all the muscles, as well as the legs and arms). All these basic exercises are different in that individual muscle groups do not participate in the work, but several of these groups.

And if you are interested in complete isolation, you can only achieve it by working with dumbbells or simulators.

What are the basic exercises with a bar? What basic barbell exercises are suitable for beginners?

What contribute to the development of the muscles of the hands? What will be more effective for beginners? Which of them can be suitable for weight loss and relief press?

Is it even possible to achieve weight loss and press relief with a bar? Or for weight loss and the relief press do you need to perform completely different basic exercises? What is the complex of these movements?

Let’s find together the answer to all these burning questions.

Bar exercises: types and characteristics of performance.

Home Gym: Pros and Cons

Is it possible to do exercises with a bar at home? Is it possible in general at home?

An interesting question Perhaps, to answer it in detail, you will have to inform the reader of what the bar looks like and what it is, so that you can reach a conclusion for yourself if the gym will be at home or not.

A bar is a sports device that consists of a neck that weighs 20 kilograms and pancakes with tufts. Depending on the required weight of the weight, we can load the bar with pancakes of a certain weight, while the total weight of the projectile consists of the weight of the pancakes, the tufts and the weight of the neck.

Here is a clear example.

Petya Ivanov loaded the bar with two pancakes of 10 kilograms each and hung locks that weighed 2 kilograms and a half on top. The result is that the total weight of your projectile is 45 kilograms (20 kg is the neck, plus 10 on each side of the pancakes, plus 2 and a half on each side of the locks).

Now imagine that all this equipment will have to be stored at home.

Do you have a pancake stand at home, a place at home for a bench press or a stand to sit on? And do you have the opportunity at home to build a platform without missing the roof at the same time as the neighbors? Think if you have the conditions at home to perform a complex of movements with this projectile.

We believe that at home (in the apartment) building a gym and performing a complex of movements with this projectile is almost impossible. But this is really done in a private country house.

If you need a bar to lose weight and a relief press, then it is better to get a gym mat and light weights instead of it and then perform a complex, then another complex of general physical movements. Therefore, you can perform the tasks of losing weight much faster and pumping abdominal muscles, since aerobic loads instead of power are more suitable to lose weight and relieve pressure.

Therefore, the complex of movements must adapt to these tasks. The main thing that their resort was quite diverse.

Bar exercises: types and characteristics of performance.

And what can you do with this projectile?

There are the following basic basic exercises with a bar:

  1. Bench Press Maybe one of the most popular basic exercises in any gym in the world. It is with the question: And how much pressure? in front of most students. It is the bench press competition that has the most entertainment and popularity among athletes. There are many variations of the bench press. This is a narrow-grip bench press and a wide-grip bench press and medium-grip bench press. There is a bank without legs (military bank), there is a bank in the team and without it. In general, there are many variations for every taste. Basically, this exercise loads the muscles of the hands.
  2. Squatting with a bar. Squats are rightly considered the best exercise to gain weight. It loads most of the muscles throughout the body, especially the muscles of the legs and back. Among other things, this is one of the main exercises in a sport such as lifting weights or lifting weights. There are many types of squats. Include a squat position directly with a barbell on the shoulders, a barbell on the chest, a barbell on the head, with a wide or narrow leg set, etc. There is also a squat in bandages, without bandages, on equipment and without it.
  3. Deadlift The deadlift is one of the most popular basic exercises. It loads the majority of the muscles of the whole body, in particular: the legs and the groups of muscles of the back, a small load on the muscles of the arms. Among other things, this is one of the basic exercises in a sport such as lifting weights or lifting weights. There are many types of deadlifts, for example, deadlift, Romanian thrust, sumo thrust or classic thrust, rough thrust.
  4. Stand up This exercise also gained particular popularity among the many involved. In the first place, due to the fact that it helps to strengthen the muscles of the shoulder girdle, particularly the deltas and the muscles of the arms, as well as the muscles of the back. It can be done as a medium or wide grip.

We hope you have found enough detailed information on the question that interested you. We wish you not to lose enthusiasm in the path of your life, to do everything possible to make your dreams come true, to look for new victories in sports. Do not forget the common sense of proportion.

Take a healthy lifestyle, do not stop at anything and, in this case, open any horizon! Accustomed to sports from an early age and your children, they will grow strong, healthy and cheerful!

Take care of your health now, before it’s too late.

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